Picture Rejuvenizer®

We have learned that your photograph contains your life force, and that whatever happens to your photo affects your physical body in a significant way, over time.

To support those of you who want to help your loved ones, we have created "The Picture Rejuvenizer" that you can put on top of a photograph of a loved one, to give them the benefits of the Rejuvenizer technology.

The Picture Rejuvenizer is a smaller version of the Personal Rejuvenizer, available in random colors only (there is no color selection). We created this in these "challenging economic times" to help people make the Rejuvenizer technology more easily available to their friends and loved ones who may not be open to wearing the Rejuvenizer ring or pendant.

Note: This is not a pendant to hang around your neck. It is a Dichroic Glass Stone encoded with all the functions of the Personal Rejuvenizer, designed only to be used on a photograph—for one person at a time.  Since it will not work on multiple people, it is best to have a one-person photograph.

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