November 17, 2016

Is life seeming intense or what?  Due to all the calls and emails I’ve been receiving in regards to the election, I thought I’d take a moment to share some thoughts. I am not about to “take sides,” although of course I have my own personal opinions and experience of all that is going on. I want to take an objective view of what is taking place and what we can do about it. I don’t have any “simple answers,” but I can pass on some ideas to help you through these times.

As you remember, I talked about this deep, inner spiritual transformation (whether we liked it or not) during the period of May, 2012 to December 2015. Although we all thought and hoped things would settle down after that, we discovered that we had another period of time, maybe a year or more, of sorting through things, and figuring out, “Who are we now? What do we really want out of life? How can we structure our world differently?” And as a result, we’ve had to deal with a lot of inner turmoil and resistance to being able to “have all that we want.” I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard from who are going through a tremendous period of chaos and crisis… even to the point of choosing to end their life!

Here’s my take on the “world situation.” You take a world where EVERYONE (or nearly everyone) is going through this internal restructuring, complete with inner chaos and turmoil, and what do you get? You get a world divided, or at least what we’re dealing with here: a country divided. To bring it home a bit, if you’re in a relationship, I bet you’ve noticed, over the past 11-12 months, it’s been easy to “find fault with” your partner, or at least see things in them that really bug you. Can you relate?

What I’m saying here is that when you are in turmoil within yourself, it is very EASY and COMMON to project that negative energy onto the circumstances and people in your world, and make it all about how upset you are with THEM, and all that THEY did wrong!! This gets you “off the hook” as far as looking within goes, and makes it all about how bad THEY are, OUT THERE. The problem is, the more we blame people for what we’re feeling, the more we stay stuck with our own negative thoughts and feelings, and the less we are able to learn, grow, and transform ourselves from the experience.

The original “message” I got about the May, 2012 to December 2015 period was that it was about “supporting humanity in moving forward as a race”… almost “forcing us” to evolve to a higher state of being by the energy of change being “thrust upon us.” And ultimately, this is a good thing. But that process of evolving can be difficult, because all of our internal barriers, obstacles, and areas of resistance have been coming up like crazy, in order to be healed!!! Think about what you’re experiencing now—whatever it may be. Is this something that has troubled you before? Are the issues you’re dealing with now something you thought you had left behind long ago, but have suddenly resurfaced? This is happening for us all. But the good news is, we now have more energy and desire to work through those issues, and indeed achieve a higher level of consciousness!

So we have to look at what’s going on politically as a huge opportunity for all of us to learn and grow, country-wide, world-wide.  And, whatever we’re seeing OUT THERE that is upsetting us, is giving us an opportunity to dig down deep within and see what is really bothering us… and what we need to shift within ourselves to make peace with the world. In order to change the world, we need to first change ourselves. If you are upset, work on that. If you are unhappy, work on that. If you feel betrayed, work on that. If you are afraid for the future, work on that. And in doing this work, you will get better… and the country will get better.

Since we are all in the midst of such radical internal change, it is probably the collective desire for change that got Trump elected. Will he be able to change things? It remains to be seen. I got an insight the other day which I’ll share with you, as it was valuable for me. We all know Trump is not a politician, but a businessman. And as a businessman, he is a winner. He creates winning in his world, and he’s shown us that he’ll do whatever it takes to win.

As he admitted, the campaign he ran was “nasty.” (He said this during his interview with 60 Minutes.)  After he won, he shifted his perspective. When asked about putting Hillary in prison, one of his recent campaign “promises,” he said, “I really don’t want to hurt her,” and “we have more important things to deal with.” He softened his position dramatically.

When told that his supporters were taunting Muslims and Latinos, he said, “That saddens me,” and looked into the camera to speak to them directly and said, “Stop that.” So it may just be that all he said during his campaign, which was so upsetting to so many people, was all about winning, and once he won, he didn’t need to do any more name-calling or bashing of his opponents. He talked about how Hillary called him and was nice to him, how he had a nice conversation with Bill Clinton, and a nice visit with Obama that lasted an hour and a half, vs.the planned 15-20 minutes. He is no longer being divisive and “nasty.” He was doing his best to be more respectful toward the other leaders of our country, whether they were Republican or Democrat.

I’m not saying whether or not he will be a good president, nor whether or not I voted for him, I’m just saying that THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE CREATED, FOLKS. This is the reality we have all—on some level—agreed to. So our job now is to look inside and heal any areas of divisiveness within us… any place within us that can’t be at peace and are projecting that outward onto our new president.  And this gets us back to, “it’s time to roll up our sleeves and work on ourselves!!”  This is the ultimate healing we seek in the world, and it begins within each and every one of us!!

If you are having trouble accepting the outcome of the election, or feel angry because of it, or sad, unhappy, depressed, enraged… WHATEVER… call for extra clearing!  You probably could use a whole extra session or more of clearing because of this.  It’s an incredible opportunity for growth, so don’t miss out on that!!  Also, pull out your copies of “Prince Charming Lives,” “Love Now, Here’s How,” and your “Communications Breakthrough System,” and use these tools to work on yourself. In truth, as you heal the broken or damaged places within yourself, you are contributing to a healed world... and a more evolved human race.

In truth, whoever would have won, there would probably have been the same kind of chaos and turmoil afterwards, because of this divisiveness within us as a race, keeping us from being whole. So regardless of who won, we still need to deal with those parts of us that continue to create separation and hatred of our fellow man, as that is the bottom-line of what’s going on here.  Heal yourself in order to heal the world!