October 2006 Newsletter

October 01, 2006

Have You Had a Challenging September?

Hi everyone. It just came to me that during these past 3 weeks, there have been several energetic configurations going on planetary-wise that have caused us all to "hit the wall" in terms of our "stuff" being up in our face!

Have you noticed that one or more or your "top 3 issues" have been activated? We’re talking about your deepest stuff, like feeling separate and alone, having anxiety about survival, or not feeling like your life has any purpose or meaning. You know, the "biggies"!!

Bottom-line, this is a tremendous growth opportunity, where you can re-look at yourself, do some major clearing on your issues, and begin to make new choices about what you want for yourself and the direction of your life. You don’t want to take your issues too seriously (no, you’re not "flipping out" or "back to square one")… it’s just that there has been some extra "planetary pressure" on all of us, and it’s pushing us to grow, whether we like it or not. So, our job is to enjoy our experience, even when the going seems to get rough!

I just wanted you to know, so that you don’t feel alone in all that is going on for you. MANY others are feeling the exact same way you do. Those of us who are particularly sensitive have been feeling it the most… you know who you are! Don’t get discouraged… just know that this is a time to do some major clearing AND make new choices as to how you might improve the quality of your life, so that you can enjoy being here more. The theme is: Make life worthwhile, regardless of what how hard or challenging it may seem. Make new inner changes in order to create new circumstances in your life.

Animal Lovers’ Corner

This is good awareness for all pet owners. I took my 6-month old male cat, Shiva, to the vet to get neutered this week. I didn’t really want to subject him to surgical procedures, but it was something that had to be done. They say it’s no big deal, however, here is what happened.

Still a kitten, Shiva is very insecure. Being taken away from his familiar surroundings and left all day at the vet’s, he became very freaked out and unhappy. I took him in at 8 am and when I picked him up at 5 pm, he was a mess. Once we got home, I saw how bad his condition was. Normally a loving and affectionate cat, he had become mean, angry, and continually growled and hissed at his best friend, my other 6-month old kitty, Jaya. Then, he would suddenly jump up, dash back and forth, and start twitching frantically. He was in such bad shape, I immediately went to work to clear and heal him.

He had many "dark beings running the show," which happens when an animal (or person) feels totally out of control. He had over 500 animal "possessions" in him­dark energies that can get into animals when they are being extremely negative (but I had never seen so many in one animal!). He also had numerous negative energies that had merged with his core. He was so filled with dark and negative energies, I was totally appalled. And even when I cleared all that I found, he still didn’t seem any better. I prayed for help and shortly thereafter, received this message: "Several things happened to Shiva while he was at the vet:

1) Prior to the surgery, three of the other animals there, who were also waiting for surgery, threw negative energy into Shiva, damaging his energy field and causing him to feel more fearful and insecure. This is damage that is still in his energy field and needs to be cleared from him.

2) During Shiva’s surgery, he was freaked out so badly that 30% of him "left," fractured away, in a sense, from his energy body. The trauma causing this to happen needs to be cleared and he needs to be brought back fully to himself.

3) Four energetic "cords" in Shiva during the surgery got severed. All animals have eight of these cords that tie them to their physical body. These cords need to be re-connected. Doing so will take 2-3 hours.

4) There is one other thing that happened because of these cords getting disconnected. A negative energy merged with part of his soul body, and this is what is making him be frantic and jumpy. This needs to be cleared as well.

Shew! What a drama for my poor kitty. I mentioned the situation to a friend, saying, "Surely mine isn’t the only animal this has happened to?!" She then told me of a neighborhood dog she remembered years ago, who was the sweetest, most loving animal. Her owners took her in for surgery after the dog was hit by a car. The next time anyone saw that animal, she was mean and vicious and wouldn’t let anyone get near her. My friend didn’t see much of the dog after that, and neighbors speculated that they may have had her put down. Because of Shiva’s experience, I upgraded the Pet Rejuvenizer to clear as much of what happened to him as possible. If you ever have such an experience with a pet, just know that there is an energetic problem, and that it can be remedied… and neither you nor the animal needs to continue to live that way. Help is available!

[An aside: Because of the cat’s experience, I was able to learn something valuable that applies to us humans as well. When Shiva’s energetic cords attaching him to his body got severed, I tuned in and asked if it was similar with humans. Apparently humans have 12 of these "energetic cords" that tie them to their bodies, and sometimes, people, too, can have some of these severed.

I found that 5 people I knew had 3-4 cords severed, and all were dealing with some kind of illness and feeling physically incapacitated in some way. By re-connecting these cords and clearing the programming that caused them to get severed, people who have been sick for a long time can have renewed hope of getting better! Special thanks to my kitty for being the "guinea pig" on this one!]

Helpful Technique in Times of Stress

For those of you who have purchased my second book, "Love Now, Here’s How," there is a wonderful technique that I created on pg. 27, that can help you work through issues when they come up. The "healing energies" I work with (my guides) actually come in and help you, each time you use the technique. It is wonderful for working on yourself between the recommended regular sessions (about every 3.5 months) and mini-sessions (about 2.5 – 3 weeks). If you want to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth, and move through subconscious blocks faster, learn this easy and effective technique and use it as much as you can!

Tapping Into the "Miracle Clause" that Comes with Your Personal Rejuvenizer

There are times when we can pick up unwanted energies from others. It can happen unconsciously, as we connect with another person’s energy field. The Rejuvenizer often helps keep out such negative energy, however, there are times when we need to ask for additional support. Any time you feel like you may have picked up anything from another person—you may feel unsettled, anxious, or uneasy after a particular encounter—you can hold your Personal Rejuvenizer and ask for a clearing of anything negative you may have inadvertently picked up from the person.

You don’t have to be paranoid about this happening. It just happens as a part of our human experience. (That would be like being paranoid about dust getting into your house after you cleaned it. You just want to clean it, and then later, when you notice it’s dirty, you clean it again… without having to worry about when it will get dirty, who will bring in the dirt, when you will have to clean it again, etc.) So, don’t WORRY about picking stuff up from other people, just ask for clearing whenever you feel it necessary. If you do worry about this, then it would be well worth it to do some major clearing around this, as our fears always manifest in our lives and attract the very things that we fear. Bottom-line, we want to feel safe being here in a body, and safe in our interactions with others. Any beliefs or fears to the contrary definitely need to be acknowledged and cleared.

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