Continuous Holiday Clearing, Cont'd.

Phyllis is now offering this "Continuous Holiday Clearing" program for anyone who would like extra help to get through the holiday season as easily and joyfully as possible. Often, our families can trigger our major issues, since much of our "old baggage" revolves around our experiences growing up with them. So, although we may love our family members deeply, spending time with them can dramatically activate our subconscious programming and be quite challenging for us.

Conversely, when our family or loved ones aren't around, feelings of being alone or lonely may get triggered.  Rather than just "calling for a mini-session" to help you deal with your issues, you could sign up for the continuous clearing service and really turn the holidays into a growth opportunity, with a lot greater potential for love and enjoyment... since you won't be getting stuck in your old "stuff" when it surfaces.  

Phyllis created this "continuous clearing program" to help you when you are in unusual or particularly intense circumstances, and need ongoing support for a particular period of time. Whenever your issues get triggered by people or situations in your life, deep subconscious clearing and healing will be given immediately, and continue throughout the whole time you are on this program. 

If you want to continue to work on the issues that got triggered for you, you can do that in subsequent sessions (i.e, in a "Full, Private 'In-Person' Session" or our other "Budget Special" sessions).