Cell Phone Rejuvenizer Test

December 15, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

I have conducted a clinical trial on an item called the "Cell Phone Rejuvenizer" at the request of Dr. Phyllis Light. The following were the results.

Test subjects (patients) were evaluated for acupuncture imbalances, biomechanical dyskinesias (impairments of body movement), and emotional stressors. These were corrected and the subjects were retested with no apparent electromagnetic imbalances. Using these subjects, a cellular telephone was turned on in a ready to transmit and receive mode. The cell phone was placed near the subjects head in the usual position of use. The subjects were then retested for electromagnetic influence. The test subjects returned to a state of imbalance and negative pathology.

The "Cell Phone Rejuvenizer" was then attached to the phone, which was placed near the subject's head. All electromagnetic indicators returned to normal. The observation was that the addition of the "Cell Phone Rejuvenizer," placed on the phone and within the person's electromagnetic field, negated the apparent effects of the cellular telephone.

After rebalancing again, time factors were introduced. After about ten minutes, without the "Cell Phone Rejuvenizer," all the negative indices returned with cellular telephone usage. Again, the application of the "Cell Phone Rejuvenizer" negated the apparent ill effects.

John L. Martin, D.C.

Fellow International Academy of Clinical Accupuncture
Member, International College of Applied Kinesiology
Co-Author - Practice Protocols and Parameters of Chiropractic
Board Qualified, College of Chiropractic Orthopedists


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