December 2013 Newsletter

December 01, 2013


You may remember, I wrote an article in the spring about the intense period from May, 2012 to December 2015, which we are obviously still going through (here's a link to the article if you need it:)

I wanted to update you as to what I've noticed, as I do my best to be aware of what we are all experiencing while living through these tumultuous energies.  Because we are all experiencing such deep changes within ourselves, it's as if there is no "safe harbor" deep within, no place we can go to where we can feel safe and secure.  It's as if "the bottom has dropped out of our world" at some level, and there is no place to drop anchor to allow us to feel secure. 

So when you are feeling insecure at a deep level, how do you deal with that? Some people are doing more "emotional eating"... that is, retreating into "food as a source of comfort and security."  Some are turning to alcohol binges, or excessive drug usage, as a way of escaping their feelings.  If you're normally active and productive, you may find yourself just wanting to "veg out" in front of the TV, unable to "get it together" to do much else during your spare time. Some of you may find yourselves sleeping more, as a way to not have to feel what's going on inside. 

None of this is bad or wrong, it's just how you have chosen to deal with the inner tumult that is necessarily taking place within you.  It is important during this period, that you cut yourself some slack, and let go of the need to judge yourself harshly about your current coping strategies.  The only problem would be if you are turning to drugs or alcohol as your escape route, since these behaviors have energetic side effects that bring you down further (see article I wrote on the energetic and spiritual effects of drinking alcohol. There are similar side-effects with recreational drugs: 

Because so many people are going through challenges at this time, the subtle bodies around planet Earth periodically spin backwards or go out of alignment.  In other words, Earth picks up our collective tumultuous energies and reflects them back to us.  Thus, everyone's stress and negativity affects everyone else, including the planet! So, the more people who start to find peace within at this time, the more we can heal and strengthen the collective energy around our planet. 

Many of our old patterns that we thought were "ancient history" seem to be coming up for review and healing at this time. Patterns in relationships, patterns about how we nurture ourselves or enjoy our life. Don't make yourself wrong if you find yourself "walking in old shoes" that you thought you had discarded. There is apparently more soul-searching and more truth-telling that you need to do, so roll up your sleeves and work on those patterns that are showing up in your life at this time. 

This also seems to be a time to "restructure" our lives... in a good way.  Situations that we have been "putting up with" for a long time seem to be "up for review and change."  Many are saying "no" to what is not working in their lives and are in search for "What can work for me?"... "What is it I really want to do?"   

If this is happening to you, trust the process.  You may not have received the "new direction" yet, but just know that it was important to change the old direction. Love yourself through the process. Be loving and supportive to yourself now. That's the most important thing you need during these times of great change. 

It is as if we are all being "put through the fire", as steel is when it's tempered.  It sure is "hot".. and we may feel like we're "burning," but we are getting stronger. And when we can come out of the fire, we are now like "tempered steel"—more flexible, yet more resilient... so much more than we were before our transformation happened. 

It's a little like "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  Yes, hopefully, you will be able to make it through these times and come out the other side into a newer, transformed version of who you are. That is the plan.   

You could also think of it as if you were a caterpillar, and this is the time to spin and live in your cocoon. You have no idea what will happen down the road, but it is a given that you will become a beautiful butterfly once your time in the cocoon has come to an end. So enjoy your cocoon. This is a great time to be introspective.. and work on yourself to clear those negative patterns that have been holding you back for so long. 

Just know that you are in the right place, at the right time, doing what's best for you on your path of continued evolution and spiritual growth. Soon you will get to fly free and enjoy yourself with all the other butterflies that are flying free along side you.



Of course the holidays are the time to be with our families. In an ideal world, we would love and appreciate every minute of it. However, in reality, we incarnate into a particular family because we have issues to work through and these are the people we've chosen to help us. As a result, being with our family often "pushes our buttons" and brings all kinds of old programs to the surface, to be dealt with. 

Enter the life-saver: our Holiday Clearings. We are giving you a chance to grow big time, from being with your family. They say that "everything is either love or a lesson." The Holiday Clearings will help you "get the lessons" more quickly that being with your family is trying to teach you, so you can return to the love which is the deeper tie that brought you all together in the first place.

Here is the information you need, to order your Holiday Clearings:



1) About "Prince Charming Lives (Princess Charming Does Too)"   

"I found a copy of your book "Prince Charming Lives" on my girlfriend's bookshelf less than 24 hours before we broke up (for good). She wouldn't let me have the copy but I would like to thank you because what I read last night (Chapter 19) and the first 40 pages, which I read today, really helped me put a positive spin on the breakup. All things do serve to further our growth, and procrastinating the inevitable would have been pointless. You have a great book there and I wanted to thank you personally."     D.S 

2) About my work: 

"My life has changed for the better with your help, I feel blessed and grateful I can put my loved ones in contact with you! :)))"      T.S  

3) About the Personal Rejuvenizer :   

"I noticed that after my husband's first morning with the Personal Rejuvenizer, he was more present! He noticed that during the day, he could focus much better and was really more efficient with work, and that his quality of sleep and meditation have changed. Thank you, thank you as always!! The gifts you've brought have been nothing short of miraculous!"   K.R. 

4) About Liquid Biocell:  

"Here are the things that have improved:

1. Dry eyes more moist, stay white all day- only use drops in am and pm before bed -- previously eyes were uncomfortable ALL day-very alarming to wake up in am with pink and red eyes!

2. No pain in my neck when turning it left and especially right- BIG  WOW!

3. Better mood, bopp'n around here to the music

4. Lower back, better

5. More hair on my head and eyebrows - Praise the Lord

6. Not snap, cracklin and popp'n as much!" R.O.
(from Nov. 26 - Dec. 31, 2013)

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To support you in giving healing, even life-saving gifts to your loved ones (or perhaps just yourself) we are offering 10% off on many of our products from now until the end of December. 

Although the Rejuvenizer is worth every penny of its normal price, we want to help you out this holiday season, by offering this "lifetime of healing and protection" at a reduced cost. Please let your friends and loved ones know about this, especially if they've had an issue with the price :-) 

Here are possible gift items this holiday season and links to read more about them.... (starting with the least expensive)

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I acknowledge you all for your willingness and desire to connect with your true spiritual Self. May you find peace and harmony during these challenging times, and may your presence be a source of inspiration and love for those around you.

Many blessings for a joyful holiday season,
Phyllis & the Staff at Light Unlimited


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