February 2016 Newsletter

February 01, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Sun Rise

I wanted to share a few thoughts about what's going on.  Even though the "three-year period of intense spiritual and personal growth" is technically over, it came to me that we would need extra time in January to adjust, regroup, and figure out who we are now, as the dust is settling. Therefore, it seems for many that this is the "dark before the dawn." 


So if you're having some super intense moments now, don't fret, it seems to be going around.  It's almost like all these old negative emotions have been coming up and up, non-stop, for three years now, so we have these habitual responses to life that are still "up in our face."  Old habits don't die hard.  It's like they are fighting to remain a part of our life!
That's what this "final struggle" is all about.


I want to feel better, I want things to be different, but am I willing to take the necessary steps to make that happen? So we are now dealing with the "final onslaught" of our "major demons" that we have been dealing with and trying to rid ourselves of for the past three years. It's time to let go of giving them our energy, and make some new choices about how we want to live our lives.


Many of you have made major changes during the past three years, right in alignment with the "cosmic docket." At this point, it's important to look within and ask yourself, "What do I need to do differently from now on?" And really ponder that. It's like now, the conscious mind, has to "re-take control" over your life, and you need to decide which things you want to do in a different way.


It's time for us to make some changes and start channelling our energy into new ways of behaving in the world. You have been dumping major old, subconscious material intensely for the past three years.  Now it's time, in the next three months, to CONSCIOUSLY consider what you want and what you need to do differently.  I'll give you a few examples that may apply to you:


1) Let go of worrying. Trust that things will work out for you. (This will help you to enjoy your life a lot more, for sure!)


2) Treat people more kindly, with greater respect.


3) Take more time to relax and unwind, perhaps through meditation or other "inward" kinds of exercises.


4) Add some form of physical exercise to your week, perhaps 3 times a week.


In other words, there is (or will be shortly) more space within you to be filled with things that are GOOD for you.  So it's time to take the bull by the horns, and make some decisions about ways you can improve your well-being, peace of mind, and quality of life.  This is what is up for all of us to do.  By making some new conscious decisions, they will come to pass.  The clearing work many of you are doing with me will continue to make you stronger and more able to follow your desires and achieve your goals.






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Your living space is your sanctuary. It is where you feel the most peace (or "should be"…)  It is where you feel safe, where you "built your nest," where you feel the most nourished and loved.


HOWEVER, our indoor spaces are being blasted, 24/7, with life-damaging, negative frequencies, from WiFi, computers, cell phones, TV and radio broadcasts, overhead satellites, GPS, 4G networks…. the list goes on and on. Thus, our spaces are anything but peaceful and nourishing. Without the help of the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers, our treasured spaces are chaotic and disharmonious, and create irritation and anxiety for everyone in that space.  This is not the best environment for love to flourish!!!!


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One woman wrote to us:  "I just realized that my husband and I haven't had any fights since we put the Indoor Rejuvenizers around our house."  See what I mean?  The frequencies make you feel irritable and stressed, and certainly diminish your chances of feeling love for yourself... or anyone else in your life!!!


The Travel Rejuvenizer will have the same effect in your car, so going out for that romantic dinner? Your vehicle will now support you in feeling peaceful and harmonious… and loving!!!

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The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer will keep you from being blasted by the negative electromagnetic fields being broadcast by your cell phone, creating more peace within you and within your brain. A loving heart can only come when your brain is feeling relaxed and at peace. The Cell phone Rejuvenizer will help keep you focused and balanced, especially if you use your cell phone daily, like most people. If you have a Personal Rejuvenizer, then you are already receiving the healing and protective functions from your cell phone.  However, in addition to protecting YOU from your cell phone, it also puts up a shield to protect others in your vicinity. So we thought this was a loving thing to do this Valentine's Day!!

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Thank you all for your love, trust, and perseverance on your path toward self-actualization and fulfillment! 


Many blessings upon you as we all shift to a "Higher, more conscious" way of being in the world.


In love and gratitude,

Phyllis…  & Angela, at Light Unlimited





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