Airport Security and Your Health

October 24, 2011

I work constantly to protect you from the barrage of negative frequencies that plague us all in our high-tech world. As technology changes, I continue to add new protective functions to my devices—the Rejuvenizers—to ensure that your energy field remains intact and your well-being is preserved.

When the full-body scanners first appeared at airports, I needed to add new functions to my devices. I also have done my best to avoid walking through them, as it has felt somewhat humiliating to go “spread eagle” against the wall as if I were getting frisked. (Also, I may be able to protect you from the energy emanating from high power lines, for example, but I still wouldn’t recommend buying a house right under them!)

I recently flew to Salt Lake City to attend my sister’s wedding. While in line to go through security, I was forced to enter the latest energetically abusive scanner, the Pro Vision ATD. I figured I needed the experience.

This one was different. You hold your hands over your head (again, as if you were being frisked), and the walls close around you, and this disruptive energy passes through your entire body. I left the “booth” in tears, as I went to pick up my belongings. Observing my energy field, it felt like it had just received major damage. I kept fighting back the tears, since they probably would have thought I was nuts, crying from having gone through the scanner.

I felt damaged… as well as sad—for all the people who are forced to succumb to this abuse on a daily basis. I asked inwardly: on a scale of 0 10, if 10 = “this energy is killing my etheric body (that’s what it felt like!), I got that the scanner was at a 7.3. I asked how long it would take for me to fix my etheric body and add protective and healing functions to the Rejuvenizers… I got 20 minutes (which seemed like a long time to me.)

Here’s the kicker… I asked: “How long will it take for any person without a Rejuvenizer to heal their etheric body, once they exited from the ‘scanning booths’?” I got: “Because of the unbelievable amount of frequencies barraging us every minute (approximately 300,000 to date), the etheric body will never have a chance to repair itself. It will take this “death-inducing hit” and simply get weaker with time!

It’s important to understand that the etheric body—the subtle energy surrounding the physical body—is the blueprint for the physical. Whatever happens to us at the energetic level, will, in turn, manifest physically. This is how life works. We manifest first from the subtle realms and then into the physical. Our thoughts create our reality. The energy in our consciousness forms our thoughts, which then translate to our physical world. There is no way to avoid this process.

When our etheric body gets weakened, our physical body suffers as well. It is unavoidable. What can happen with a weakened energy field? Immune system disorders (allergies, cancer, sarcoid, etc), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, headaches, eye strain, candida, fibromyalgia, M.S., Parkinson’s, and Alzheimers. My heart goes out to all of you who love to travel, as prolonged exposure to the security devices will only shorten the time you have available to enjoy your trips.

Further Research

As many of you know, my expertise in “Telepathic Healing” includes the ability to “tune in,” ask questions, and get valid answers. I’ve perfected this skill over the past 38 years of practice and clearing. I decided to ask the following questions, regarding the airport security devices. I’ll then share with you the answers I received.

“How many exposures to those frequencies could create an actual death of the physical body?”

Answer: Depending on the health of the person and how weakened a condition they are already in, as little as 90 trips through the new body scanning devices could result in actual death. Think about people who would be most susceptible: Pilots, flight attendants, business people who travel frequently for work, people who love to travel, people who live in a foreign country and travel home frequently to see their family, or anyone who flies.

“Can the scanner exacerbate any life-threatening illnesses?”

Answer: Yes, as little as 18 trips through the new body scanner can exacerbate a number of conditions, such as:

  • epilepsy/seizures
  • asthma (or any kind of lung disease)
  • migraine headaches
  • Parkinson’s
  • Nausea
  • Fainting spells

People with heart problems are particularly vulnerable to the new frequencies and as little as 28 exposures could result in atrial fibrillation, angina, or an actual heart attack. Since we are talking about how certain kinds of energies affect the subtle bodies and subsequently the physical body, it is brand new information for most people, so they could understandably be skeptical. Remember, everyone thought lead paint was great until it proved to be toxic… and the same happened with asbestos. One day, it will become known how detrimental the frequencies in our high-tech world are.

For now, I am doing my best to help keep people as intact and well as possible, via my Rejuvenizers. I have been “standing on the rooftop shouting” for the past 20 years about how detrimental all thefrequencies are for people. At least, today, there is a growing awareness of the potential dangers of cell phones and other electromagnetic fields. I hope people find me… they need my devices so badly!!! I have upgraded them to cover all possible detrimental effects from the new scanners at airports.