Healing Yourself and Your Relationships By Pulling Out of The Collective Unconscious

This is a two-CD recording of a seminar given by Phyllis Light about her invaluable research into the "Collective Unconscious." She elaborates on the various negative programs people inadvertently buy into and make real for themselves, which diminish love and intimacy in relationships over time. Listening to this seminar will help you to clear those negative, relationship-hampering programs, along with your unconscious need to buy into the "Collective" in the first place.

Whenever you "buy into" the Collective, you pull in a lot of negative cultural beliefs that are not necessarily right or healthy for you. However, once you buy into them—even at an unconscious level—you make them real and manifest them in your world. Becoming aware of this, and healing yourself in this way will create healthier, more loving and lasting relationships in your life. 

Everyone who lives in this culture NEEDS to hear this information, so we can all work together to transform the negativity in the Collective. If everyone heard this information, the proverbial "battle between the sexes" could be extinguished.

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