Pet Clearing Session, con't.

Our pets are like humans in that they have negative subconscious programming from the past that causes them to think, react, and behave in negative ways.  Some of our pets have had difficult lives.   We may have rescued them from a shelter.  Others just seem to have challenging or annoying behaviors, which could actually have their roots in past life experiences—just like people do! 

Pets, like people, have an energy field that can get damaged from all the electromagnetic and high-tech frequencies prevalent in our world today, along with any negative energy directed toward them by their owners, other people, or even other pets!  All of this energetic damage can actually cause problems to their physical body as well.  Like people, they, too, can pick up a variety of negative energies that can make them feel angry or depressed.  (FYI, the Pet Rejuvenizer will also help a lot with these issues and Phyllis always recommends you get one for your pet, if you want to help them as much as possible.)

In this "Pet Clearing Session," Phyllis addresses all these various issues.  Pets often respond faster than people do, because they don't have the "ego investment" people sometimes have that makes them want to hold onto their issues and resist help.  Many pets have benefited from this clearing.

One caveat though:  There are times when your pet may be acting out issues of yours.  (FYI, your kids often do this as well!).  If Phyllis feels that there is an issue that YOU or another member of your family need to clear, in addition to working on your pet, she will let you know.  Often what you see in your pets speaks to what YOU have going on and need help with, and the pet is just "pointing that out to you."  How kind of them :-)  

No session is an absolute guarantee that your pet will be totally "healed" physically—many people call us when their pet is on its "last legs" and it's too late to make a recovery.  However, because Phyllis is able to clear the pet's issues at its roots, within their subconscious mind and energy field, whatever work you do on your pet now will definitely help free them to have a better, happier, and healthier life whenever they return.  So, all effort on their behalf will ultimately be valuable for them.

Working on pets is customized work.  When you call the office, Phyllis will honestly assess what she thinks your pet needs.  Normally, the work doesn't include a lot of feedback about the pet's issues (as in the Full, Private "In-Person" Session Phyllis does for people).  It's more about doing whatever work your pet needs to clear the subconscious and energetic roots to their problems—from this and past lifetime experiences—and helping restore harmony and balance to any dysfunctioning parts of their subtle and physical bodies.