Soaring on the Tumultuous Winds of Change

October 10, 2022

In case you haven’t noticed, we are all going through MAJOR upheaval in our country (and on the planet). Astrologically speaking, we are all undergoing a “Pluto Return,” a major astrological event, which only comes about every 247 years or so. I am not a professional astrologer but have been tracking the movements of celestial bodies for nearly half a century now, and this one is undeniably a doozy. 

You certainly don’t have to know astrology to be aware of the tumultuous nature of all that’s going on planetary-wide, but it helps to give us a framework for understanding. The energy of Pluto is essentially one of major transformation—from death to rebirth. The legendary bird crashes and burns in the fire, and then the mystical Phoenix rises from the ashes. 

The self that we now know has to “die” (transform dramatically) in order for a Higher and more enlightened version of ourselves to arise “from the ashes.” Can anyone relate to “feeling like you’re dying”??? This is the part of Pluto transits that are really tough. I mean, who wants to feel like they’re dying in order to eventually become renewed and better? We’re in the hardest phase right now.

Specifically, Pluto is in the U.S. second house of finances and resources, so we are all dealing with our own individual issues around having enough (money, gas, supplies, etc.) and getting our needs for such things met. Remember the toilet paper shortage? Who would have ever imagined we would run out of toilet paper?!!! 

With some of the political decisions of the day, we are now dealing with rising fuel costs, energy shortages, and supply chain issues. Barren shelves in stores once held products we’ve loved and used for years that now seem to be out of stock, no longer available… or sitting on a boat in the Los Angeles harbor, waiting to be unloaded!

No one could have envisioned the chaos and turmoil that Pluto had in mind. But here we are, smack dab in the middle of it. With that said, however, we are not simply “a victim of Pluto’s disruptive energy.” The Truth is: We are all collectively creating the reality we are experiencing. Now is the time for us all to work through our own individual issues and programming around “living in abundance, having enough, and being able to access our basic comfort needs.” Pluto is simply giving us the opportunity to look deep within and ultimately re-create ourselves. 

The spiritual growth aspect of all that’s going on in the world is incredible. This is probably the most profound opportunity we have had in a long time to make such dramatic progress on our spiritual path. The important thing is to realize that we are not a victim of our circumstances, and we can transform our life to align with our Highest spiritual good. 

Let go of what isn’t working and embrace what IS working... or, continue to pray for the necessary insights to know what WILL work for you when the time is right. There are no easy answers here, but by trusting your intuition and your Higher Self, you will find your path through all the tumult and chaos going on in the world.

You can still create a positive flow and energy in your life. Be patient with yourself and know that this process of transformation takes time. Give yourself whatever time you need to figure it all out. Some things can’t be known until you are READY to know them. That’s where trust comes in. 

It’s important to trust that all your needs will be met, even if you don’t yet experience that. Trust in God/ the Universe/ a Higher Power is vital, and this is being tested in the world. It’s easy to give in to skepticism and despair when things don’t meet your expectations. 

Trust supersedes skepticism, but it takes a certain strength of soul to embrace that trust when your skeptical mind overshadows you with fear and doubt. The Pluto energy often activates feeling overwhelmed and out of control, and these feelings can easily give rise to fear. In a way, this fear has been the biggest obstacle for everyone world-wide in the past few years, as fear erodes trust. So, working through your fears is of utmost importance here.

As you let go of your fears and realize that you can trust life—and others—once again, this will help re-connect you to your Higher Self and a more spiritual understanding of the nature of life. Without this trust, you are left alone and afraid. In letting go of your fears, you can transform your life and fly free, truly rising from the ashes of your former, limited self.