Customized Personal Clearing, Cont'd.

Sometimes it may be appropriate for you to simply sign up for "The Program" or "Program Plus," which are our "budget special" sessions, until Phyllis is able to see you in person.  Or, you may want to request "Customized Clearing" to help you deal specifically with your issue in a more focused way.  You can always call or email the office and find out what Phyllis recommends for you.  She will always be honest with you and let you know what she thinks is best.  

It's important to know that Phyllis does her best to give you the lowest price possible for the clearing you need.  She is always fair with people when she assesses which session would best handle the issues you are facing.  This is why we have a variety of sessions, at varying prices, to help you be able to get the clearing and support you need, within any budgetary constraints you may have.  

This type of clearing is also charged monthly, for however many months Phyllis deems necessary.  You can't really sign up for this service online, as the price is not fixed, but based on individual circumstances.