December 2009 Newsletter

December 01, 2009

Dear Subscribers,


I am a big believer in astrology as a "heavenly map" that can guide us and help us accelerate our learning and growth "down here on Earth." The astrological energies clue us into the issues we're dealing with at any given time, and therefore let us know which subconscious programs we need to work on clearing.

There is a significant planetary aspect occurring at this time and continuing through early April, which is bringing up "lots of stuff" for us all. The planets Saturn and Pluto are now forming a "square" to one another, and this brings up particular challenges and difficulties that their energies represent.

Saturn deals with "lessons," difficulties, hardships, and limitations. Saturn is the "taskmaster," here to teach you, although it often feels like "the long, hard way." Saturn deals with responsibilities, burdens, fears, worries, and disappointments. Saturn transits often bring beliefs to the surface about "life being hard, difficult, depressing, too serious, and too much work." On the high side, Saturn gives structure, form, and stability to our lives. A Saturn transit is never "bad"... but can seem "hard." It seems that sometimes the important lessons in life "don't come easy." Whoever came up with "no pain, no gain" probably did so during this kind of Saturn-Pluto transit!!

Pluto carries the energy of "death" and "rebirth." Pluto brings deep transformation... whether you think you want it or not. Pluto signals the need to "crash and burn" in order to build something better, that is more aligned with a Higher Truth for you and your life. Pluto signifies a time when the "Phoenix rises from the ashes"... renewed, transformed, and reborn.

The challenge with Pluto is that such a deep transformation is not an overnight process, it takes awhile. And most people are not set up to easily "let go of the old" in order to make way for the new. People, by nature, tend to hold onto the old until they are "forced" to give it up. Pluto signals such a "forced need" to restructure, to let go of the old in order for something better to be created.

When you have Saturn squared Pluto (everyone on the planet is dealing with this now), you have "time for our old structures to crash and burn, so that new ones can be built." Saturn is in Libra, which rules "relationships," and Pluto is in Capricorn, which rules society, government, business, social structures. You can see how it is "up for us all collectively" to start re-thinking how we do life... from recycling, to green-building, to health-care, to investing on Wall Street. It's all "up for grabs" and requires deep change.

Whereas this is going on planetary-wide, some of us are experiencing the energy in a more personal way. (If you have planets in the early degrees of Capricorn, Libra, Aries, or Cancer, you are feeling the intensity in a much more personal way, since Saturn and Pluto are directly affecting you by degree.) What might you be experiencing?

You may be experiencing the Saturnian "life is hard thing" in your relationships; yet, something is pushing you to make changes. Something is "forcing you", at a subconscious level, to see things differently or do things differently. Since the energies are affecting you so deeply, at a subconscious level, you may simply notice more fatigue at this time. Some people are sharing that they're just plain "exhausted." (And the more you resist these energies that want you to change, the more tired you may feel!)

I'm seeing a lot of people (including myself) get sick. It's not just "the flu going around." It's more like we're being asked to change so much of our structure that it feels "too hard"... and the body just "goes down for the count." Don't make yourself wrong if you're getting sick at this time. That's sort of the part where the "Phoenix" has to crash and burn before it can rise, renewed, from the ashes. Sometimes the body has to "break down" before it can rebuild itself and function in a new way. It's not a bad thing, but extra clearing is definitely recommended to help with this process!

Basically Pluto brings you to your knees.. and funny enough (if there is something funny about all this), Saturn rules the knees. So don't be surprised if you experience life "bringing you to your knees" at various times throughout this transit. We have to learn to surrender, to humble ourselves, and to flow with the deep changes that our Higher Self is wanting us to make at this time.

You may also have feelings of "being out of control," "feeling like a victim," "not understanding why your life is so difficult," and "being overwhelmed" at this time. These are all quite typical during Pluto transits. To me, this is a very important time to do major clearing. You really want to work on yourself during this time, to clear all of the negative programs that are "coming up for review and healing."

Take advantage of this incredible time to grow beyond your current limits and "re-create yourself." The energy is now available for you to do so. Even if you didn't think you wanted to do that, it's what's up for you... so go for it, and do your best to enjoy the ride!!!! :-)

Remember, you can:

-Call the office for sessions or additional mini-sessions to help you through this.

-Practice either "The Rapid Integration Technique" in Chapter 9 of "Prince Charming Lives" or "The Advanced Subconscious Clearing Technique" on p. 27 of Love Now, Here's How.

-Use the Communications Breakthrough System on your own or with a loved one to help clear out your old, negative programming as it surfaces.

Do your best to "ride the top of the wave" by working on yourself. I also recommend doing your best to see and give thanks for all the good in your life. Be prayer-ful and grateful at this time. An "attitude of gratitude" always attracts more positive things to you and will definitely help you deal with the intensity that often accompanies these astrological energies.


Here are some ideas for those of you who want to give thoughtful, growth-providing, or healing gifts for this holiday season. Starting from the least expensive:

"BASIC TRUTHS ABOUT THE NATURE OF LIFE" - This is a beautiful little book that contains much wisdom (and clearing for the reader!) It is great for a person just waking up to a more spiritually oriented life, or someone who's been aware for a long time. It is loaded with full-page, breath-taking, color photos, and sure to be appreciated by the recipient. $15.95, on sale for $12.00 until the end of the year.

"CELL PHONE REJUVENIZER" Great stocking stuffer!! This will help your loved ones be protected from the damaging electromagnetic fields and frequencies generated by their cell phone. Over time, the negative energies we pick up from frequent cell phone use contribute to fatigue, depression, and immune system problems. The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer will absolutely keep your loved ones healthier and more alive over time. A meaningful gift for $25!! [We would like to offer you a special on Cell Phone Rejuvenizers. If you purchase 10 or more, the cost will be only $15 per Rejuvenizer... a 40% savings! This offer is good only through the end of the year.]

"THE COMMUNICATIONS BREAKTHROUGH SYSTEM" - On sale for $129 through the end of the year, this is a fabulous gift for someone who is sincere about wanting to grow and "dump their old baggage." The Communications Breakthrough System is an invaluable healing tool for both a single person, or two people in a relationship. It helps people release negative programming that keeps them stuck, unhappy, or angry with others. It is truly a "life-saver" and "relationship-saver" when negativity and stress arise!!

"THE PICTURE REJUVENIZER" - This is our newest Personal Rejuvenizer for people who either want to save money on the Rejuvenizer technology, don't want to wear their Rejuvenizer on their person, or want to support loved ones in being happier and healthier. In our latest research, we have discovered that your photo contains your life force, and because of this, wherever your photo is, you are picking up those particular energies.

If your photo is on a computer, or on someone's fridge, you are picking up the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by the computer or fridge. And, this has a weakening effect on your constitution and well-being over time. Conversely, if you have a Picture Rejuvenizer on top of your photo, you are receiving the myriad of healing benefits that the Rejuvenizer brings.

You can actually put a Picture Rejuvenizer on a loved one's photo, and they will receive tremendous help and support from it, for a happier, healthier life. You can get a Picture Rejuvenizer for yourself or a loved one for $125 (normally $139) through the end of the year.

"THE PERSONAL REJUVENIZER" - This is probably the best gift that you could give a loved one, since it is "two gifts" in one. They will not only get an unbelievably powerful healing device to keep them more well, alive, and healthy over the years, but they will get a stunningly beautiful pendant to wear, that will attract "oohs" and "ahhs" from everyone who sees it!! Now on sale through the end of the year: $155 (normally $169).


As joyous a time as the holiday season is meant to be, it is notorious for "pushing our buttons" and bringing up our old negative programming for "review and healing." Whether it be issues regarding our family members (which abound for many of us!) or issues around being alone and not having someone special to spend the holidays with, or issues dealing with our extra financial burdens during the gift-giving season, the holidays can provide us with many significant opportunities for growth and healing.

Because of this, we would like to offer our "Special Holiday Clearing Program." There is a service we normally offer for people in crisis or emergency situations, called "Continuous Clearing." This is when my "Helpers" and I intervene on your behalf on a continuous basis, throughout the entire period of time you request the help. In other words, with this service, it would be like you are receiving numerous mini-sessions on a daily basis whenever your issues surface. It accelerates your spiritual progress and helps you move more easily through particularly stressful times.

The cost of this service is normally $45 per day, but for the holidays, we are offering this service for $15/day (with a 3-day minimum request). This is a way to ensure that your holidays flow as smoothly as possible and that you are able to take advantage of all the growth opportunities that present themselves to you.


Ola Loa Multi-Vitamin Mineral Formulas

(15% off through the end of the year!)

Revolutionary products for adults, kids, and active people

We just started carrying these supplements and are very pleased with them. Over the years, we've encountered many people who have issues with "taking pills". The OLA LOA multi-vitamin mineral products provide a wonderful way to get your vitamins and minerals-without having to swallow pills! They are recommended for everyday vibrant health, as a general anti-aging vitamin supplement for energy and vitality, and for antioxidant protection.

These healthy and complete formulas were created by Richard Kunin, M.D., a nutrition-oriented physician and Orthomolecular specialist with 30+ years of experience in nutrition medicine and practice.

You can choose the ENERGY Super Multi for superior vitality and antioxidant protection, the KIDS Multi formula, the REPAIR Formula for unparalleled bone and joint support, or the SPORT all-natural thirst-quenching hydrating formula for active people.

The products are available in individual packets and are sold in boxes of 30 packets, basically a month's supply. Because of the convenient individual packaging, they are great to bring along when traveling.

Again, I checked these out thoroughly, and they test "excellent" to "needs" for most people. Now you can easily DRINK YOUR VITAMINS!! :-)

Call the office at 1-512-301-2999 to order.


About "The Program" (1 full session mini + mini sessions every 3 weeks for a three-month period)

From a New York art director who had trouble sleeping and was losing hair:

"Yes I would like to continue on The Program. I have been feeling a lot better. My depression has lifted, my hair seems better, my sleeping has improved greatly too. Overall their has been a big shift. I'm very happy with the results."

About "The Travel Rejuvenizer"

I live and work in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the top 10 worst rush hour traffic cities. I have commuted on a daily basis for years on Interstate 20 and Interstate I285 for hours in stop and go rush hour traffic. Before I purchased the Travel Rejuvenizer I noticed mostly in the evenings where I would start getting sleepy and drifting off in between stomping on the brakes in the stop and go traffic. After purchasing the Rejuvenizer I noticed I stayed alert and was more aware of the cars around and in front of me. I now sense when a car is about to cut into my lane. This heightened awareness and awakeness has helped me prevent numerous accidents. I absolutely don't leave home without it! 

From Regina, Administrative Assistant
Atlanta, GA

About "The Personal Rejuvenizer"

"For the longest time I've wanted to find out what my guides/Angels/Higher Self thought of all the various energy pendants I have. I sort of collect them and then finally realized I never asked for their input on this. I've always been very observant about what my angels have to say when they give me advice in any area, and after I asked them to choose the best pendant of all the ones out there, I was surprised when they lead me to the Rejuvenizer pendant. 

I didn't own this particular pendant but knew if my angels recommended it, this would be the best for me to have, since I trust them so much. I bought the Rejuvenizer strictly on their recommendation and have never felt better! I can't believe I waited so long to ask them.... oh well. I'm happy now and can report a huge increase in my energy plus many other shifts toward total health. I'm also very happy at how much the Rejuvenizer stimulates my higher chakras and keeps me more in-tune with my higher guidance! 

J.P., Psychic Reader
Los Angeles

Many blessings for peace (and a lot of soul progress) this holiday season!

-- Phyllis & the Staff at Light Unlimited


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