EMFs, melatonin and glandular function

July 18, 2008

Sarah Hultquist from Dallas, Texas wrote in with this great question about EMFs and melatonin.  As you may be aware, suppression of melatonin has been an issue where the body is constantly exposed to EMFs, for example, power lines, because if your home is in close proximity to the transmission lines, you and your family become bathed in EMFs 24/7.  Here’s Sara’s question: I’m noticing that I have trouble sleeping at night.. and it’s been getting worse over the years.  I’m wondering if the rise of EMFs has had anything to do with this?  Could EMFs be affecting melatonin production?  Thanks for any insights you can offer. From Dr. Light:  EMFs definitely can affect ones ability to sleep.  This can happen in a number of ways:  1) In most major cities, we are getting hit by close to 300,000 frequencies per minute (this is in 2008).  In 1975, we got hit by about 40 frequencies per day.  As you can see, the amount of daily disturbance to our own natural energy field by detrimental frequencies and EMFs has increased at an astounding rate.  And because the frequencies are invisible, people don’t realize what’s happening. However, when we try to sleep at night, we are no longer able to be at peace and relax.  The frequency bombardment continues non-stop, and it makes us restless, irritable, and uncomfortable throughout the night, when we are supposed to be the most relaxed and rested possible! Many people leave their computers on all night.  If you do this, it fills your house with unwanted frequencies.  You may even have noticed that once you started leaving your computer on all night, your ability to experience deep sleep started to diminish.  Word to the wise: Unless you have a set of Indoor Rejuvenizers and a Circuit Rejuvenizer to neutralize the negative effects of EMFs in your space, and a Personal Rejuvenizer to protect and repair your body from past damage from EMFs, it would be best for you to turn off or unplug as much of the electric and electronic equipment in your house as possible:  your computer, your wireless Internet connection, your cell phone, and even your TV.  Unfortunately you can’t “turn off” the overhead satellite, microwave, cell phone, radio, and TV transmissions.) 2) There is an unusual energetic phenomenon occurring in today’s world that disturbs people while they sleep.  I can’t explain “why,” but I have learned that “dark” or negative energies “ride the high-tech frequencies” and get into people’s energy field at night, while they sleep.  In other words, the high-tech frequencies are somehow a “magnet” for the negative energies and entities that exist in our world (really, in other energetic dimensions which exist within our physical universe).  As a result we are being assaulted by these negative energies while we sleep, and this is anything but relaxing and peaceful! If you were to take a poll of how many people have nightmares these days, compared to years ago, you would find that the number has risen substantially…but most people don’t talk about this.  Nightmares occur as a result of these negative energies getting into you and staying with you while you are trying to sleep.  Whenever I have a nightmare, which is rare, I wake myself up, hold my Rejuvenizer, and ask for whatever negative energies I may have picked up to be cleared. Then I go back to sleep and have a peaceful, undisturbed rest.  Some people may not even believe that such negative energies exist.  But, indeed, these are the energies that create nightmares.  When these negative energies get cleared (like when a person uses a Personal Rejuvenizer on a regular basis), nightmares cease. 3) EMFs and other high-tech frequencies damage the subtle energy field around our physical body.  This subtle energy field, also called the “etheric body,” is actually the blueprint for the physical body. Every organ in our physical body has a corresponding “subtle organ” in our energy field.  We manifest health from the inside out, meaning, if our etheric body is intact, our physical body experiences good health.  What makes our etheric body have problems?:  1) our negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, from our past experiences…. and 2) EMFs and other high-tech frequencies hitting it and disrupting its normal functioning. When we get bombarded constantly by all the detrimental EMFs and other high-tech energies, the subtle organs, locating in subtle energy field, get damaged.  The more our subtle organs get damaged over time, the greater the problem we experience in our physical organs.  Every human being is getting bombarded by these negative fields and frequencies, and every human being has experienced some degree of damage to their subtle glandular system, which then translates to problems with their physical glandular or hormonal system. The hormonal system is directly responsible for the production of melatonin, and directs sleep, brain, and aging functioning.  As the hormonal system is disturbed, we start to age faster, and our brain becomes less effective and sharp over time.  Having greater difficulty sleeping is also part of this package… and it is only getting worse, as the quantity of frequencies continues to increase.  The problem is, we can’t compare ourself to what we would be like if we weren’t  getting hit by all the frequencies.  We don’t see that we’re aging faster, we just accept that we are aging.  We don’t realize that the pace at which we’re aging is not normal, but a function of all the damage our subtle energy field is sustaining from being hit by all the electromagnetic fields and frequencies.  Many people who get Rejuvenizers report sleeping much better over time.