Our Basic Operating Principles

This would be a valuable page to read prior to scheduling any clearing work with Phyllis.  If you agree with these principles, you will get tremendous value from this work.  If you disagree with them, this work may not be right for you at this time.  If these principles are simply new to you, and you have an open mind about working with Phyllis, that will be fine.

1. You are responsible for what you experience in life.  (This doesn't mean it's your fault, or you're guilty... just that on some level, some part of YOU attracted every experience or situation in which you find yourself.)

2. Your thoughts—both conscious and subconscious—are creating your experience of life and your perception of everything that happens to you.

3. Everything in your life is there to support you in healing yourself and developing your full potential.  Nothing is in your life by accident.  There is always some part of you that attracts each experience to you, to facilitate healing and growth.

4. By releasing all of your negative subconscious thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, your conscious mind is freer to create the reality of your choice, that is, to attract positive circumstances and events to you.

5. You are running the show in your life—both consciously and subconsciously.  No one can make  you change or make  you well if that is not what ALL parts of you truly want.  (For example, you may consciously  want to be well, but there may be subconscious  blocks in the way.  We're just saying that it's important to acknowledge this, as opposed to blaming anyone outside yourself for things not changing as fast as you are consciously  wanting.)

6. We can assist you by releasing your negative subconscious load.  Then, it is up to you to direct your life in a positive, self-respectful way.  We cannot do that for you.  You are in charge!!  (It is important to focus on the positive aspects of life and not give energy to the negative.  However, we are not saying to suppress the negative.  Be aware of it... and deal with it as best you can.  Just don't feed it, energize it, and constantly dwell on it... or you will create more of it!!)

7. Healing can only happen through true willingness, desire, commitment, and faith on your part for change to take place.

8. If you don't see the changes you want, you must be willing to keep looking inside for parts of you that are keeping you stuck or not wanting  to change.  If change doesn't happen, it's not because the healing wasn't successful.  It's simply that another subconscious part of you surfaced that prevented further change from occurring.  This is where faith comes in.  If you quit now, you are giving into the parts of you that don't want you to make progress and want to continue to feel like a victim.  (We all have such programming, but the important thing is to be willing to choose out of it, rather than continue to believe in it.)

9. Healing deep subconscious patterns (which often manifest as actual physical maladies) doesn't generally happen "overnight."  Most are the result of many lifetimes of experiences, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.  All patterns can be changed, but you must be willing to give yourself the time you need to clear the patterns, so that you can see the changes you are wanting.  Beware of being impatient!  Impatience can lead to giving up, which will inevitably thwart your healing process.

10. It is very common to project your fears, doubts, anger, and suspicions onto the people around you (your partner, parent, boss, therapist, etc.) and think that your negative feelings are because of them.  However, whatever fear, anger, doubt, or suspicion you are having about the people in your world is already in you.  That is to say, the people around you are mirroring back to you (or triggering in you) that which is already in you (probably from "eons ago.")  And this is the programming that needs to be healed in order to transform your experience of those particular relationships.  When you take responsibility for everything you are feeling and experiencing, then those negative subconscious patterns within you can truly be healed.