Healing Your Connection to the Light Within (Sedona Magazine 12-21-20)

October 10, 2022

In case you haven’t realized it, we have all had our connection to our inner source of Light and intuition severely challenged in the past two years. There has been much undue pressure put upon us to conform, make the same choices our friends and family are making, and listen to what we are being told, rather than trusting our intuition from within. That still, small voice within has become more silent for many as a result. 

When you make decisions based on fear (and there is much of that energy filling the collective consciousness on the planet these days), you are not trusting God/Spirit/the Universe to support you in getting your needs met. You are “affirming” (probably not realizing this) that you don’t have enough, you won’t get your needs met, and your very survival is at stake. 

Any time you come from fear in your decision-making, you attract that which you fear. If you fear getting sick, you are far more likely to attract that condition than if you feel safe deep within your being. The more you are connected to your Higher Self and the source of Light within, the more you are able to deeply trust that you are okay, safe, and can get your needs met—no matter what is going on “out there.” 

We have all been challenged these days to stay true to those inner promptings. When fear runs rampant, it is contagious, and everyone picks up on it. And the fear has been promulgated by the media, so every time you watch TV to relax or entertain yourself, you get hit by a barrage of reasons—logically and energetically—why you “should be afraid,” and this only exacerbates any fear you may already feel. 

There is a huge amount of manipulation and misinformation taking place in our world today, and because many of us have stopped listening to our intuition, we are “buying into” all the beliefs being “sold” out there. In my work, I clear negative beliefs that are not for a person’s Highest Good; that is, ideas a person is choosing to believe that do not serve them on their spiritual path. As a result, I am extremely aware of how many beliefs people are nurturing that are born of fear, rather than promptings from their Higher or Intuitive Self.

There is no judgment here. We all do what we feel is “best” for us at any given moment. The only problem is, whatever you focus on, you continually attract to you. That is a “metaphysical law” and there is no getting around it. If you focus on the fear, nurture it, believe in it, and act on it, you get more of what you fear, which is actually the opposite of what you’re wanting. 

So, start to focus on feeling safe. Create a safe, nurturing environment or space where you can go and be quiet and focus on loving yourself and feeling safe. This is important. You have to start somewhere, and if you’re waiting for it to come from “out there,” you may have to wait longer than you are comfortable waiting. 

If we can all create such a safe space within, the more that sense of safety and trust will fill the collective consciousness of the entire planet. The safer we all feel, the faster we will create the experience of a world that feels safe. The experience of safety and trust comes from our consciousness FIRST. Then the manifestation in the world follows. 

The whole human race has evidently needed to “self-examine” for a while now. We all have needed to decide whether we choose to run with fear, or trust that we are safe. The past two years have been an incredible opportunity to work through our fears, in order to achieve a greater sense of safety and trust in Life. However, if you’ve been stuck in fear, now would be a good time to start working on creating feeling safe being in a body and trusting the process of Life. 

This is an “inside job,” and YOU are the craftsperson. It must come from a decision deep-down, within your consciousness. Know that the more you are willing to create safety and trust for yourself—no matter what is going on out there—you will ultimately make that happen for yourself and the entire world. We’re all in this together, and the more each of us takes action and changes our essential ground of being, the more we will manifest those changes in the world around us. 

This is a pivotal point for humanity. We are getting more and more in touch with who we are as spiritual Beings of Light, and as this happens, we are positively shifting the consciousness of the entire planet. All that has taken place in our world in the past two years is no accident, and we stand on the precipice of major spiritual transformation for every human being. 

It simply requires looking within, changing our fear-based beliefs to ones of trust and safety, and truly creating our reality from within. It is time to stop listening to a world that is feeding us with fear and making us feel as if our very survival is at stake. If we continue to listen to such sources of information, they will continue to feed our fears and threaten our survival. If we stopped “buying” all that we’re being “sold,” the sellers would have to change their tune… or go out of business. 

It’s important to remember that as a spiritual Being of Light and Love, we all have Guides and Helpers who are assigned to us to guide us on our path and help us know how to best overcome the obstacles we face. You are not alone here. You do have help, right there with you. However, it’s hard to perceive that help in a space of fear. 

The more you relax and trust Life, the more you can hear your Guides and Helpers supporting you on your path. They are always here working for you. However, listening to the “noise outside” keeps you from hearing their gentle guidance from within. The more you quiet yourself and trust your inner promptings, the more you will realize that you are truly being helped and guided as you attempt to maneuver life on planet Earth. 

Trust that there is a Divine Plan at work for all of humankind, and it is one of us all evolving to a Higher consciousness and getting in touch with ourselves as spiritual Beings of Light and Love. All the events and energies of the past two years, regardless of how awful and scary they have felt, are ultimately part of this Plan. 

Sometimes we have to dredge up “the harshest underbelly of Life” in order to defeat our own inner doubts and demons. We have been given an incredible gift—time to “self-examine,” to look within and get in touch with who we really are, regardless of who the world tells us we are.

When we “signed up” for this spiritual journey eons ago, no one ever said it was going to be easy. However, the more we work on healing our inner connection to the Light, the more our efforts will be rewarded. In letting go of who we thought we once were, we free ourselves to become who we truly are.

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