The Impact of a Frequency-Filled World on Human Well-Being (Sedona Magazine 4-9-21)

April 09, 2021

Anyone who has grown up in this world has been living with the onslaught of negative, high-tech frequencies for many years. They come from all of our devices that are electric, electronic, and even battery-powered. All such devices create an unnatural electromagnetic field, and this field has a weakening effect on all living creatures—humans and animals alike. This is typically why being outdoors feels better than being indoors, where we keep all of these devices. 

However, since 1975 when HBO and subsequently Cinemax started broadcasting from the skies, the quantity of frequencies that daily bombard us have risen substantially. Before that time, most people lived within a radius of the broadcasts from a handful of TV and radio stations. The average human got hit with about 30-40 frequencies per day from those particular broadcasts. 

Because we are all “self-repairing” by nature, each frequency would hit our energy field, and cause it to wobble or dysfunction slightly. But, when the frequency would go away, our energy field would repair itself, just as a cut on our finger repairs itself over time. We didn’t sustain much damage, since the frequencies that hit us also went away afterwards, giving us the necessary time for our energy field to repair itself. 

In the 1980’s, people started using personal computers in their homes, which added more EMFs (electromagnetic fields) to all of our private living spaces. In the 1990’s, cell phones started becoming popular, adding a lot more high-tech frequencies to the mix. In 1997, WiFi (wireless internet) was introduced and its popularity became widespread rapidly, adding a slew of new frequencies being constantly broadcast in our living and work spaces. We have now come to expect and depend on WiFi being available wherever we go, to get the best connectivity possible. 

In 1998, the “3-G Network” (once called, “WiMax”—as in “WiFi to the Max”) where high-tech frequencies would blanket an entire city, to give widespread cell phone and internet reception. That evolved to “4-G,” and is now being replaced by “5-G” with “more powerful than ever” frequencies, all in the name of “creating greater technological advancements” in order to help mankind. 

GPS (Global Positioning System) now blankets the world with high-tech frequencies coming from numerous satellites to help us figure out where we are on the planet and how to get to where we want to be. Admittedly, this is quite practical, however, the onslaught of these extra frequencies continues to take a toll on all living creatures. There is nowhere on Earth you can go, for the most part, to escape the onslaught of these life-draining energies. 

Many people choose to “go out to the country to live” in order to find more peace of mind and a calmer life. However, they usually bring their computers, cell phones and WiFi networks with them, and then find that they are still living in the chaotic, disharmonious energy that the frequencies cause. We have come to embrace all the technological help they provide, while remaining fairly clueless as to the cost to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

When you add in all the broadcasts from all the satellites, all the electric and electronic devices , computers, cell phones, GPS and other high-tech frequencies that fill our world, we get hit with a whopping 300,000 or more of these life-damaging energies PER MINUTE.  Before 1975, it used to be 30-40 per day. Now it is 300,000+ per minute. It is unthinkable what we humans are putting ourselves through, in the name of technological advancement. 

Remember when the frequencies would hit us, disrupt our energy field and then go away, giving us the time to repair ourselves? Now, they are hitting us constantly, 24/7, and NEVER going away… NEVER giving us the time we need to repair ourselves. So what happens because of this? 

Our energy field is the blueprint for the physical body. That is, whatever happens in our energy field then manifests in our physical body. Our body picks up and “displays” whatever we have going on at the energetic level. Energy always manifests into the physical. 

It all starts with energy—at the level of our consciousness—and then that energy drops into our subtle bodies, first Spiritual, then Higher Mental, then Mental, then Will, then Emotional, and then into our Etheric body. Then ultimately, whatever is going on with the Etheric body (our subtle physical body) gets translated into the physical, and we have some kind of physical, real-world manifestation. 

The point here, is as our subtle bodies (particularly the Etheric) are getting bombarded by the life-damaging, high-tech frequencies, they get weaker, and their functioning becomes far less than optimal. As the etheric body gets weaker, the physical body starts to exhibit problems. Often, the immune system is the first to dysfunction. 

People, and even animals, have far more allergies in modern times than in decades ago. This is a function of the increased number of bombardments by high-tech frequencies to a great degree. When the immune system dysfunctions, we start having allergic reactions to all kinds of things that were once non-problematic for us. Then, we have all the auto-immune disorders that plague people today, from cancer to type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Yet, the frequencies are invisible, so few people are consciously aware of the damage they cause. Few realize how much their immune system is getting compromised more and more by the daily onslaught of these unnatural, harmful energies hitting them. In addition to immune system problems, there are other issues that are caused by the frequencies: depression, irritability, and stress. 

When you get hit by negative energies outside yourself, it can often make you feel mad or irritated, causing anger or irritability, or it can make you feel depressed. You feel helpless and hopeless to change how things are for you (because you have no clue what is causing you to feel the way you do, so you are unable find a good solution), and thus you feel depressed. Nothing seems to be able to pull you out of this constant negative energy you feel. 

There is one other HUGE problem caused by the frequencies, and it is spiritual in nature. These damaging high-tech particles break up the energy above the crown chakra (the spiritual center at the top of the head) and create fragmentations of the energy field, which, then, coagulate around the 7th chakra and block the influx of spiritual energy through the chakra system. Many years ago, people had very little of this fragmentation to their field, whereas today, young people are showing up with many thousands of these fragmentations, due to the higher number of frequencies in the world today. 

This could be another deep reason for the depression, because you are being essentially cut off from your Higher Self and all that gives you a deep sense of meaning and purpose to life. We are here to grow spiritually, although many are not in touch with such a deeper purpose to life. But when we are cut off from our deepest, spiritual Self, we start losing a reason for living, and have trouble finding a meaning to our lives. 

It’s sad and alarming that our physical bodies are getting so weakened from all the life-damaging frequencies bombarding us every minute, but it’s equally sad and alarming that the frequencies, which are supposedly “an advancement” to the human experience of life, are also disconnecting us from our true spiritual nature. What’s wrong with this picture??!!! 

There are solutions that exist on the planet to these issues, but you must first be aware that there is a problem. Because the frequencies are essentially invisible, it’s easy to overlook their impact. You can just pop an aspirin or take a nap when you have a headache, writing it off to “something temporary” and “it will be better after I rest.” But the truth is, all that you’re experiencing can’t truly “get better” as long as you keep getting bombarded by all the negative, high-tech energies present in modern life. It is best to research protection and healing, so that you can ride the top of the high-tech wave, rather than be pummeled by it.


Phyllis Light, Ph.D. is an author, expert in “Telepathic Healing,” pioneer in subtle energy protection, and creator of Rejuvenizers®—protective and healing devices designed to combat the ills of life in a high-tech world. She helps free people throughout the world—from their old subconscious programming and from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields—while helping them become both healthier and more spiritually aware.  She can be reached at:  512-301-2999 or

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