Adult and Teenage Depression

August 24, 2008

Recently, a friend told me about her teenage daughter who was often depressed.  I decided to “tune in” to determine the causes for teenage depression.  While I was doing this, I decided to look at adult depression as well, as this seems to be a problem that spans all ages. 

In my world, there are two primary causes of negativity:  1) that which comes from from within, as a result of our own negative subconscious programming, and  2) energy that comes at us from outside ourselves, that has a negative impact on us.  I will examine both of these possibilities in this discussion, and I do have solutions, which I will include here as well. 

Here is the information I received:


1.  Not feeling like you belong in life   Feeling like there’s no place for you in the world.  
With this one, your feelings of not being able to participate in the world create depression. 

2.  “Energetic sink holes” in the brain  
I discovered these a number of years ago in my work.  These are places in the brain where the energy sinks, each time your thoughts go into those places.  These energetic sink holes get created by old subconscious programming, and you may have even brought them into this life from past life experiences. 

The programming that causes creates these “sink holes” is generally around wanting to die, feeling depressed about being in life or the possibilities life holds for you, or wishing you could get out of an unhappy life.  All are a part of what I call “death stuff,” where basically we want out of life on some level.  When this programming gets activated within us, and we unconsciously hit one of these energetic sink holes, it triggers depression within us.

3.  Frequent computer use
It is well known that computers emit tremendous electromagnetic energy.  The electromagnetic field around a computer can be very draining and detrimental to your health and well-being over time.  The more you use a computer, the more your energy field suffers, and over time, this can create a number of problems, depression being one of them. 

According to many studies, there is increasing evidence that “electronic smog,” caused by the various electronic, frequency-generating technologies in our world today, causes some people to become allergic to electricity, leading to nausea, pain, dizziness, depression and difficulties in sleeping and concentrating. Professor Denis Henshaw, professor of human radiation effects at Bristol University in England, says that “a huge and substantive body of evidence indicates a range of adverse health effects.”  He estimates that the smog causes some 9,000 cases of depression.

4.  Negative programming about aging 
This creates depression in people, primarily after age 35.  There is a lot of negative programming in the collective unconscious in our society, which is very youth-oriented.  People can actually start feeling “over the hill” after 35, and a lot of negative feelings kick in as a result. 

In some cultures, age is revered.  In our western culture, when people get older, they are seen more as problematic and a drain.  Many people in our culture have developed a strong fear about getting older, and whatever age this programming kicks in for you, depression can result.

5.  All the frequencies in the environment 
In addition to computer use, most people use cell phones, watch TVs, and have wireless internet in their homes (or in their neighbors’ homes, getting the frequencies anyway.)  We get frequencies from overhead satellites, microwave towers, cell phone towers, and from radio and TV broadcasts.  The electromagnetic soup in which we all live is extremely draining and can cause severe depression.

6.  Having the TV on a lot in the home 
Excessive watching or listening to the TV is apparently the sixth cause of depression in adults.  There is some kind of negative energy that is being broadcast through the TV that is affecting your emotional body, and if you are someone who always has the TV on in the background while you’re at home, you’re opening yourself to these negative energies, along with the electromagnetic fields and frequencies generated by the TV.

7. Feeling unloved or having no one to love 
Although this looks like the problem is “out there” (i.e., due to the lack of someone to love you or share your love with), this one is really an “inside job.”  These feelings are generated by negative programs within the subconscious mind, and these programs need to be dealt with and cleared, in order to free yourself from the depression that accompanies these programs. 

When you have these negative programs, the tendency is to project them onto a relationship partner, once you find that person, and then over time, you start to feel like he or she doesn’t love you enough, or isn’t there for you the way you need or want them to be.


1.  Feelings of wanting to break out, wanting to be in charge of their lives, wanting to break free from being under their parents’ control. 
Although there is a “reality” here (i.e., that the teenagers aren’t yet old enough to be totally in charge of their own lives), it would be extremely helpful to do some clearing of their subconscious programming, which is often fueling their current discontent and unrest.  Clearing old negativity always helps current circumstances. Best case scenario, the teenager will start to come out of their depression.  Worse case scenario, they will be dumping old negative programming and free themselves of a tremendous amount of negativity, that will help them become healthier adults as they grow up.

2.  Frequent computer usage. 
(see #3 above)

3.  Frequent cell phone usage 
(This is all about getting bombarded with electromagnetic energies, which create depression, irritability, and stress.  See #5 above.)

4.  Frequent use of electronic gadgets, like mp3 players (ipods, etc.) 
(Same thing here… more EMFs weakening the immune system and creating depression, anxiety, and stress.)

5.  Getting nailed by all the frequencies in your surroundings. 
(Same thing.  See #5 above.)


I have two main solutions for all the above challenges.  For the various feelings that create depression (e.g., feeling like you don’t belong in life, feeling unloved, wanting to break out, etc.), it is important to clear the old subconscious programs that are causing you to feel this way.  This can be accomplished through my “Telepathic Healing” process.  All of the negative beliefs you have can be reversed, and greater happiness and self-confidence can be restored through this work.  The long-term healing that takes place, however, is not from a “one-time shot,” but a function of regular work that you do over time.

Without doing any clearing, you will continue to be plagued, from within, by such negative programs, and it will be hard to ignore the depression that you feel.  Many people take anti-depressants, but this prevents you from feeling what’s really going on inside you, and then doing something about it.  It is important to understand that we are all here to learn and to grow, and to heal ourselves deeply, from within. Taking a pill that prevents you from feeling what you’re really experiencing inside is an unwanted obstacle on the path to self-development and spiritual growth.

The second solution I have to the problems above is my Rejuvenizer technology.  Nearly two decades ago, I created the Rejuvenizers, to help people overcome the problems we all face from life in a high-tech, frequency-filled world.   Many people have reported feelings of depression and procrastination lifting after getting the Rejuvenizer, as it keeps the life-damaging electromagnetic frequencies out of your own personal energy field, and restores your physical and subtle bodies to their own natural energy and vitality.

The Personal Rejuvenizer is designed to protect you and uplift you energetically.  I always recommend that people start with this one, as it will make the biggest difference for you.  After that, I highly recommend the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers, to neutralize the negative frequencies and create a stress-free environment in your home or office.  It’s vital that we live and work within a space that is energetically peaceful and uplifting, rather than chaotic and draining, as most of our living and working spaces currently are, because of all the high-tech frequencies. 

[P.S.  I just heard a commercial for people who are depressed, offering a drug as the solution.  When they listed the side effects to watch out for, one of them was “feeling suicidal.”  Pretty crazy, huh?!!  In other words, “this pill will help you fight off depression… unless, of course, it makes you want to kill yourself.”]