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  • Phyllis Light's work has opened the flow of energy for greater abundance in my business, and caused it to shift 100% toward the positive. I own a magazine and have struggled to increase its circulation and get nationwide distribution. Only a short time after Phyllis began her work on my business, my magazine was picked up by two major national bookstore chains, which will double the circulation and distribution of the magazine!

    D.J. from Arizona, United States

  • I've had eczema for two months, been to several doctors, and nothing worked to clear it up. After three days of wearing a Personal Rejuvenizer, the eczema cleared up substantially, and within one week, it was completely gone.

    E.P. from Texas, United States

  • Since wearing the Personal Rejuvenizer, I've seen a real difference in my health and energy level. When I'm around people who are sick with colds and the flu, I don't get sick anymore, like I used to. Also, I used to be so tired, I'd practically be dragging myself around, and I don't feel that anymore.

    R.R., Management Consultant Manchester, Connecticut, USA

  • Just had to write and let you know how powerful the energetic session was last night. The energy and support I felt were undeniable. I don't know if everyone feels your work as much as I do, but WOW! Thank you for having found your way to this work. I am extremely grateful.

    K.C. from Ohio, United States

  • I have had pains in my neck and shoulders from sitting in close proximity to a number of computers and under florescent lights at work. After a few minutes of holding a Personal Rejuvenizer for the first time, the pains went away!

    T.G., Customer Service Manager Chatsworth, California, USA

  • I used to feel scattered, like I was emotionally 'all over the place.' I would feel like the bottom dropped out of my soul on a regular basis, with major mood downswings and upswings. Now, wearing a Personal Rejuvenizer, I feel so much more stable, and I don't feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster anymore. 

    D.R., Riding Instructor

  •  As a healer and teacher of metaphysics, I thought my work was on the 'cutting edge.’ but I have come to discover that Phyllis Light’s work is light years beyond anything I ever imagined possible!

    J.B., San Antonio, Texas, USA