Animals Are Mirrors for Our Healing

January 31, 2009

My male cat, Shiva, has used his litter box faithfully for three years.  All of a sudden, I started finding places around the house where he had urinated (I learned, later, that it was actually where he had “sprayed.”)  I immediately went into a “clearing mode,” clearing whatever negative emotions and programs he had, and whatever matching emotions and programs I had.


I found “anger” in him. (There was another cat in the backyard who had sprayed near the window where he sits.  He was mad at this, and began marking his territory around the house.)  I also found feelings of helplessness and powerlessness in me (since I couldn’t seem to get him to stop.)  In any case, I kept clearing both of us until finally, it came to me that there was a physical component, and that I needed to see a vet.


When I spoke with the vet about the situation, she said that it could be a bacterial infection or crystals in the cat’s urinary tract or possibly a defect in the lining of the bladder, that would allow bacteria to grow there and cause problems.  I tuned in and got a “yes” on the defect in the lining of the bladder.  I asked what could cause it and she again gave me a list of about 3 or 4 things. 


I tuned in and got that it was genetic.  She told me that there was a good supplement that I could give the cat for this condition, and I got a great read on it, which confirmed that he did have this particular condition.  (I didn’t get a good read on the supplement for my other cat, so she obviously didn’t have the same problem.)  Since my “Helpers” have told me they can repair genetic conditions, I was delighted that it was something apparently “fixable.”  I returned home, happy to have some new information to work with.


Later that evening, a wise friend called me and asked me how our trip to the vet went. I told her what I had learned, and she proceeded  to ask me the telling question:  “So, do you have anything going on with the lining of your bladder?”  Wow, I hadn’t even thought to take it that far.  


I tuned in and sure enough, I had some old programming from 19 lifetimes ago, “I am so pissed that I have to keep being here”.. and something dark had a hold of the lining of my bladder as a result, since that time!!!!  On the physical plane, I often need to go to the bathroom frequently.  Here, at last, was the cause.  Wow!


A client had had a cat that suffered from severe diabetes before it passed away.  Two months later, the client realized that she had similar symptoms to the cat:  extreme thirst and a constant need to drink water.  She had no idea anything was wrong with her pancreas, but we checked it, and it definitely needed major healing, which we are now avidly working on.


What is happening here?  How do our animals “know” what is going on with us?


Our animals love us and identify with us so much, that they “take on” or merge with our energy—which includes our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes.  They become, in a sense, extensions of ourselves, and litte “mirrors” of what’s going on with us.  Whenever people call me for a healing for their pet, I usually suggest we work on the owner as well, as there is always an “energetic match.”


To truly heal yourself, it is important to be aware of all that is going on around you, and take responsibility for what you are seeing.  And this includes owning what is going on with your animals as well.  They are like little angels, holding up a mirror, saying, “My dear owner… look at me, and you will see what you need to see about yourself.”  Sometimes it can be quite painful… especially when they take on some illness or life-threatening disease.  But it’s all part of helping you to heal yourself, if you can get the lessons!


Just remember that animals are part of “the movie” that you are continually manifesting in your life, and as you heal and transform yourself, they can too.  All ills, even in your pets, are “growth opportunities.”  Be willing to learn what your pet is trying to teach you, and be willing to clear whatever negativity you discover within yourself.