The Energetic Session (with Phyllis being present energetically in the 4th dimension)

{Note:  All reviews for Phyllis'  Full, Private,"In-Person" Session are also relevant here, as the same exact work is given, just in a different format.]

This session will give you the same 3 months' (12 weeks') worth of clearing and healing as the "Private, In-Person Session," but Phyllis will only be present energetically to give you an additional boost and support.  First, she will "tune in" to see if you're ready for this type of work.  It will provide the healing and clearing you need, but you have to be open to doing it, since the format is a bit unusual.  It is one of Phyllis' "budget special" sessions, and was designed to help you save money, while giving you an effective format in which to work on your issues.  

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