Being in Charge of Your World—From the Inside Out (Sedona Magazine 1-5-21)

January 05, 2021

There are a lot of crazy circumstances taking place in our world today. Whoever thought our government would tell us to stay home to work, or put mandates in place that would cause us to have to shut down our business or lose our job? It’s fairly unimaginable. And as a result, many people are experiencing anything but feeling “in charge of their world.” 

In fact, feeling out of control is one of the main feelings running rampant in the collective unconscious, that is, the collective beliefs and energies that the masses are experiencing. If you feel out of control, then it is best that you deal with all that you are feeling from within. That is, you cannot ultimately look to “life out there” as the source of your feeling out of control, nor your “savior,” so you no longer have to feel out of control. 

In other words, regardless of whatever is going on “out there,” it is important to continually look within and let go of any places inside that are not in harmony with what you need and desire. And when you feel out of control, this cannot be a feeling you want to nurture and energize, and therefore expand in your world. Feeling out of control is not the foundation upon which you want to continually create your reality. It is a feeling that needs to be examined and healed, in order to restore peace and balance within you. 

If you watch the news and listen to most people’s conversations, you’ll think that the world is falling apart and there is no hope but to sit at home and be afraid you’re not going to make it through all that is happening. Seriously. The fear of not surviving at this time is huge, and it is driving most people. 

But is it true? Are you not going to survive this? Or is it that old programming concerning fear of death and not making it in life is getting triggered by all the “hullabaloo” out there. If you want to know the truth, it’s the latter. 

We all have places inside that fear death. We have had many lifetimes where we have had to face death, deal with the death of loved ones, and have experienced death ourselves. So we have memories of trauma that get triggered in times like these. (The planets Pluto and Saturn often activate such “death stuff” and cause negative programming and feelings around death to surface. And they have both been quite active for a few years now in all that is going on in the world.) 

The challenge is: Do you let those fears and traumatic memories run you now? Are you feeding and energizing them, allowing them to dominate your consciousness? This is what keeps you from feeling “in charge” of your life. You can actually be aware of those feelings within you, without “re-buying” into them and making them real. 

We have thousands of thoughts per day, and when they come into our mind, we always have the choice whether to energize them and make them real in our world, or notice the thought and tell ourselves that we can choose a different thought or attitude.  THIS is how you stay in charge of your world. 

The negative thoughts WILL surface in your mind. They are a part of the programming you have taken on over eons of time. However, your choice comes into play when you consciously decide that you don’t have to buy that particular thought; that you are ready to see life in a new way. You become more in charge of your life when you decide to become your own best friend. 

If you told a friend how afraid you are, what would your friend say? “Oh yes, I understand. You have a right to be afraid. I would be afraid if I were you. You may even die you know.” I don’t think so. They would be kind, understanding and then remind you that you’ll surely come out of this soon and be in a better place. Isn’t that why we love sharing our problems with our friends? 

What if YOU could become your own best friend?  Then you’d always have someone to remind you that whatever negative thought or feeling you’re buying into probably isn’t what you want to keep feeding.  Often others can see that kind of thing for us when we can’t see it ourselves.  However, since everyone you know may be in this “collective negative soup” stewing in today’s world, it may be time for YOU to be the one to pull yourself out of it! 

In the grand scheme of things, we all need to take responsibility for what’s going on in the world today. That is, on some level, we humans, are all collectively creating the reality of fear and mayhem that exists on the planet these days. All of our collective fears—of not being safe, of not surviving, of losing our power, of being victimized by our neighbors and their germs, etc.—are creating the world reality. 

So, the true way to heal it all, is by each and every person looking within and finding the place inside where we KNOW ourselves to be safe, and we KNOW ourselves to be connected to a Higher source that we can trust to lead us through life in the best way. As long as we hold onto being “a victim,” then we will continue to be victimized by all the “scary stuff out there” that seems to be “advertised” just about everywhere we turn. 

The challenge is: Do you keep believing all that you are told and energizing your old fears? Or, do you dig down deep inside and create a NEW reality of safety and trust that will grow stronger with time, within the collective, as more people do the same? Humanity is on that precipice now… do we each reclaim our right to be in charge of our lives, or do we keep buying into the narrative that we’re not safe, we’re going to die, and we should stay home and keep quaking in our boots? It’s all about beliefs and what you WANT to create for yourself.

You need to understand that the positive beliefs you seek will not be generated from outside yourself. Most people are waiting for the collective to let them know that everything is okay and then they can relax and feel safe. If this is the case for you, you could be waiting a long time. 

You do need to honor your beliefs of course. If you are scared stiff, I’m not saying, “pretend that you aren’t.” I’m saying that there are ways to work with your feelings and beliefs, so that you can feel comfortable in letting the negative ones go and embrace new, positive attitudes and beliefs. This is called “waking up to a Higher reality.” 

Bottom-line, humanity is at an incredible juncture in history. We are in the collective place where we could actually choose a reality of Light and Love, rather than darkness and fear of death. That is what we are all faced with at this time. It is a fabulous time for personal and spiritual growth, in that life is triggering a boatload of old negative programs and fears that need to be cleared from our consciousness. 

By choosing to acknowledge and release the hold these fears have on us, we can help humanity move forward and embrace the true spiritual nature of life—honoring the principles of safety, trust, self-love, and freedom of choice. We have the opportunity to create a whole new world now, which is very exciting indeed. We just have to consciously choose to be a part of that new consciousness and be willing to move forward into heretofore uncharted territory.


Phyllis Light, Ph.D. is an author, expert in “Telepathic Healing,” pioneer in subtle energy protection, and creator of Rejuvenizers®—protective and healing devices designed to combat the ills of life in a high-tech world. She helps free people throughout the world—from their old subconscious programming and from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields—while helping them become both healthier and more spiritually aware.  She can be reached at: 512-301-2999 or:

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