Luggage Rejuvenizer® ($25 each for 4 or more)

The Luggage Rejuvenizer is designed to protect the entire contents of your luggage from the detrimental frequencies that come through the airport security scanning devices.  It will also keep your creams, lotions, makeup, supplements, and anything edible you're carrying with you, as fresh as possible—free from degradation by the life-damaging scanner frequencies. 

In addition, the various radiating devices also allow negative energies to get into and remain within your suitcase and its contents.  The Luggage Rejuvenizer will protect from this effect.

Finally, some people are particularly sensitive to and aware of the negative, invasive energy left behind by the authorities who search through your suitcase at the airport.  The Luggage Rejuvenizer is designed to clear all such negative energy, leaving your clothes and belongings with your energy alone.

The Luggage Rejuvenizer can also be placed within a pouch or plastic bag, and put into your grocery bag at the supermarket.  Within ten minutes, It will clear all of the items in that bag from the negative energy they picked up from the grocery scanning device, while reversing the negative effects of the lowered life force that happened to each item as it was scanned.  

For this last application, you may want to get a set of 4 Luggage Rejuvenizers ($25 each instead of $35 each) so you can put one in each shopping bag you have simultaneously. 

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