Phyllis Light's Telepathic Healing


Phyllis has been gifted with the ability to cognize and repair or normalize many dysfunctions in the mind, body, and psyche.  If she is aware of the cause of a particular problem, she is able to effect a positive change in that area.  Thus, much of her time is spent searching the human energy field and subconscious mind for areas of weakness, disturbance, or blockage that cause any problems—mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual—you may experience.

There are six subtle bodies:  mental, emotional, will, etheric, Higher mental, and spiritual.  These may become blocked, distorted, or pop out of alignment, causing you to feel stuck or negative in some way.  If you were taught, for example, that your feelings aren’t okay or acceptable and you have learned to suppress them, your emotional and/or will bodies may be blocked.

An important aspect of Phyllis’ work is to re-establish harmony in these subtle bodies.  She does this by unblocking the flow of energy and releasing the old negativity stored there, thus allowing you to reclaim all aspects of your nature and experience greater harmony, flow, and clarity in life.

In this work, the influx of powerful spiritual energy facilitates a major shift in a your ability to accept and rise to a Higher level of Light and a more profound consciousness in your daily life.  This work helps remove subconscious barriers to experiencing who you truly are on all levels of Being.   Read more.