Mini-Travel Rejuvenizer®

Make your travel safe, less draining, and less frustrating with the Mini-Travel Rejuvenizer, as it creates a positive, life-supporting energy field around you in whichever method of travel you are using: car, bus, train, plane, or even bicycle.

 The Mini-Travel Rejuvenizer works to negate the detrimental effects of all the energies and frequencies from: cell phone and microwave towers, overhead TV, radio, GPS and other satellite transmissions, close proximity to high-tension power lines, electrical power plants, and even from the vehicle's own battery and alternator/generator.  In addition, it has a special encoded function that helps you and the other drivers (or pilots) in the near vicinity to stay maximally alert and focused, minimizing the possibility of anyone causing an accident.  Very practical!

The "Mini-Travel Rejuvenizer," can be carried in a man's wallet or in a woman's small purse.  It costs the same as the Travel Rejuvenizer, since it performs the exact same functions.  We have added the "mini" size for additional convenience and preference.  

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