December 2007 Newsletter

December 01, 2007

Your Photo Contains Your Life Force

We have all heard about the indigenous natives who say, "don't take my photo, it will weaken me."  Well, guess what?  It's really true, amazingly enough.  We have found out that whatever happens to your photo actually has an affect on your energy field and consequently on your physical body.

Think about where your photo is.  Years ago, many people would put their family's photos on the TV.  Now it is fairly common to stick them on the refrigerator.  In either case, you are putting your loved ones' photos within a very detrimental electromagnetic field.  This negative energy field has a weakening affect on the person in the photo, and over time, actually weakens their blood and bones, at a deep level.

You might want to think about this the next time you have your child's photo put on a ceramic mug, that gets put in the microwave oven to boil water for tea.  Ouch!  Or, when you go to put your pet's photo on your mouse pad or use it as a screen saver.  Your beloved furry friend would be getting zapped by the electromagnetic energy coming through the mouse, or from the computer itself.  Not such a great idea.

In all living things, the energy field (the aura surrounding the physical body) is the blueprint for the physical body, and whatever happens to that energy field, in turn, happens to the body.   In the mid 1900's, a very gifted and aware individual, Edgar Cayce, (called "The Sleeping Prophet"), once stepped into an elevator, took a quick look around, made a snap decision and backed off the elevator.  The doors closed, the cable broke, and everyone fell to their "physical" death (the spirit never dies, but their bodies did leave at that time.)  What did he see? He saw that no one had an energy field around them.  The energy field, the "blueprint" for the physical, ultimately determines what happens to the physical body.  In this case, the energy field had "left," and so the physical body followed suit shortly thereafter.

When our energy is affectedthrough our photo being burned, placed  in a microwave, printed on a mousepad, or used as a screensaver on a computer or cell phoneour bodies are actually affected.  Sometimess we are aware of the effect, and sometimes it happens subtly, gradually, over time, and we have no clue.

Over the years, I have put many functions in the Personal and Pet Rejuvenizers, as well as the Circuit Rejuvenizer (which changes the energy coming through all our electrical appliances) to help protect people from having their picture exposed to various types of electromagnetic fields.  With a Circuit Rejuvenizer on your breaker box, all the people on your fridge would be fine and out of harm's way.  With a Personal Rejuvenizer or Pet Rejuvenizer, you or your pet will be protected from having your or their photos on the computer or internet, for example.

If a person's picture is out there big time, as it is with celebrities, there will be an ongoing need for extra support, to make sure the person is safe from the "collateral damage" that happens with such widespread use of their photos.

Special Continuous Clearing for the Holidays

We offered this service last year and people loved it, so we are offering it again.  Let me explain.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration.  And, we are supposed to enjoy being with our families and loved ones. However, life can also be quite stressful at holiday time. Obligations abound as we race to get our greeting cards in the mail, and gifts purchased and wrapped.    We often have to fight enormous crowds at shopping malls and post offices.  We may have financial issues, which could easily surface at this time.  And then we find ourselves spending time with people that we may not even want to be with, except that they're in our family.

Sometimes holiday times can be depressing because we THINK we're supposed to feel happy.  Or, we THINK everyone else is happy, so something must be wrong with us if we're not feeling happy.  Long story short, the holiday times are great for "pressing our buttons" and bringing up our old, negative programming "for review."  This is not a bad thing really, as we are all here to grow and become more of who we really are as spiritual Beings of Light and Love, and clearing our old "baggage" is part of that process.

Any time our issues surfaceand spending time with our families is often a great stimulus for thiswe get a valuable opportunity to clear ourselves of past negativity and move forward with our lives at the deepest levels.  Enter my ability to help you "clear your stuff."

Often, when your "buttons get pressed" or you feel bad in some way, you know to call for a mini-session ($35).  This gives you 3 weeks of clearing around whatever issues you are dealing with.  However, when you're around your family, you may have issue after issue surface, and one mini-session will not give you all that you need.

What if you could do a mini-session EACH TIME you had some negative feeling or emotion surface over the holidays?  What a great gift that would be!  So, instead of giving you ONE mini session to try and cover all the "stuff" you experience at holiday time, we are offering a special service of "continuous clearing," that is a mini-session each time something comes up, each and every moment, and the fee is only $15 per day at this special time of year.  (It's normally $65 a day.)

You can call the office to order your "continuous holiday clearing" (a minimum of 3 days is required) or sign up for the service on our website. Click Here To Order

Wishing you lots of joy, and otherwise, lots of great opportunities to grow and heal this holiday season!

Holiday Gift Ideas

FREE SHIPPING!  For the first time ever, Light Unlimited is offering free shipping on all product purchases totalling over $125.  This is for purchases made between Wednesday, December 19, 2007 through the end of the year, December 31, 2007.

From the least to the most expensive, here are some gift suggestions:

1) "Basic Truths About the Nature of Life," $15.95  Click Here To Order

This book tells the story, from A to Z, about the true metaphysical nature of life.  It is great for anyone who is just "waking up" to such truth, or even a seasoned veteran.  The book is filled with beautiful, full-page color photographs, that are rich and uplifting.  In addition, special clearing takes place as a person reads it.  A delightful and enlightening gift.  (This is the same book that comes as a part of "The Communications Breakthrough System"... just so you know)

2) The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer, $25 Click Here To Order. 

For anyone who uses a cell phone, this is a must.  The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer helps protect you and your loved ones from the detrimental effects of having major electromagnetic frequencies broadcast directly into the head and brain, which happens during every cell phone call. If you know any young people with cell phones, this could be a life-saving gift, as children's brains are even more sensitive and vulnerable to the hazardous EMFs that cell phones produce. 

Additional Uses:  The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer also provides protection from and can be used on:  wireless ear pieces and headsets, cordless phones, and all other hand-held or wireless electronic devices, e.g. IPod, laptop computer, PDA, portable play station, Game Boy, electric guitar, etc.

3)  The Pet Rejuvenizer, $65  Click Here To Order 

Our pets mean the world to us.  We want them to be well and last as long as possible.  They, too, are being exposed to many detrimental frequencies in the world today, just by hanging out in our homes.  If we have satellite TV or satellite radio, a high-speed cable modem or wireless internet, or we leave our computer on all day or night, our pets are getting just as blasted as we are, by all the damaging high-tech frequencies.  Your pets can lead healthier and happier lives, simply by the addition of a Pet Rejuvenizer on or near their water bowls.  (The Pet Rejuvenizer will broadcast to up to 3 pets simultaneously, without having to be around each pet's neck.)

4) The Personal Rejuvenizer, $159  Click Here To Order 

This is the most life-supporting gift you can possibly give a loved one.  You may be adding years of better health and happiness to their life!  A Personal Rejuvenizer will even work on a current photo of a loved one, in case you're afraid they may not be willing to wear it around their neck.  Protect yourself or your loved ones from the detrimental effects of electromagnetic fields on their health and well-being.  People who use a Personal Rejuvenizer report more energy, and are usually more positive and easier to get along with.  We do have a 60-day moneyback guarantee.  We want you and your loved ones to be happy with your Rejuvenizer purchase!

Products of the Month

Developed by Ronald K. Schneider, a specialist in the field of immunoenzymology and darkfield phase contrast microscopy.  Ron's work has brought him to the attention of many, and in 2001 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Science.  In 2004, Ron spoke at a medical symposium in Jackson, Mississippi, addressing more than 700 physicians and medical personnel.

Mary Olvera, a sensitive and intuitive, writes:  "As one who was diagnosed with EI/MCS (Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and two autoimmune conditions, I've had a very challenging time just finding a multivitamin that didn't cause reactions and end up making me feel worse for taking them.   From the first time I tried Enriching Gift's Multivitamin Plus, and the Metabolic Complete AntiOxidant supplements, my body loved them.   Even after the first month, when most of my reactions begin to flare up, I sensed none of them.  It felt like my body was utilizing the nutrients and energy in the supplements and I felt the difference.  I felt a little stronger and it felt like my cells weren't 'hungry' all the time.  These have got to be the best nutritional multivitamins and supplements that I have ever tried, and that includes some pricey ones designed to accommodate EI/MCS patients."

Testimonial Corner

Continuous Holiday Clearing Testimonial

As if every holiday season isn't hectic enough, last year won the award for one of the absolutely most stressful times in my adult life.   I did a half a month of continuous clearing and this is what saved the day.  For me, it wasn't just the typical 'family' issues that came up during December, but it also involved dealing with eldercare for two parents, one of whom was dying.

What would happen is that I would have a sense and feeling of an emotion that was either guilt ridden, painful, or clearly some other negative program that came up for review.  Before it would escalate, I'd feel it gently go "whoosh," and leave.  What is valuable about this is that I was able to get a handle on my 'stuff' without my 'stuff' carrying me off.  Having a continuous clearing helped me not only to keep my sanity during an excruciatingly painful time, but it allowed me to enjoy the holiday, to be able to cherish and love my parents, and honor their needs while honoring myself.

Luisa Portillo, Chicago, IL


Wishing you many blessings for peace (and a lot of soul progress) this holiday season!

-- Phyllis & the Staff at Light Unlimited

Light Unlimited

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