Creating a Safe Space and a Strong Immune System (Sedona Magazine 4-10-20)

April 10, 2020

We are all going through the most incredible and challenging times. No one could have imagined that “life as we know it” would come to a veritable halt, due to some “pandemic virus” that would suddenly appear. We need to revisit this “Pluto/Saturn” period we’ve been in for this past year and a half. I have written about this before and the challenges we face, but no one could have guessed how it would all play out. 

Let’s look at those planetary energies first, to give us a framework for understanding what is going on in the world.  Pluto is the planet of deep transformation—whether you like it or not. That is, much of what Pluto transforms is buried deep in the subconscious and not even in your conscious awareness. 

The energy of death often accompanies such transformation. That is, what you are now must “die” in order to give birth to a new and better version of yourself. Remember the legendary bird that crashes into the fire and dies, only to be reborn a “phoenix,” a higher form of the bird, which then rises—alive once again—from the ashes. 

Pluto is not a “bad guy” per se, but it often brings a level of “death and destruction” to the old forms and ways that no longer serve our Highest Good, in order to make way for a newer, better version of those old structures. Because of the energy Pluto carries, there can be a great deal of fear that gets triggered during “Pluto periods” (like the one we’ve been in). There is often a fear of death and a fear of the unknown, along with fears that are born of the insecurity you experience, since you are transforming into something new, and have no clue what that is. 

Human beings don’t change easily. We all have subconscious parts of ourselves that resist change and want to hold onto how things have been. There is a sense of safety and security we get from holding onto the past. We know it, it’s familiar; we want that familiarity to stay with us and continue to make us feel safe. 

When Pluto comes along, all bets are off. That is, all that once brought us a feeling of safety and security is “up for grabs,” and “on the docket” to be transformed. So during intense Pluto periods, we often have deeply rooted fears and insecurities that are triggered, and we wonder, often at a subconscious level, if we’re even going to survive. 

Then, add Saturn to the mix. Saturn is the great taskmaster, who teaches us, often sternly, about how to master life. Mastery is a great thing, as is transformation. However, in learning to master life, it seems like we have to overcome countless obstacles and hardships on our path. 

Under a Saturn influence, everything seems “harder than normal.” We feel like we are climbing and climbing, but somehow never reaching the top. The journey often seems endless, and we just want to throw the towel in. Saturn is ultimately teaching us perseverance and patience and reminds us that we just need to keep going, no matter how tough the going seems to be. 

So Saturn, too, has a “death” component. That is, as we’re climbing the mountain to reach our goals and the journey feels impossible, it often triggers feelings in us, such as, “Why bother? I’ll never make it. This journey is futile. Why go on? Death would be better than this.” So as Saturn is helping us to reach our goals by overcoming the myriad of obstacles on our path, it can also trigger feelings of depression or even “wanting out,” because the path is so hard or seemingly endless. 

Combine the energies of both Pluto and Saturn (which is what has been going on for over a year now), and you have our world today! You have all the fears around the coronavirus—fears of getting near others, fears of dying, not surviving it, etc. You have all the fears of how to make it through the challenging economic times, since so many people have been ordered to stop working. It has been a crazy and discombobulating time indeed. Pluto and Saturn have shown their potential to bring us all to our knees! 

What can we do? How can we take “the High road” when there is so much fear and madness around us? How can we create a “safe space” in which we can pass comfortably through this highly transformational period and remain intact? 

First, understanding what is going on, cosmically speaking, is the most important thing. Now you can view your fears in a different way. You can notice them, acknowledge them, even FEEL them, without buying into them or reinforcing them. In other words, when a thought goes through your mind, or a feeling goes through your body, you can be aware of it, without adding more energy to it. 

When you watch the news, do you find yourself feeling fearful? That is very common. It is important that you don’t “fan your fears” and allow them to take further hold of you. It is important to feel whatever is going on within you; yet, don’t allow yourself to buy into more “scary beliefs” that fan your fears further. 

In other words, feel whatever is going on within you. This is better than suppressing it. Yet, you can also allow the energy to dissipate safely, without reinforcing the fears or negative beliefs you already have. If you took five minutes a day to feel whatever is going on within you (often located in the areas of the first and second chakras of the body—at the tail bone and pubic bone respectively)—that would help dissipate those fears and that negativity and allow you to transform more easily through this process. 

Pluto and Saturn are bringing up these old fears for a reason—so you can work through them and release their hold on you. You can’t “rise from the ashes” until you let go of these deep fears of not being able to survive or make it in life. That is what we are all dealing with now. The more you work through these deep fears, the more you will create a safe space within yourself and support the world in being a more peaceful and trustworthy place to inhabit. 

The second key to making it through these times is by supporting your immune system in being as strong and healthy as possible. One of the main aspects of modern life that hampers full immune system function is all of the electromagnetic fields and frequencies that fill our air and bombard our physical and subtle bodies over 300,000 times per minute. When you get hit constantly by such life-damaging fields and frequencies, it is nearly impossible to have an immune system that functions at 100%. 

As these frequencies bombard you 24/7, non-stop, the immune system goes into “overdrive” trying to fight them off, but it is unable to do so. The frequencies are energetic, although they impact the physical body in significant ways, and they are too much for the immune system to handle. Having a weakened immune system is one of the downsides of our modern, high-tech, frequency-filled world. 

The more you can protect yourself and your energy field from the constant bombardment of the frequencies, the more your immune system will be able to repair itself and return to normal. There are also a number of physical things you can do to support your immune system as well. And those are important.

Making sure you get plenty of Vitamin C is always a great idea. Plant sterols are also helpful, in that you are giving the body the equivalent of fresh food, which it needs to be healthy. Eating well, avoiding the known “toxins” that weaken the body is always advised, that is, eliminating or reducing your intake of white flour products, refined sugars and foods dowsed with pesticides. It’s hard to “stop drinking or smoking” when told to do so, but obviously, working on clearing any addictions you may have to those substances would be good at this time. 

Pluto and Saturn are here to help us all grow and transform, letting go of old ways that no longer serve us. It is both a scary and wonderful period, as we are all “in the cocoon,” awaiting the moment when we can come out, transformed, and fly high and free, leaving all of our old “caterpillar ways” behind us. 

We will make it through this. Do your best to trust the process, let go of the fears, and protect your immune system from the barrage of negative frequencies that hit it constantly. Your “best self” is yet to come!



Phyllis Light, Ph.D., is an author, expert in “Telepathic Healing,” pioneer in subtle energy protection, and creator of Rejuvenizers®—protective and healing devices designed to combat the ills of life in a high-tech world.  She has spent over 35 years researching how to deeply clear negativity in the subconscious mind and energy field, in order to bring greater health, well-being, and spiritual awareness to all people.  For more information: (512) 301-2999  or

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