Customized Clearings of Negative Energies within Homes or Businesses, Cont'd.

People leave bad energies all the time... it's human nature.  Do they know they're doing it?  Probably not, but it happens.  An employee may be angry at their boss or even employer, and spread nasty thoughts about them at work.  That energy often stays within the workspace and makes it feel more clogged and negative with time.  Someone may be jealous of the nice things you have in your home or mad at you because they think you have a lot of money.  So, they may zap you and your possessions with negative energy (often unconsciously) to mess up the peace and beauty you have created in your space. 

Whenever anyone has an argument in your home or workspace, the negative energies generated always stay in that area.  (When I moved into my home, the couple who sold the house to me had just gotten a nasty divorce and left terrible energy behind from all their fighting.  My cats at that time had never urinated outside their litter boxes ever—in many years and many homes—and suddenly started to do so. They picked up the energy before I did... this was 25 years ago when I was still figuring all this out!)

Negative electromagnetic fields and frequencies—from all electrical and electronic devices, such as computers, cell phones, WiFi networks (both yours and your neighbors), and continuous broadcasts from overhead TV, radio, and GPS satellites—all create stress, irritability, and depression in people (which is why the Rejuvenizer technology was created—to protect you from all this.)  They also create chaotic and disharmonious energy in your space.

In addition, there can be "geopathic stress"—detrimental places of radiation present at the points of the Earth’s energy system grid crossings, along with radiation caused by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, underground cavities and any combination of these—that causes deep negative distress in one's home or workspace.  When you add on emotional disturbances between people, negative occurrences or accidents that occurred in that space, or entities who don’t belong there, you can see why many homes or workspaces make you want to "run away" and escape from that energy.  The more energetically clogged your space is, the more disgruntled and ill-at-ease your family or co-workers will become, since they have no choice but to be in that space!

All of these are addressed and cleared with this process, and the energetic frequency of the space can be raised. (Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers are also recommended to support the space in staying as high and clear as possible.)

Everyone feels energy, whether they are conscious of it or not.  This clearing is super important, to make our lives—both at work and at home—as peaceful and pleasurable as possible.  For a business, this clearing needs to accompany the "Customized Clearing of the Collective Consciousness of a Business," as this is a separate "entity" that can be clogged and filled with negativity.  Both of these processes are also incorporated into our "Business Energy Elevation Process." 

Fees are based on size and complexity of the space and are determined accordingly.  Contact our office to discuss details, 512-301-2999 or email us.