Who We Are

Phyllis Light is the founder of Light Unlimited.  Phyllis and her company are dedicated to helping people who seek positive change and transformation in their lives. This is done through a variety of services and products designed to fit just about any budget, while accommodating your spiritual, personal, and self-empowerment goals.

How can Phyllis help you?

Phyllis’s clients come to her to receive help to achieve their goals in life.  Some may seek greater happiness within themselves and within their relationships. Some may want to be more successful or create better health and well-being, and some may have more spiritual goals—to develop their full human potential and become more connected to the powerful spiritual Being they are at their core. 

Phyllis calls her work, “Telepathic Healing.”  This is a form of metaphysical, intuitive, higher-dimensional guidance for deep, spiritual healing.  She provides the tools and services for you to get help in clearing unwanted, negative subconscious beliefs, thoughts, programming, and other destructive energies that create roadblocks to achieving and creating all that you want in life:  happiness, love, improved relationships, greater health and well-being, and reduced stress.  This is done at a psychic, energetic level, and thus can be done from any distance.

Need help improving your relationships? Are you noticing that you have old, stubborn “baggage” that keeps appearing in different relationships?

Often people begin new relationships, while still carrying with them old emotional baggage—in the form of negative subconscious beliefs or programming—that continues to attract the same types of situations they may have just left behind.  Traditional counseling can help us heal issues that hold us back, as long as those issues are generally within our conscious reach.  Phyllis' "Telepathic Healing" is able to go deeper—by clearing, releasing, and removing negative programming at its source, within the subconscious mind.

Protecting your etheric body in today’s high-technology environment

Phyllis Light and Light Unlimited provide products to help protect your etheric body—the blueprint for the physical body—so that you feel less of the negative effects of today’s modern technology and environmental pollution on your subtle energy field.

We live and work with electronics and wiring that produce various electromagnetic fields, or EMFs.  We all benefit from technology through the use of cell phones, computers, WiFi, Bluetooth, hand-held devices, microwave ovens, satellite dishes, global positioning systems (GPS), and even TVs, hair dryers and electric shavers.  However, the energetic frequencies all of these radiate interfere with and negatively impact our body’s own subtle energy field, or etheric body, which in turn, weakens and damages the physical body.

Get the quality of life you deserve.

Our products are designed to help create greater spiritual awareness and well-being, while allowing you to be in harmony with technology.  For instance, Environmental Illness (EI) is a huge physical challenge that plagues many people today.  Phyllis can help you let go of being a victim of a toxic environment.

Phyllis Light is dedicated to creating better health, more happiness, and accelerating spiritual awareness and transformation, while helping people to thrive in and enjoy the benefits of our high-tech, modern world.