Cell Phone Rejuvenizer®

Ultimate protection for your physical and subtle bodies with the Cell Phone Rejuvenizer. The frequencies emitted by the cell phone are extremely disruptive to the natural flow of energy through the brain and the rest of the body, and many people are concerned about possible health problems that could arise.

The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer will help you by both neutralizing the frequencies coming into the head through the ear and by fully shielding the etheric body, the subtle blueprint for the physical. This will keep the physical body intact and unaffected by the disruptive energies.

The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer will also shield you from your cell phone's battery, which normally alters the body's natural polarities and invites possible health challenges as well. With the Cell Phone Rejuvenizer, you may start to experience:

  • increased clarity of mind
  • improved health
  • less headaches
  • more energy.

Note: If you already have a Personal Rejuvenizer, you really don't need a Cell Phone Rejuvenizer in order to be fully protected from the disruptive frequencies of the cell phone. However, the Cell Phone Rejuvenizer will do one thing that your Personal Rejuvenizer doesn't do: it will provide a shield around your cell phone, so that you're not endangering the people nearest you.

Whenever you use your cell phone, disruptive frequencies radiate from it and damage not only your energy field, but those of the people around you as well. So, the Cell Phone Rejuvenizer, unlike the Personal, will also shield the people in your immediate vicinity who would otherwise be adversely affected by your using your cell phone.

Utilizing her healing skills, Dr. Light has encoded the Cell Phone Rejuvenizer to clear out old negative energies stored in the body from past cell phone usage, so there is an actual healing benefit as well. This could help lower the probability of any health problems arising from ongoing cell phone use.

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