Personal Rejuvenizer®

The Personal Rejuvenizer® helps protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, repairs subtle damages to your energy field from drugs, surgical procedures, or other people's negativity directed at you, and clears many viruses and bacteria that cause the flu and other illnesses.

{Available in 14 different colors.  "Small" is approximately  3/4" X  3/4".  "Regular" is approximately  1"—1.25" X  1"—1.25".  Since they are all individually handcrafted, sizes will vary slightly from piece to piece.}

Phyllis is constantly upgrading the Personal Rejuvenizer® to add protection from new technology (e.g., cell phones, new satellite systems that impact us energetically, new "Smart" appliances, etc.), newly-occurring viruses and bacteria, and other negative energies that seem to spread virally from person to person.  Once you purchase your Personal Rejuvenizer®, all upgrades are AUTOMATICALLY ADDED ENERGETICALLY by Phyllis as a gift to you!  There is no need to return your Rejuvenizer for the upgrades or pay an additional fee for the service.  Phyllis' prayer is that you will "pay it forward" and let your friends and loved ones know about the Rejuvenizers.

Your Personal Rejuvenizer® is encoded by Phyllis to perform a number of healing functions that would normally take many private sessions of clearing to accomplish, if you didn't have access to the device. "Our negative subconscious programming often wreaks havoc on our physical body," Phyllis says, "and this programming must be cleared in order to maintain the health of our various organs and systems. For example, when you are angry or frustrated, often the liver or gall bladder is affected. When you feel tired or overwhelmed by all of life's responsibilities, often the spleen or pancreas is adversely affected."

"The Personal Rejuvenizer® will give you dozens of sessions worth of clearing over time," Phyllis says. "And, the cost is less than half of one  private session of clearing."

Device Helps Key Organs Vital to Health

Phyllis has encoded the Personal Rejuvenizer® to clear your negative programming that creates dysfunctiona in your immune system, heart, spleen, thyroid and adrenals. These are the main components which affect a person's energy and physical health.  She has recently increased its healing functions to include those assisting the kidneys, large and small intestines, liver, gall bladder, and pancreas.  In addition, any "programming" that blocks good digestion, assimilation and elimination will also be cleared, over time, according to your needs.

Among the benefits you will receive from your Personal Rejuvenizer®:

—Reduced stress and fatigue

—Increased energy and sense of well-being

—Greater strength and stamina

—Feeling lighter and less troubled by daily life

—Improved ability to concentrate

—Greater clarity and sense of purpose

—A higher level of light and spiritual awareness

Rejuvenizers & Functions Encoded Into Them

Here is a partial list of the different healing and protective functions in the Rejuvenizers.  New functions have been energetically added every few days for the past 30 years, so naming them all would be quite challenging.  We literally have millions of functions to date!

Each Rejuvenizer:

—Builds a matrix of higher dimensional frequencies around the body to protect the physical and subtle bodies from all the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other damaging frequencies that bombard us hundreds of thousands of times every day (from TV, radio, cell phones, satellites, computers, wireless internet (WiFi), GPS, microwaves, and any electric, electronic or battery-powered device.)

—Not only protects the body from further damage, also helps heal past damage.  This is because of the healing abilities that Phyllis has developed over many years (and lifetimes) of working on herself to develop her full human potential.  [There is no other device in the world that actually repairs the subtle and physical bodies in this way.  Some of them that claim to protect from EMFs actually harm the subtle bodies and damage a person energetically and spiritually.]

—Raises the frequency of the physical and subtle bodies… so you feel lighter and happier.

—Continually clears your energy field to 100% positive by clearing old, stuck negative thoughts you've been thinking about yourself your entire life.  Normally, these would accumulate over time and drag you down, making you feel more and more negative, and cause you to wallow in negativity.  By clearing the energy field to 100% positive, the Rejuvenizer allows you to be much happier, more present, and able to enjoy life more.

—Makes corrections to the physical body, where the body is dysfunctioning due to various kinds of toxic chemicals in the environment (e.g., pollutants in the air, outgassing of new carpet and furniture, chlorinated water, microwaved or genetically modified food, pesticides, etc.)

—Clears many kinds of viruses and bacteria.  [As new ones appear, Phyllis adds new healing and protective functions to help Rejuvenizer owners be safe, which she did, for example, when the bird flu appeared a few years ago and caused a scare.]

—Clears negative subconscious programming that makes many different organs and systems in the body dysfunction, e.g. the heart, spleen, thyroid, adrenals, immune system, sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic nervous system, etc.  This both helps you to feel better emotionally and helps the body to function better over time.  [Phyllis clears negative programming in this way during her private healing sessions.  Thus, as a Rejuvenizer owner, you will be receiving the value of many of Phyllis' "healing sessions" over time—for only the initial price of the Rejuvenizer.]

—Helps protect you from other people's negative, manipulative energy directed at you in the form of barbs, bruises, bashes, ropes, hooks, etc.  In this way, it helps keep you from taking on the negative energies that people throw at you when they're mad at you or when they try to manipulate you into doing something for them.

—Clears energy blockages created by the high-tech frequencies in the area of the higher chakras.  This allows more spiritual energy to enter a person through the chakra system, and helps the person to become more in touch with his (or her) intuition and true spiritual nature.

—Clears a number of "devices" that dark forces put into human beings many eons ago to keep them stuck in feeling "less than others" and "not good enough," and also to keep them separate from their true spiritual selves.  Thus the Rejuvenizer helps people feel better about themselves, while helping them get more in touch with their Higher Spiritual Self over time.

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