December 2008 Newsletter

December 01, 2008

A Good Holiday Practice:  Forgiveness

Let forgiveness be your theme for this holiday season. And that includes forgiving yourself!  Often we are harder on ourselves than on the people around us.  Who could benefit from a little forgiveness in your life?  Sometimes we hold onto grudges.  Some families are notorious for this.  Sometimes we dislike being around certain people because of the things they say or do.  Sometimes it's hard to be around family members who don't understand us and criticize us for our beliefs and the choices we make.  Why not adopt an attitude of forgiveness this year, and see how your experience of the holidays change?

The people around us act out our beliefs, both conscious and subconscious.  When we expect someone to be a certain way, they pick up our energy and are quick to oblige, although this is not a conscious process on their part.  What if we decided to give people the space to be just as they are, and chose to forgive them for how they have been in the past, that was unpleasant or uncomfortable for us?

What if we decided that we were going to enjoy our family and friends, just as they are, regardless of how it has been between us in the past?  By putting out feelings of acceptance and forgiveness, you can change the energy of your family  gatherings.  Typically, our family of origin is really good at "pressing our buttons" and bringing our issues to the forefront.  After all, we chose them to help us grow and evolve.  They have accepted this role, and so provide an excellent mirror for us, often mirroring back all the parts of ourselves that we don't like and judge ourselves for.

By adopting an attitude of forgiveness, it is very possible to mitigate the more stressful parts of family gatherings and experience greater love, joy, and harmony instead.  If you do have difficulty with your family or loved ones, please forgive yourself first and foremost, and go for extra clearing at this time.

Special Continuous Clearing for the Holidays

We are now offering this service every year, and people love it!  This is a special clearing service to help you through rough patches, which can happen during the Holidays.  Instead of issuing one extra mini-session for the entire season, we (me and my "Higher Ups") actually work on you continually, giving you whatever you need, on an ongoing basis. You could receive numerous mini-sessions during this time.  We intervene for you each time negative programming surfaces, which could be many times per day, given your exposure to "well-meaning loved ones" who are so good at pressing your buttons and bringing up old issues for review and healing.

This service is usually only offered to people who are experiencing some kind of unusually traumatic or high-stress period in their lives. The normal cost is $45 per day. For the Holidays, we offer this for only $15/day, so that you can take advantage of the many "growth opportunities" that your family and loved ones often provide at this time.  With the Holiday Clearing, you can grow and evolve each time your "buttons get pressed," rather than get angry, upset, or resentful.

Some people choose to suppress their negative feelings or bury them in high food or drink consumption.  Suppressing feelings ultimately causes physical distress, because the negative energy has to go somewhere, and it finds its way into our bodies.  Negative feelings need to be felt and experienced, rather than suppressed and buried within our bodies.

With the continuous holiday clearing, you can feel more comfortable feeling your feelings completely, knowing that as you do so, you are getting extra help to clear the negative programming at the roots, in your subconscious mind.  Take advantage of the Holiday Clearing as a way to experience maximum ease, joy, and spiritual advancement during this holiday season.

You can call the office to order your Continuous Holiday Clearing"  (a minimum of 3 days is required) or sign up for the service on our website (see link below).  Wishing you lots of joy, and otherwise, lots of great opportunities to grow and heal this holiday season!

Help For Your Loved Ones Too

You can also request this clearing for loved ones if you want. Phyllis does intercessory sessions all the time for clients who want to help their husband, mother, child, or friend who may not be "open" to such work, but who could benefit from it tremendously.  This will help them enjoy the holidays more, and have others enjoy being around them more as well, providing a real win/win for all concerned! Phyllis always tunes in to "make sure it is right" for them, but in most cases, the person's Higher Self is thrilled to have the extra spiritual support and upliftment!

Get me through the Holidays!

New Product:  The Picture Rejuvenizer

We have learned that your photograph contains your life force, and that whatever happens to your photo affects your physical body in a significant way, over time.  As a result, we have been encouraging you, as a Rejuvenizer owner, to place your Personal Rejuvenizer on top of a current picture of yourself when you are not wearing it physically, in order to continue receiving the benefits it provides. To support those of you who want to help your loved ones, we have created "The Picture Rejuvenizer" that you can put on top of a photograph of a loved one, to give them the benefits of the Rejuvenizer technology.

Often the people in our life may not understand, or be willing to wear a Rejuvenizer. While a person may not be open to the more metaphysical side of life, this doesn't mean that they couldn't benefit substantially from having a Personal Rejuvenizer.  Even people who are skeptical are getting hit by nearly 300,000 high-tech frequencies per minute (in most major cities) and would be greatly helped by the device.

There is a "fail-safe" clause within the Personal Rejuvenizer, to not give a person something that they couldn't handle.  In other words, the Rejuvenizer won't "force them to grow" if they do not want to do so, but it will help them to clear many blocks to personal and spiritual advancement over time.  In other words, you can feel safe that you are only helping someone if you decide to put a Rejuvenizer on their photo.  If you have a child or loved one that is always using their computer, cell phone, or ipod, the Picture Rejuvenizer would be a life-saving gift for them, whether they were aware of your help or not.  The Picture Rejuvenizer is a smaller version of the Personal Rejuvenizer, available in random colors only (there is no color selection).  We created this in these "challenging economic times" to help people make the Rejuvenizer technology available to their friends and loved ones who may not be open to wearing the Rejuvenizer ring or pendant.

The normal price of the Picture Rejuvenizer is $139.  The introductory price of $129 will be good only until the end of January 2009.

Read more about how you can be affected by where your photo is located.

Holiday Gift Ideas

FREE SHIPPING! Light Unlimited is offering free shipping on all Rejuvenizer purchases totaling over $125.  This is for purchases from today through the end of the year, December 31, 2007.

Here are some gift giving suggestions:

"Love Now, Here's How" $16.95
Use this book to use the Advanced Subconcious Clearing Technique mentioned later in this Newsletter.  What do Wayne Dyer and Bernie Siegel, MD, have to say about this book?

"A dynamic practical guide to enriching all of your relationships—Phyllis helps you constructively recreate a new way of > being." -- Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of 9 books, including: "Your Erroneous Zones" and "Your Sacred Self"

"The information contained herein can help you to overcome the wounds of the past and create a healthier future."  -- Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of "Love, Medicine, & Miracles"

The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer, $25
For anyone who uses a cell phone, this is a must.  The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer helps protect you and your loved ones from the detrimental effects of having major electromagnetic frequencies broadcast directly into the head and brain, which happens during every cell phone call. If you know any young people with cell phones, this could be a life-saving gift, as children's brains are even more sensitive and vulnerable to the hazardous EMFs that cell phones produce.

The Indoor Rejuvenizer, $145
Using one set (four) in your home or workspace can make your indoor environment feel less stressed, more peaceful and energetically pleasing to be in.  They rid the space of any negativity from unwanted energies from other dimensions, as well as any negativity generated by previous occupants of that room or space. With the Indoor Rejuvenizers, your home and office will feel as good, energetically pleasing, and clear as possible. They are perfect companions for stuffy conference and meeting rooms, as well as a must for travelers, who want to sleep in a peaceful, stress-free environment while away from home.

The Personal Rejuvenizer Ring $189
This is the most life-supporting gift you can possibly give a loved one.  You may be adding years of better health and happiness to their life!  The Personal Rejuvenizer rings have been especially popular with men, who are concerned that carrying a Personal Rejuvenizer in their pockets may end up lost in the wash.  Others like the visible reminder that the Personal Rejuvenizer is protecting them 24/7.

Protect yourself or your loved ones from the detrimental effects of electromagnetic fields on their health and well-being. People who use a Personal Rejuvenizer report more energy, and are usually more positive and easier to get along with. We do have a 60-day moneyback guarantee.  We want you and your loved ones to be happy with your Rejuvenizer purchase!

Order a Holiday Gift Idea

A client writes, How Is HDTV affecting us?

This is a GREAT question.  We human beings have biologically evolved as analog beings.  This means that there are waves of energy that flow through us and through our brains, that allow us to be alive and well in a body.  When we perceive objects in the world, waves of energy from that object flow through our eyes, into our brains.  The energy is curved and smooth, and flows in waves. This is how we have functioned since the dawn of time. Our music used to be recorded in an analog mode.  This was a more natural recording and was easily assimilated by the brain.  When our music switched to being digitized, it took on an unnatural pattern, the energy no longer flowing in a smooth wave, but in a choppy, squared off, jagged  "wave."

For true audiophiles (lovers of music). many quit listening to the new music, preferring their old analog recordings instead. The new digital music was actually difficult for the brain to assimilate, without creating fatigue and brain fog.   (Phyllis actually put new functions into the Personal Rejuvenizer, years ago, to overcome this negative effect).  In February of 2009 we are being forced to accept digital TV.  This means that we are being asked to process a visual picture which is chopped up in small bits, and the image arrives at our brain in the same squared off, jagged, and unnatural wave form. Ouch, it hurts... when you're really sensitive.

Most people simply adjust to the new way images are being broadcast, and are unaware of the extra trauma and stress being put on the brain. Phyllis has added new functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer to overcome this negative effect, by changing the energy to a more natural form when it hits the brain, and healing the brain of any areas of dysfunction due to watching the unnatural digitized images. It's scary to think that everyone's brain will start to get fried more and more from being forced, by law, to watch digital TV frequencies.

For years, we've been staring at our computer screens, which has forced us to view digital frequencies, and now we're going to have to view these detrimental frequencies broadcast from our television sets. What an unnatural world this is becoming!  Having a set of Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers will also help mitigate the negative effect of having your home filled with negative, digitized frequencies.

Both the Circuit and Indoor Rejuvenizers create a positive energy field in your home, and negate the detrimental effects of all the high-tech frequencies filling your home, from overhead satellite and TV transmissions, cell phone and microwave transmissions, and electromagnetic fields coming off your computer, TV, and all electric and electronic appliances. Your home will feel much more peaceful and harmonious with the stress-free environment that the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers create.  Now that we are being forced to add the digital TV frequencies to our environment, protecting and harmonizing the energy field in your home has become even more crucial!

Order help for this HDTV change coming soon

Alone for the Holidays?

You might find yourself alone during this holiday season.  It happens. The challenge is not to make yourself wrong for not having friends and loved ones around. There is so much emphasis on sharing love and joy and being with others at holiday time, that this could really make you feel down. You could even feel alone being with family and friends, as the feeling of "aloneness" comes from old programming within us, and that programming can trigger negative feelings at any time, regardless of the people around us.  Sometimes, when the people we're with seem particularly positive and merry, this could trigger negative feelings within us as well.  We may then wonder, "Why are THEY are feeling so good, when I'm sitting here not feeling that way at all?"  These feelings can surface.

At holiday time we unconsciously pressure ourselves to feel good when we might not be feeling that way deep inside.  So when we see others feeling good, we may feel resentful that we're not having the same experience.  Holidays are very good at pressing our buttons since there are so many expectations about how we should feel.  It's always tough having to live up to such expectations.

1) Don't buy into your thoughts or feelings You may have thoughts like, "I'm not having any fun" or "No one here seems to like me, or pay attention to me" or "I feel so misunderstood being around these people."  These thoughts are real for you in the moment, but they are all born of deep subconscious programming, and that programming CAN be cleared.  If you buy into your thoughts and feelings, then you give them energy and continue to make them real in your life.  When you notice such negative thoughts or feelings, turn them around into an affirmation, a "higher, better" thought than the one you are having.

When creating your own positive affirmations, often using the word "willing" is a great  place to start.  Using the examples above:  "I'm willing to have more fun here" or  "I'm willing to experience people liking me and paying attention to me"  or  "I'm willing to feel understood being around these people." What you're doing here is putting out your intention of what you are willing to receive in your life.  And this is extremely powerful. You create your life with your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

It is important to be willing to let go of the negative ones, and put some energy into more positive ones.  By saying that you are willing for something to happen, you are getting closer to saying, "I now have this (whatever it is) in my life."  Sometimes it's hard to go from, "There is no love here for me,"  to  "I now have love here for me." It feels like too big a leap, too much of a lie.  But if you are feeling like there is no love here for you, you can start to create change by saying to yourself, "I'm WILLING to experience that there is love for me here."  That starts the ball rolling. Be willing to re-do any negative thought or feeling that surfaces, so you don't continue to energize the old programming.

2)  Learn the "Advanced Subconscious Clearing" Technique on page 27 of Phyllis' book, "Love Now, Here's How."  This will empower you to give yourself clearing, on the spot, when the negative thoughts and feelings arise.  Short of requesting our "Continuous Holiday Clearing," doing this technique on yourself when negativity surfaces will help you get through those rough places with maximum ease.

3) Use the Communications Breakthrough System The Communications Breakthrough System is a healing tool that Phyllis created to empower you to work on yourself and clear "old baggage." It has been specially energized so that you receive a deep level of clearing each time you work with it.  It allows you to release old, negative programming, while integrating new positive beliefs about how you want your life to be. This creates wonderful and welcome change in your life over time. You can use the system on your own, or with an understanding friend or loved one.

It even comes with a small travel version that you could use, on the road, when your issues surface.  To do so, you will probably need to slip away for a few moments (if you're at a social gathering). But you can work with the system for just a few minutes to regain your composure, and then return to your gathering feeling lighter and less impeded by old "stuff."   We have put this invaluable tool on sale so that more people can  take advantage of its incredible healing benefits.  Previously we sold this for the price of a full in person session.  We are offering it now for $149.

Order the Communications Breakthrough System

Product of the Month

This product is so valuable, yet most people know nothing about it: plant sterols. Sterols are the fresh part of fruits and vegetables that are extremely vital and healing to the body, which is why eating fresh food is so important.  However, these magical substances are only available in food for 6-8 hours after the food is picked or harvested.  In other words, when our "fresh" fruits and vegetables have been sitting in a supermarket for days or weeks, they are no longer rich in these life-giving nutrients.  We carry a supplement, Sterol-Max, created by Ron Schneider, a specialist in immunoenzymeology and Darkfield Phase Contrast Microscopy that captures that "freshness" aspect of freshly picked fruits and vegetables, and has tremendous healing and restorative capabilities for the human body.  Sterol-Max sterols are made from naturally harvested plant sprouts that have been certified 100% organic.

Sterols enhance immune system function and increase T-cell proliferation (T-cells are specialized cells that destroy developing cancer and mutating cells in your body on a daily basis).  Sterols reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood stream and significantly reduce further absorption.  Sterols suppress cortisol secretion by the adrenal gland, responsible for stress-related disorders and inflammation.  Some of the symptoms and conditions known to respond well to sterol supplementation are:

  • Cancer (colon, breast, and prostate)
  • BPH (enlarged prostate)
  • Hepatitis C
  • Lupus
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • MS
  • Allergies
  • Bronchitis
  • Hasimoto's Disease
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis

Call our office if you are interested in boosting your immune system function.  Phyllis always tunes in to make sure everything she recommends is right for you!  (And, we only carry products that test "right" for nearly everyone!)

Call to order

Testimonial Corner

Rejuvenizer Testimonial

I wanted to let you know that your product, the Personal Rejuvenizer has helped members of my family immensely as well as enhanced my own abilities. My sister is a depressive and my mother's recent death from bone marrow cancer had really emotionally debilitated her . The Rejuvenizer has helped her to see the many options in her life with clarity. She is now getting the help she needs and finding some happiness in little things. My son has also benefited from the Personal Rejuvenizer ring. He had no idea what it was, beyond a gift from his mother but his life since wearing it has undergone a great change for the better. I myself have had protection issues.

I had purchased a Personal Rejuvenizer as well as a Circuit Rejuvenizer and the Travel Rejuvenizer. I find every Rejuvenizer uniquely tuned for its individual function as well as uniformly set in rhythm with natural vibrations. The Rejuvenizers have kept me focused and helped me to enhance my own natural abilities.  Thank you for your heartfelt research and a wonderful line of products.

Gina Curran, Medical Device Sales
Boston, Massachusetts

Wishing you...
Many blessings for peace (and a lot of soul progress) this holiday

-- Phyllis & the Staff at Light Unlimited


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