Cleaning Out Old Energies—Creating More Space… and Peace

January 02, 2017

Do you or any of your loved ones seem “not quite yourself” lately? Maybe you find yourself acting in strange ways—eating or drinking more than you normally do, taking things more personally than you have before, feeling  particularly grumpy or negative for no apparent reason, or feeling unbelievably tired when you are getting plenty of sleep? You may have what’s called a “discarnate entity” (or two… or three… or dozens of them!!!)

When I see something in my world, I take notice. When I see it in three or four people in my space, I really take notice. This is one of those times, so I thought I would let you know about the phenomenon, in case this applies to you. (And if you think it does, you’re probably right!)

“Discarnate entities” are “beings” that don’t have a body. They can be people who have lost their way and got “stuck” on the earth plane, instead of moving on after death. They can also be other “weird entities” that are looking for a body to go into (for whatever reason). What they do is “take up residence in you,” when you are vulnerable. They often come in when a person gets drunk as this is a time when one is super vulnerable energetically, and not cognizant of what’s going on. (Maybe that’s why this is coming to me at this time of year, when some drink more than “normal.”)

These “beings” get into you, because they want to have a body, so they take over yours. They can have huge appetites for food or drink, so if you have a tendency to overeat or excessively drink, well… you’d be a great candidate for them. By getting into your body, they can once again “experience those carnal pleasures” vicariously, through you. Once they’re in you, they then magnify your desires to overindulge in some way, and you get stuck with them and the negative behavior they are stimulating in you.

If you or anyone you know is a “rage-aholic,” for example, this could also provide a “home” for discarnate entities, who love the energy of raging and are addicted to the behaviors involved—yelling at people, beating people up, or being abusive in some way. So any time you have a strong emotional component to your nature—particularly one you feel you can’t control—this could be a sign of “something unwanted” having taken up residence in you!

So I figure this is a good time to clean house. You may have attracted these to you very recently, or you may have these in you from many, many lifetimes ago! The good news is that these can be cleared (in my private sessions, either “in-person” or “budget special”). What really needs to be done, big picture, is to clear all the programming that attracted them in the first place, so you don’t ever pull in any more. You definitely don’t want these things in you, as they make life worse, and exacerbate your negative desires and behaviors. So you want to do whatever is necessary to both get them out and keep them out. Then you will feel much freer and experience greater peace and satisfaction in your life. Amen!!

All my best for the coming year!!!