December 2006 Newsletter

December 01, 2006

New Personal Rejuvenizer Item
Going Home for the Holidays?
Continuous Holiday Clearing

Great News for “Fat Sufferers”

It has recently come to my attention that there are several kinds of “fat viruses” that actually cause a person to hold onto fat. There is even a scientific “name” for one of them­AD36. The wonderful news is that I have been able to upgrade the Personal Rejuvenizer to clear these types of virus. But that’s not all.

Remember, we are always creating our reality with our thoughts, words, and attitudes­both conscious and subconscious. This means that there is some part of us that has actually summoned this virus to us, to make sure we hold onto that fat! (Obviously not our conscious choice!!)

So, I’ve upgraded the Personal Rejuvenizer to work on clearing the programming (over time) that attracted this virus to us, so that we can truly get lighter on all levels! What a blessing this will be for many of us who have had to fight the “battle of the bulge”!

New Personal Rejuvenizer Item Click here for more...

For 17 years, the Personal Rejuvenizer has come in the form of a pendant that can be worn around the neck or simply carried in the pocket. For the past four years, I have wanted to create a Rejuvenizer ring, for people, like myself, who don’t like to wear something around their necks on a regular basis. After four years of prayer and investigation, I finally got it together, and now we have a beautiful line of Rejuvenizer rings in sterling silver (one model has gold in it too). I am so happy with the way they turned out.

We have three different designs for women, in a variety of colors (although not all 11 colors of the pendants), and one design for men, that comes in two different colors. These would make wonderful gifts for yourself or loved ones this holiday season (and you will need to know the ring size of the recipient when ordering). Check them out. I am so excited to be able to offer these!

Going Home for the Holidays? Some Advice for Being with the Family

Many of us return to our family roots for the holidays… it’s tradition. Yet, for many of us, being around our family of origin can be a challenging experience indeed. After all, that’s where we got most of our subconscious programming (THIS lifetime anyway). Therefore, being around our family is where our old childhood issues get triggered and “come up for review,” causing us to fall back into old negative patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Each family has a certain dynamic, certain ways that each member treats the other. And when we have issues with how our parents or siblings treated us, old negative feelings will definitely get triggered as we interact with our family. Many of us are often reluctant to “do the family scene” as a result. However, this holiday season, you can view the situation in a new way… by acknowledging the Highest truth.

Your Soul’s Choice

In truth, you were born into this particular family and none other, by choice. That is, the Higher part of you, who knew how much you would learn and grow by being with this particular group of people, actually chose to be here at this time. It is no accident that you have the parents you did and the exact siblings you have. All are here to teach you more about who you are and help you learn to love yourself more.

Sometimes, these “loved ones” beat you up (physically or emotionally) in order to teach you self-love. Sometimes, they’re not there for you the way you need and want them to be, to teach you that you can be close to others and have the love you want­once you clear your negative programming around these issues.

They can only treat you the way you EXPECT to be treated, according to all the subconscious beliefs and programs you brought in with you, when you born into this family this lifetime. They are really not to blame for all that has shaped and formed who you are today. They had their part, but the Truth is: You attracted them in order to grow and learn to love yourself fully.

Take Advantage of this Major Growth Opportunity

So use this time with your family members, during the holidays, to OBSERVE how you interact with them, how you feel, and what thoughts come into your head. This is an incredible growth opportunity, so use it to the fullest. Do your best to NOTICE how you are around your family and what kinds of reactions you have to their remarks and ways of being. This can help you grow enormously. This is a part of doing your “homework” as a soul.

When you feel yourself being “triggered” by them, keep breathing. Do your best to FEEL whatever is going on inside you, rather than reacting harshly to them or suppressing any negative feelings you may have. Realize that they’re just acting out YOUR subconscious patterns (which may be theirs too, since you’re all part of the same family), and be willing to clean it up within YOU. Understanding that they are really serving you by how they treat you can really help the situation. You may even come to appreciate them more, over time, with this new awareness.

You can also try something new: Tell them how you feel when they do or say something to you that triggers negative feelings in you. The important thing is to do this without blame or anger. The idea is that you’re letting them know how their words or actions are affecting you. They may or may not change anything as a result, but at least you have let them know, and, you are not suppressing your feelings­which means you are taking better care of yourself.

New Service: Continuous Holiday Clearing

For those of you who have done sessions or mini-sessions, you know how the session is issued at the time of the request (or during our meeting), based on what you’re going through, and then you receive 3- 12 weeks worth of clearing, depending on which kind of session you are doing. I also created the “continuous clearing program” for people in unusual or particularly intense circumstances, where they need ongoing support for a particular period of time. For example, I do this for myself, while I’m giving a lecture or workshop. Since I am busy helping others, I don’t really have the time to stop and look inside and see how I am getting triggered by the people around me or events taking place, and then do the necessary clearing work. So, I put the process “on automatic.”

When I go out of town, I do this for my two cats, who tend to get disturbed when I’m not around for an extended period of time. I put them on “continuous clearing” so that whenever they feel upset, alone, unloved, or whatever, the “healing energies” I work with come in and clear the roots of those feelings so that they can return to being okay and at peace, whether I’m there or not. I am now offering the same “continuous clearing” service for anyone who would like extra help to get through the holiday season, whatever you may be doing. Sometimes, when family ISN’T around, feelings of being alone or lonely may get triggered. Whatever the situation, rather than just “calling for a mini-session,” you could sign up for the continuous clearing service and really turn the holidays into a growth opportunity, with a lot greater potential for love and enjoyment­since you won’t be getting stuck in your old “stuff” when it surfaces.

For now, I am offering this service for $15/day, with a 3 day minimum. You can sign up for as many days as you want. You will receive up to 3 weeks worth of clearing every time your issues get triggered, which essentially means you will be getting multiple mini-sessions simultaneously. If you want to continue to work on these issues over time, you can do that in subsequent sessions. Remember, personal growth and healing is a process, not a “one-time shot.” However, this extra clearing will definitely support you in working through the key issues that your soul wanted you to address by having chosen to be born into your particular family. In addition, this extra boost will greatly help you enjoy the holidays more! Sign me up for Continuous Holiday Clearing help...

Many blessings for peace (and a lot of soul progress) this holiday season!

Phyllis Light

Light Unlimited

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