Being in the Light versus Being in the Dark

December 13, 2007

My clients call me the “Ralph Nader of Spirituality.”  With 35 years in the field, I have developed the ability to see and know what is going on at the deepest levels with any particular technique, spiritual practice, device, supplement, practitioner, or any item that someone might want to purchase to further their spiritual evolution. My intent is to “protect the consumer,” to help people make choices that are for their Highest Good.  There are times when people hear me say, “that device brings in dark energies,” or “that person is in the dark.”  I want to explain what that means.

There are two forces in this world of duality:  Light and Dark.  Both are strong on the planet at this time, and we have a choice, at the deepest levels of our Being, as to which force we want to align ourselves with.  Many people may want to or think they’re aligning themselves with the forces of Light, but due to old, negative, subconscious programming or due to having been “nailed” by Dark forces many lifetimes ago, they may inadvertently pull in some sort of spiritual practice, teacher, or device that leads them further into the dark.  So, what does this mean, to be “in the Light,” or “in the Dark?”

The Light is uplifting, it brings us “upwards”… inspires us, helps us to feel more connected to God and to our Highest Spiritual Self within.  The more we allow Light to flow through our Being, the more intuitive we are and the more spiritual power we have to manifest our needs and desires in life, according to our Highest Spiritual Good. Being “in the Light” supports us in having our hearts be open to love.

The Dark brings us “down.”  The Dark wants to snuff out our Light, for fear that it will disappear.  The Dark wants to keep us limited and unconscious of the powerful Spiritual Beings that we are at our core. The Dark wants us to feel disconnected from our Higher Self and powerless to change our condition.  The Dark feeds on fear and powerlessness, therefore, it has an investment in keeping us fearful and powerless, in order to protect its existence.

We have all needed to incarnate in a creation where these polarities have been so strong, in order to learn and grow.  Many people have had serious encounters with Dark forces, in order to develop a deep desire to be of the Light and serve the forces of Light.  Many have been “nailed” by the Dark, often lifetimes ago, in order to work through their feelings of being vulnerable and come to a place of greater trust and faith in the forces of Light.

Whatever your life path has been to date, new choices can be made. This isn’t a matter of which is “right” or “wrong,” “good” or “bad,” it’s a matter of becoming aware of the choices you have been making and empowering yourself to re-think and re-choose some aspects of your life that have not been for your Highest Good.

What we’re talking about here is the process of “waking up to who you are as a Spiritual Being.”  We have collectively lived, for many lifetimes, in what the ancient Vedic seers of India called, “Kali Yuga,” the “Age of Darkness.”  Although a very challenging period for humankind, it is said that souls incarnate during this period because it offers the most tremendous potential for growth and spiritual advancement.  It’s almost as if during this period, we “hit rock bottom” spiritually, and the only place left to go is “up.”

So, on that level, the Dark is here to teach us.  By contrast, we begin to learn of the tremendous Light we have within, and then we begin to seek this Light in order to grow and develop our true spiritual potential.  The challenge, during this “dark cycle” that we’ve been in, is that the Dark has a stronghold, and is doing it’s best to keep people stuck and unconscious.  It often takes great strength in one’s soul, to break free from the constraints that have been put on us, having lived for many eons, with the Dark dominating our consciousness.

Many people are so used to being unconscious and accepting that this is the “norm” in life, that they may turn a deaf ear to the “wake-up call” to connect with their Highest Spiritual Self.  It is often easier to “give in to the Darkness” that permeates life here, than to work at breaking free and choosing the path of Light and Self-discovery.

How Is It That Some People Don’t Notice the Difference Between Being In the Light and Being In the Dark?

First, being “in the dark” is an energetic state.  Many people are not in touch with themselves energetically.  Often, people will try and avoid feeling any negative energy within them, and become more “third dimensional” in the process.  In becoming third dimensional, they only give credence to what is happening in the physical world around them. They ignore any deeper levels of what’s going on within them energetically, in what I call the “fourth dimension.”  By going “third dimensional,” a person can become totally unaware of the energy within and around them.

Something else can happen that make people unaware of what is going on with them energetically.  When a person “gets nailed” with “Dark energies,”  they may begin to feel depressed, anxious, or unhappy in some way.  (“Getting nailed” like this can happen due to one’s own “past life abuse” experiences, connecting deeply with someone who “shares” their negative energies with you, working on someone who has such dark energies, i.e., a chiropractor, massage therapist, any kind of energy healer, etc.) The person who “got nailed” will probably have no clue what to do about this, since this knowledge is not prevalent out there in the world.  What they may do instead, as a “coping mechanism,” is to create “other dimensions” to which they go, in order to not be present in THIS dimension, here and now, and avoid feeling the negative energies within them.

To explain further about other dimensions:  Each dimension has a particular thought that characterizes the dimension, and that makes a person want to “leave.”  For example, a person might create: ‘I don’t feel good being here; therefore I’m out of here’ dimension.”  Or, ‘I’m not happy being here, therefore, I don’t want to be here” dimension.” And then a person “goes there” and leaves present time.

The problem with creating and going to “other dimensions” is that:  1) you are not really dealing with the negative energies present here, in your life, so you are not getting the learning and growth from the experiences you’ve attracted, 2) you are not fully present and aware, here and now, which could lead to accidents or other negative occurrences, since part of you isn’t really “here,” and 3) you’re not able to enjoy yourself fully, since true enjoyment is present-time experience of being alive and aware, here and now.

If you are willing to be fully present and energetically aware in the here and now, you will definitely notice the difference between “being in the Light” and “being in the Dark.”  When you are in the Dark, you unwittingly “invite” Dark energies in to mess around with you.  Since they feed off of fear and negativity, you will find yourself feeling more fearful and negative.  Often what Dark energies do is drain the life force out of your spiritual body.  When you’re not connected to who you are as a spiritual being, it is possible that you may not be aware of this. 

If you find out that this is what’s going on with you, don’t judge or berate yourself.  We have all been programmed for eons to be just “physical beings” and not connected to our tru
e spiritual nature.  It has been a difficult journey, through the darkness of “Kali Yuga,” to stay in touch with our Highest Spiritual Selves.  One of my reasons for writing this is to help people wake up even further and become more aware of themselves as spiritual Beings.  So, how do you make the shift to being in the Light, if you have been “nailed” by the Dark? 

The best way to turn this situation around is through prayer.  First, you must be willing to acknowledge that there may be a problem of which you are unaware.  Then, you must be willing to pray and ask, from the deepest place you can within your heart, to be made aware of what is going on with you and what to do about it.  If you create other dimensions, or get stuck in your ego, which will make you feel defensive and think that there isn’t a problem, then there will be nothing within you that will be receptive to finding the support you need to re-connect with your Highest Spiritual Self.

Your Highest Spiritual Self is about Love and Light.  The more Light you let in, the more your capacity to experience Love increases.  The more you let go of any Dark influence within your Being, the more you grow toward becoming the Spiritual Being of Light and Love that you are at your essence.

One More Pitfall… Enjoying Being In the Dark

This can be a challenge for some, because there is a degree of healing and power that comes with the Dark.  This is the place where the ego can get stuck and where a lot of learning needs to take place.  There are healers that heal with Dark powers.  The problem is that a person may get “healed” physically, however, they may be damaged even further in their ability to connect to their Highest Spiritual Self. 

Remember, the Dark has an investment in keeping us stuck in fear and negativity.  The Dark does not want us to become Light, as that will make the Dark disappear.  So essentially, the Dark is fighting for its survival.  There is no judgment here.  This is just how it is. 

We are all on the path that some part of us has chosen in order to learn and grow.  By attracting this information to you, you are becoming aware of the deeper nature of Life and such awareness can only empower you to make better choices that support your Highest Spiritual Good.  You always have a choice as to which path to follow, once you become aware.

A System of Intuitive Measurements

I have been given all this information about “Light” and “Dark” by my “Higher Ups” (my “guides”) over the past 35 years.  I have been studying what goes on in people’s energy fields when they are “in the dark” and “in the Light.”  I have been given a system of “measurements”… so that I can intuitively know where a person is, in order to be able to help them get freer, and higher in the Light.

My unseen “helpers” told me that 1 through 46 represents “levels of Light,” and that beyond 46 represents moving into a Higher state of consciousness in which a person is more connected to their Highest Spiritual Self.  The higher the number, the greater the connection. Apparently the scale doesn’t have an “ending point,” as consciousness has the ability to continually expand. 

I learned that many actors or singers reach a level of Light that is way beyond where most people are on that scale… sometimes getting as high as “120,” “130” or even, on occasion, above “150.”  This is why we call them “stars,” because their “Light” is so bright, it is almost perceptible.  Even the most unconscious person can feel it at a deep level!

Conversely, my helpers have shown me people who are in the “minus” numbers of Light.  These are people who are “in the dark.”  The darkness within them is essentially bringing them down and hiding their Light.  I have seen anywhere from minus 2 or 3 down to minus 49. 

Usually, a person who has been brought down so much by dark energies will have built a strong ego defense system to “prove they are okay,” and would not be willing to admit there is a problem.  The ego can be our biggest barrier to evolving spiritually, as true surrender or Grace is what allows us to grow and become all that we are spiritually.  When the ego fights to defend and prove that everything is alright, the person will resist “surrendering” to the Highest truth about what is going on with them.

My Work

Over many years, I have gathered awareness of all the various things that can “nail” people and bring them into the dark.  When I would do sessions with people, I would spend a lengthy time naming all the various components I would see (energetic “time bombs,” “booby-traps,” “dark pipelines running through them,” “honing devices,” “inter-dimensional doors,” “portals to dark dimensions,” “curse energy,” “dark devices thrown into a person by someone with mal intent,” etc.).  Then I would use my spiritual authority and healing abilities to clear all that I saw, normalize the person’s energy field, and clear old  subconscious programming that attracted the experience in the first place.  Again, it took me many years of focus and avid study to figure all this out, so I wouldn’t really expect anyone to be able to easily release the hold the Dark has on them, even after learning about this.

This is why the most important component is prayer, and the willingness to acknowledge that something doesn’t feel “right” within you.  Without this sincere desire to know what is going on inside you and grow past your current limitations, you may find yourself stuck, for awhile, with all the negative energies you’ve attracted to you.

The Rejuvenizer’s Role

As much as I would like to, there is no way I can see everyone in the world on an individual basis.  I am only one person and there are only so many hours in a day.  However, I created the Rejuvenizers as a way to help many people at once, with my knowledge and healing skills.  I have set up the Personal Rejuvenizer to help clear all these dark energies on a regular basis, to give a person the absolute best shot at keeping themselves in the Light and as spiritually uplifted as possible. 

If a person is on an avid quest to develop themselves spiritually, then I would still recommend additional clearing work, in which I help people release a lot of “old baggage” (negative programming in the subconscious).  We continually create our reality with our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, so clearing the old ones in our subconscious that no longer serve us is an invaluable aid to our process of personal and spiritual growth. 

The Rejuvenizer certainly isn’t the “cure-all” for every ill we have. However, it is my best attempt to help people to get back in the Light and enjoy a higher quality, more enjoyable life, in which they are more connected to their intuition and Highest Spiritual Self.  This is certainly not the only function of the Rejuvenizer (click here for more info:, but to me, this is one of the most valuable and sorely needed functions the Rejuvenizer has to offer.