November 2014 Newsletter

November 01, 2014

Hi Everyone,


There is so much change upon us now—for everyone on the planet—that it's often "too much" for many people to handle consciously.  So, our conscious mind just shuts down.  Too much input... too many thoughts in our brain, too many feelings to feel... and we get tired.  That's one way to go through this period, shutting down so that we don't have to deal with all that's going on inside of us. 

Also, due to the intense transformational energies upon us, we are "reeling" inside ourselves, and it's hard to maintain the status quo, staying where we have felt comfortable for so long.  Some of you may go through periods of feeling insecure, feeling like you don't know what you're doing, or where you're headed, or why you're acting the way you're acting.

Have Faith

That's really the best advice at this time. Trust that you are where you need to be and are attracting all the experiences you need to attract, in order to grow as much as possible through this period. There is a Divine or Cosmic Plan underlying all that you're going through, and although it often feels hard, painful, intense, disconcerting, or even frightening, there is a purpose to it all. Having faith is probably the best way you can stay afloat during this period, when it seems like the "ship of your life" may be sinking or heading toward disaster.  

Having faith means trusting in a Higher Power that knows what you need and when you need it. When you have faith, you default to innocence and trust. You let go of blaming others for your unhappiness... and yourself as well. 

Simplify, Breathe, and Let Go

In addition to having faith, it's good to let go of pressuring yourself at this time. See if you can find ways to simplify your life, or find avenues to focus on that bring you enjoyment and pleasure. Focus on the "being" side of your nature more, rather then the "doing." Remember to breathe.

Often when we are fearful or anxious, we hold our breath. As you remember to breathe, it helps you to let go of whatever negative energy or emotion you're feeling that seems stuck within you. Forgive yourself for any hardship or problem you're having at this time, and do your best to get subconscious support through clearing or healing techniques, to help you move through this period with as much ease and grace as possible.

Remember, I created three wonderful techniques that bring in my "Higher Helpers" for a half an hour each time, to clear you while you're doing the techniques. 

1) "The Rapid Integration Technique" (at the end of Ch. 9 in Prince Charming Lives!)  (Read more...)

2) "The Advanced Subconscious Clearing Technique" (p. 27 of Love Now, Here's How)  (Read more ...)  and 

3) The Communications Breakthrough System  (Read more...) 

It's very empowering to work on yourself in order to effect change. It helps you to take an action that will shift your energy in a positive way, rather than wallowing in negative feelings about yourself or your life. Powerful techniques, such as these, are extremely effective and even life-saving... particularly at this time!

The Good News

You may have a significant breakthrough at any time during this period. It's not about "waiting until it's over" before you can experience welcomed changes in your life.  Because there is so much opportunity for healing and transformation, you may already see some changes taking place, even if it's "something happening to you that seems out of your conscious control."  As old thoughts and feelings are purged from the subconscious during this period, we have new space within ourselves to be positive and attract different kinds of people and circumstances in our life. This is the wonderful, high side of these seemingly turbulent times. 

Do your best to feed yourself with positive, uplifting thoughts and ideas. Adopt new attitudes of kindness and compassion—toward others as well as yourself. Be willing to view things differently, so you can see the positive aspects of people and events, rather than the negative. 

It's truly time to stop beating yourself up and be your own best friend. Make peace with what you consider to be your "flaws" and be willing to love yourself no matter what. And, continue to work on yourself, so you can be the best expression of who you really are—more and more with time.


The Personal Rejuvenizers

What an amazing, powerful technology you have in the Rejuvenizer!  My sleep has had a different quality. It's more restful, less feeling of "working" in sleep. Everyday I have been getting stronger emotionally. I feel more put together and able to engage in activity easily. And, I feel less flimsy emotionally, particularly with our son. I'm a people-pleaser and can have a passive approach with our son. He knows how to work me and I now feel much more capable to stand up and create stronger boundaries for him. I've also been using it around the body, as per the instructions, and notice subtle chunks of "halloween" leaving the body. How absolutely curious. And really, really cool! Way to GO!

-RK, Davenport, IA


Liquid Biocell

I went to the dentist today. For the past 5 years I have had an area in the back of my mouth at the gum line identified at a level 4/4.  For the first time she reported it at a level 3/4 and commented that the build-up of plaque to the inside of my mouth has greatly improved too. I attribute this to Liquid Biocell.

-NT, Minneapolis, MN.


Telepathic Healing Work

Thank you so very much, you truly have been inspirational and I am feeling much stronger.  I cannot thank you enough! 

-DT, Huntington Beach, CA.


Words cannot express my deep gratitude for Phyllis' amazing work, kindness & generosity.  WOW, what you can learn from an hour with Phyllis---to coin a phrase "they don't teach stuff this good in medical school"--or anywhere else for that matter! AMAZING...awesome, wonderful!  I literally have a safe where I'll put the CD with the recording; you can't take a chance with something this valuable :-)

-JS, Ontario, Canada


HOLIDAY SALE - Now through December 31st 


-All Books    (Click here to read more)


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- The Communications Breakthrough System
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- Magnacaps
Magnesium is one of the most important supplements you can take, especially in our stressful, high-tech world. Ample magnesium and B-vitamins are essential for anyone who gets headaches of any kind. When we feel tense, we tend to burn magnesium and B-vitamins a lot faster.

Specific symptoms of poor magnesium intake can include anxiety, muscle cramps, facial tics, poor sleep (difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep), and chronic pain. So, if you're experiencing any of these conditions, by all means, increase your magnesium intake! You may consume certain foods or drinks in grocery stores that have added calcium in them, or you may take calcium supplements. In either case, this may create a magnesium deficiency, since there is a certain ratio of calcium to magnesium that the body requires. If you add calcium, you need to add the appropriate amount of magnesium (some say the ratio is 2:1, some say 1:1, and some say, it depends on what your individual body needs. You can always test this through "applied kinesiology" or "muscle testing," as we do in our sessions).

The following lifestyle choices can create a condition where magnesium is actually flushed out of your body:  drinking a lot of carbonated beverages, eating a lot of sweet foods and processed bake goods, regularly drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea, having a high pressured job that puts undue stress on you, taking a diuretic, heart medication, asthma medication, birth control pills, or estrogen replacement therapy, along with drinking more than 7 alcoholic beverages per week. Do your best to make good lifestyle choices for yourself, and if you can't, at least take extra magnesium to account for the areas where you are challenged.

Since this period (May 2012 to December, 2015) is more stressful than most, we thought we'd make it a little easier on your purse to stock up on Magnesium at this time!  Wishing you a happy, stress-free holiday season!! :-)


- The Indoor & Circuit Rejuvenizers (& The Cubicle Rejuvenizer)

The Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers are the most important ones, next to the Personal Rejuvenizer, which is obviously the one that helps your body the most. However, even when your body is being protected from the onslaught of all the life-damaging frequencies, your space—both at home and at work—is suffering greatly. Did you know that the "Life Energy Level," that is, the life force in most people's living and work spaces is virtually zero, meaning "dead"... no energy, no life force at all. It's very sad.

Due to the overhead satellite frequencies that blanket the planet, from GPS to Direct TV to Sirius Radio, and the negative emissions from your and your neighbors' WiFi frequencies, along with everyone's cell phones, computers, and TVs, our spaces have been nailed big time, and the natural life force has been depleted nearly 100%. WiFi alone lowers the Life Energy Level in a space by 80-85%. One of my clients had sixteen WiFi networks passing through her apartment from all her neighbors' systems. One WiFi network alone is extremely damaging. Sixteen? That's inhumane!

Bottom-line, people wake up in a dead space, go to work in a dead space, and return home to "enjoy life" in their dead space. How are we all supposed to thrive and prosper???? Yes, when you have a Personal Rejuvenizer, you are way ahead of the game. Your body is being protected and no longer hampered by the 300,000 frequencies that used to bombard you every minute. So you are okay in your body! However, you can still FEEL what's going on in your space.

The Personal Rejuvenizer does protect you from the frequencies, but it doesn't "wall you off" from feeling what's going on around you, so you are totally able to feel how unsupportive and energetically low your space is.  I liken it to getting all dressed up, where you feel good about how you look and have pride in yourself, and then you go to a party that takes place next to a smelly dumpster in a dirty alley—obviously not a place that supports you in feeling positive and uplifted!

What the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers do is raise the Life Energy Level of your space to the equivalent of being in the vortexes of Sedona Arizona (if you've been there, the energy is palpably high and invigorating)... or being in the Himalayan mountains. There are certain "magical" spots on Earth where the energy is naturally high, and instead of having to move there for "good energy," you can create that in your home or work environment on an ongoing basis, with the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers. People will come into your space and experience more peace and relaxation, more happiness, and more aliveness.

When your space is chaotic and deadened from all the frequencies, the people living or working in that space are more negative, irritable, stressed and anxiety-ridden.  Which kind of people would you like to work or live with? Can you see how it's not "just about you having a Personal Rejuvenizer"? Having your space energetically uplifted is really about uplifting your quality of life, and of course, it's incredibly supportive to all those—people and animals alike—with whom you share that space.

If you could "Rejuvenize" your whole office, that would be a blessing to everyone present. If you are unable to do so, we now have the Cubicle Rejuvenizer that can uplift and bring peace to your own individual workspace. At least YOU would feel happier while at work!!

Reminder to Book Your Continuous Holiday Clearing!

Every year we offer this special service. This is to help you and your loved ones have the best time possible throughout the holiday season. Often, the people to whom we feel the closest, are the ones that "push our buttons" the most. In truth, we all "chose" our family members on some level, to help us learn the lessons we came here to learn.

As a result, even though we may love our family members deeply, we often feel challenged and stressed being around them. This comes from old, negative programming within each and every one of us. We are not blaming anyone here for the challenges that arise when families get together. We are simply offering a way to "continually get your programming cleared" for as long as you remain with your family during the holiday season.

This is a wonderful service that guarantees the best possible flow of energy and the most possible enjoyment during your holiday time. Every time your negative programming surfaces, we will "intervene for you" and do extra clearing.  So you won't be able to "wallow" in your negative thoughts and feelings... they will continually be moved out of your space. You may also order this service for any cantankerous or unhappy relatives that are particularly challenging for the whole family to be around. There is no limit to how many people can receive the continuous holiday clearing. The fee is $15 per day, per person, with a minimum order of 3 days. You can order this service online.  (Click Here to Schedule)

Have a wonderful holiday season.  We wish you peace, joy, and a heart filled with love!

Many Blessings!

Phyllis & the Staff at Light Unlimited



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