EMF and Hair Loss

July 03, 2008

Phyllis Light responds to Anna Falvo’s 7-2-2008 comment query about EMFs and her hair loss.  We are reproducing the original post here as well as Dr. Light’s response: Anna Falvo Says: July 2, 2008 at 12:11 pm Dear Phyllis Light, It was a real pleasure to meet you at the Schaumburg Health Show. I wish you’d come to Chicago!! We were out visiting relatives, which is why we were able to make the show. I meant to ask you about something that’s been really bothering me. For the past few years I’ve been experiencing heavy hair loss. I bought a Rejuvenizer at the show last year when you were here, hoping it would help. Then about 2 months ago things got much worse. My hair has been coming out in small handfuls. I’ve been leaving trails of my hair wherever I go, because so much has been falling out. I am of Italian and Greek ancestry, and both sides of my family have copius quantities of hair. For the past few years and ESPECIALLY the past two months, so much of my hair has fallen out that I am considering getting a hairpiece. My doctor has run tests and still has no idea what could be causing this. He said it is usually stress, but I am an artist and I enjoy what I do and live a fairly stress free livestyle. After I read your article on wimax, I had to wonder, is my sudden hairloss related to wimax? Anna Falvo Dear Anna, Thanks for your interest.  Hair loss often is related to thyroid function.  Your question makes me wonder if WiMax is having a particularly negative influence on the thyroid, or on the endocrine system in general.  When I “tune in,” here’s what I get: When the WiMax frequencies combine with 3 other types of detrimental frequencies:  HD frequencies (for our new HDTVs), satellite frequencies (from satellite TV, satellite radio, GPS, etc.), and the “Homeland Security” satellite system, there is a collective effect which is having an even greater weakening effect on the endocrine and immune system, than we would experience in the presence of only one of those groups of frequencies.  I believe that the actual chemical structure of your thyroid gland, in particular, is being affected by this intense “soup” of frequencies in which you’re living. I am going to have to do some major upgrades to the Rejuvenizer technology, to not only protect the endocrine and immune system from this onslaught of this combination of frequencies, but to heal, repair and normalize these body parts in ways I didn’t even know were needed. I will do this immediately.  The new functions should be in place in 7 to 8 hours of this post.  Thanks for letting me know.  I can’t even begin to imagine what people are experiencing who do not have the protection of a Personal Rejuvenizer!!