Bernie Mac and Sarcoidosis

August 19, 2008

A friend of mine who lives in Chicago, told me about the comedian, Bernie Mac, recently passing away, at the age of 50.  He had an autoimmune system disorder, called sarcoidosis.  According to doctors and scientists, the cause of this disease is unknown.  My friend asked if I would tune in and see if this disease was related to exposure to electromagnetic fields and frequencies, since it is known that EMFs adversely affect the immune system.

I do believe that there is always something going on in a person’s subconscious mind that attracts the experience of death to them. Consciously, a person may want to live and enjoy their life. Subconsciously, there can be another whole story going on.  In this case, I wanted to see if the sarcoidosis was caused by EMFs, so that is what I will focus on, rather than Bernie Mac’s subconscious issues.

When I looked at the physical causative factors for his condition, I got a 100%, unequivocal “yes” that the sarcoidosis was caused by a prolonged exposure to EMFs and other detrimental high-tech frequencies.  Here are the various ways he was exposed to such energies:

1) From a great deal of cell phone usage

2) From having his image be so widespread on electronic  media

3) From living in Chicago where it is so wired with high-tech frequencies

4) From exposure to EMFs through the computer.

Further comments on the points above:

1) A great deal of cell phone usage:

I don’t care who tells you cell phones are safe, frequent usage definitely poses a potential health hazard.  Having the frequencies transmitted by the cell phone so close to your head and brain, definitely heat up and disturb the body tissues and can create problems over time.  Frequent cell phone usage can be setting yourself up for problems, as the brain never has time to rest and repair itself.  I cringe when people get rid of their land-line and switch to using just their cell phone.  The German government has issued statements officially encouraging their citizens to return to using only their land-lines, to avoid such potential health risks.  It is known that frequent exposure to EMFs creates immune system disorders.

2) Having his image be so widespread on electronic  media:

This is a huge problem for actors and celebrities of any kind: to have their image so widely broadcast on electronic media.  What most people don’t know is that your image actually contains your life force.  What this means is that any time your image is displayed on an electronic media, whether it’s on television, a DVD, the internet, or in the movies, it has a weakening effect on the constitution of the person.  In modern life, this has become an even bigger problem, since our high-tech world is now able to send images electronically and display them all over the world, on millions of computers simultaneously.  Actors and celebrities in our world today are exposed to an amount of EMFs and high-tech frequencies that no human should have to endure.  And the immune system is often the first organ to start dysfunctioning, as it works hard to try and counteract the continuous bombardment of negative frequencies it experiences.

3) Living in Chicago where it is so wired with high-tech frequencies:

Chicago businesses and government have made decisions to make the city the most high-tech, wired city in the U.S.  From wireless internet connections everywhere to the new giant Wimax network that broadcasts negative frequencies throughout the airwaves, to overhead security satellite systems, to GPS used on the buses, wireless internet in the subways. surveillance cameras on many street corners. Chicago is like one huge “hot spot”, which means everyone in Chicago is getting zapped thousands of times more, on a daily basis, than the people in other major metropolitan areas.

Anyone living in Chicago is being exposed to so many frequencies, that they are at risk for all the immune system and other disorders caused by the exposure to such frequencies:  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Candida, Sarcoid, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

4) Exposure to EMFs through the computer:

The more you sit in front of your computer, the greater the exposure to EMFs.  The greater the exposure to EMFs, the more you run the risk of feeling depressed, irritable, stressed, or sick in some way.  Many of us spend countless hours in front of the computer… writing and answering email, downloading songs, editing movies, playing games, doing instant messaging, or talking via a webcam.  All of these activities, while fun and amusing, profitable or obligatory, expose us to energies and frequencies that drain the vital life force from our body and weaken our immune system.

Eighteen years ago, I used to sit in front of a computer and after ten minutes, I’d get a screaming headache.  I may be more sensitive than most, however, every human body is being adversely affected, although most are simply not aware of the effects and are able to ignore them on a daily basis.  The problems show up over time, when the body starts to dysfunction.

Sleep disorders are common, as the EMFs from the computer affect the pineal gland, which rules sleep, memory, and aging function.  On a day-to-day basis, you can’t tell you are aging faster.  It only shows up with time.

When a person has all the above categories of “potential health risk,” it is not a surprise that they would create an unusual autoimmune system disorder in which specific tissues of the body become inflamed and microscopic lumps form in the affected tissues.  With undue exposure to EMFs, the body can go “haywire” in numerous ways, and apparently, this is one of them.

[P.S.  I have created devices called Rejuvenizers, to help protect people from EMFs and other detrimental frequencies.  I do believe that we all must be willing to look inside and take responsibility for what we attract in our lives, but I also believe it is imperative to protect yourself from all the damaging energies in our world today, in order to create ongoing health and well-being.