"The VIP/Celebrity Package"

Most people think that being “rich and famous” means being happy.  They have no clue the energetic problems that you face, on a daily basis.  In fact, the burdens you are forced to deal with are more than most humans should ever have to bear.  Many years of research has gone into discovering how to support people who lead such a public life in achieving a deep peace within themselves, regardless of the energetic challenges they face from such widespread public exposure.

Here is what this program includes:

1)  Clearing all energy out of your field coming at you from your adoring fans, critics who don’t like you or the character you play, anyone reading about you or hearing about you via: magazines, newspaper articles, TV shows, internet sites, tabloids, films, etc… and keeping this energy out on an ongoing basis.

All thoughts directed at you, both positive and negative, from potentially millions of people at a time, fill your energy field with unwanted energy and negativity.  This energy subtly drives you crazy, because it doesn’t belong to you or in you, and isn’t really “yours.” 

Your energy field needs to be kept for yourself.  It is a personal thing.  When many people think of you, they send you energy that stays in your field.  It can make you feel “beside yourself,” depressed, or like “something is wrong,” but you have no clue what it is.  Over time, you cope the best you can, but you can easily “lose who you are” in the process.  This phenomenon could easily inspire one to turn to drugs or liquor as a way to escape a deep sense of unhappiness and despair.

The more exposure you get, the “better” for your career, and the more unwanted energy bombards you from all the people thinking about you and sending energy to you.  It is the most hazardous “catch-22” in the business.  Publicity is necessary to boost your career and sell yourself, while it fills you more and more with negative energy that makes you want to run away and hide, and get away from everyone!

What the V.I.P. / Celebrity Package includes is:  building a special reservoir near you, but OUT OF YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY FIELD, for all that unwanted energy coming at you.  If for some reason, you would ever need to tap into it, it would be available to you, but it would no longer plague you, make you feel out of control, or make you feel crazy.  This will help you to feel much lighter over time, more in charge of your life, and ultimately stronger and better able to perform (or whatever service you render in public).  Your personal energy level will increase, and you will feel more at home within your body.

(It takes a certain amount of time to dump all the unwanted energy out of your field and build this energetic reservoir.  I randomly selected a few individuals to give you an idea.  As of this writing (Feb. 2019), for: Dolly Parton, it would take approximately 4 years to build the reservoir and clear her of all this energy, Oprah: 4 years, 6 months, Carrie Underwood: 1 year, 7 months, Bruce Willis: 4 years, 9 months, and Tony Shaloub: 4 years, 7 months)

2)  A Customized Personal Rejuvenizer.  This is designed to protect you from electromagnetic fields (EMFs), according to your specific needs.

It has been scientifically documented that the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other detrimental frequencies cause depression, fatigue, irritability, and stress.  Energetically, when EMFs pass through your body’s natural energy field, they weaken it and cause it to dysfunction.  As your energy field gets weaker, it eventually weakens your constitution, and your strength and stamina diminish over time.

In this industry, you are continually bombarded with frequencies, from electronic mikes attached to your body, TV cameras in your face, and all the electric and electronic apparatus that goes into filming you, whether it is for a TV interview, show, or motion picture.

It is a lot harder to feel inspired and energized when you’re working in an environment that is deadened by the presence of millions of EMFs and other life-damaging frequencies.  With the customized Personal Rejuvenizer, you will receive continuous, ongoing upgrades based on all the combinations of electromagnetic energies present on sets and in all aspects of your work.

Here is a little-known fact that impacts people in this industry:  Your photograph or physical image of you actually contains your life force.  A common example of this is when your photograph is on your friend’s refrigerator, you are receiving the energy of the electromagnetic field of the refrigerator—which means your physical constitution is being weakened at a deep level, on an ongoing basis.

Multiply that by however many photographs or images of you are out there in the world!!!!  How any long-time celebrities can survive this aspect of the limelight is hard to fathom—particularly in our current world!  Many years ago, when an actor was in films, they were being weakened by the constant exposure to the electric equipment that was showing the films.

However, let's look for a moment at some possibilities of what happens with your image in our world today: 

 a) Publicity photographs that go out to adoring fans

 b) Numerous TV appearances to promote your books or movies (remember, every TV that is tuned into the channel you’re appearing on compounds this weakening effect!)

 c) Your photo may be on a book you wrote or in an ad that you’ve done.

 d) Your image may be on a CD that you created, which is getting exposed to EMFs every time a fan plays it on their CD player.

 e) If you’ve starred in a film, it is not only shown via electronic equipment in movie theatres, but it is now turned into a DVD, which is played on millions of electronic DVD players over and over for years to come.  It could also be shown on Netflix, which is a digital, frequency-based system for showing your movies on High Definition digital TVs, where your energy field is being weakened by the digital frequencies producing your image.

 f) You may have a website, and millions of computers may be accessing your image daily.

 g) Fans may have downloaded your image and are using it for a screen-saver on their computer (this one is terrible, as it weakens and damages your energy field continually)… and then multiply that by however many fans are doing this!!!

 h) Some people have even licensed their images to be put on mouse pads, which gives you constant exposure to EMFS, multiplied by the number of fans who are using this mouse pad.

 i) Some people have licensed their images to be put on mugs, which sometimes get used in the microwave oven to boil water for tea!

The potential energetic abuse that celebrities receive in our world today, due to the widespread exposure of their physical image to EMFs via electric and electronic equipment and media is unreal.  Nothing like this has ever existed in years and generations past. 

Your Personal Rejuvenizer not only protects you from exposure to EMFs but heals, repairs, and normalizes the subtle and physical bodies from past damage.  So your Personal Rejuvenizer will be continually upgraded to repair you from all the various types of energetic damage you’ve sustained in the past, thus strengthening your constitution, giving you more energy and stamina, and helping you to enjoy a greater sense of well-being and a longer, more prosperous career.

Another “job hazard” of the public life and participation in the entertainment industry is the incredible emphasis on physical beauty.  As a result, many are forced to do multiple plastic surgeries in order to keep up their youthful appearance and avoid criticism by their fans and peers.  Unfortunately, surgery damages the “etheric body” (the subtle energy field surrounding the physical body, which is the actual “blueprint” for the physical).  This, in turn, weakens the physical body over time.  In addition, the energetic damage you sustain from surgery often inhibits your ability to get as uplifted and inspired as you once were, prior to the surgery.  By “going under the knife,” you may have enhanced your physical appearance, but inadvertently diminished that “star quality” that allowed you to shine so brightly in the first place!

Your Personal Rejuvenizer would be upgraded as needed in order to overcome the energetic assault on your body that results from multiple surgeries, healing and repairing any damage that your energy field (and subsequently your physical body) has sustained.

3)  Keeping you energetically “disconnected” from all your photos, images, and voiceprints on all electronic media.  Your fans will still feel the upliftment you bring to  them (i.e., your “star” quality will still shine through), but you will no longer be weakened by the undue exposure to EMFs. 

Once again, your image (i.e., your photograph or even recording of your voice) contains your actual life force.  So, whatever happens to your image (or “voiceprint”)—it gets shredded, incinerated, microwaved, exposed to ongoing frequencies from electronic media (TV, internet, cell phones, computers, etc.)—you will experience a corresponding weakening effect on your physical body, over time.

While the Personal Rejuvenizer is an incredible protective and healing device, that will help heal past damage caused by exposure to so many negative energies and frequencies, it is actually ideal for you to get energetically disconnected from all the images and voiceprints you have out there in the world, to be as healthy and protected as possible.  If a fan “does something weird” with your photo (and God only knows what that could be!), it actually has a negative impact on you, because they are tapping into your life force directly, via your photo.  It is best to disconnect entirely from your photo, so nothing can get into YOU, because of the weird energy being sent to your photo.

4)  Clearing all old energies within your field from characters you have played, particularly those who are dark and negative.  When you are a great actor, you become your character.  This is what people love about you. "You" disappear and make the character come to life and be believable.

However, all the anxiety and stress that the character undergoes can easily get lodged energetically in your mental and emotional body, and in your energy field, and continues to affect you long after the role has ended.  When this energy gets “stuck” in your field, it can lead to depression, insomnia, feeling disconnected from yourself, feeling like you don’t know who you are, feeling fake, feeling “evil,” dark, or cynical when you know that’s not the real “you.”

To clear this energy out of your field is an invaluable asset to your health and well-being.  It helps you come back to your true, authentic self, and be more present in your life, increasing your ability to enjoy yourself.  It lightens your load, so you are freer to feel good—without having to carry the negative energy of all your past roles!

Additonal Services Available

1) Customized Consulting and Clearing Sessions   

We are interested in a mutual agreement of privacy.  We will do everything we can to protect your privacy, and we want the same.  We would love for you to share this with your family, friends, and colleagues; however, we prefer to help you anonymously and not be known as “helper to the stars” and all the notoriety that entails!!!  (Although we can “protect” ourselves from the challenges of being in the limelight, it is not something we desire :-)

   A) Personal Phone Sessions, by appointment

   Here are some potential benefits and functions of this service:

— Clear blocks to achieving greater success

 — Help create inner peace in a chaotic world.

 — Remove blocks to bringing in more Light, increasing your ability to “shine”

 — Clear any self-sabotaging parts that would mess you up as things in your life got better

— Shield you from additional negativity that comes from getting “Higher” and “brighter”

— Increase your intuition and connection with your Higher Self and spiritual nature

— Increase your marketability

— Help with lengthening your life

— Clearing any negative energy around your reputation or past failures

— Help with re-creating yourself if your career has taken a downturn

— Recommendations for clearing of any personal assistants or staff members

    B) Create a plan of “support, clearing, and protection” that is appropriate for your particular circumstances.

When you are on the set, on the campaign trail, in rehab, having a bad month, or going through a particularly stressful period, it may be advisable to do frequent rounds of clearing per day.  There are times when “continuous clearing” is recommended, that is, any time negative emotions come up, clearing will take place, and this may happen dozens or even hundreds of times per day.

At the end of the consultation, we will determine what the ideal program is for you, to help you get through whatever issues or circumstances you are dealing with.