Eye sight deterioration, EMFs and WiMax

July 04, 2008

Dr. Light responds to Jon Reilly’s questions about EMFs and his eyesight deterioration: My wife found your blog and we just got our Rejuvenizers FedEx’d a couple of days ago. We both started feeling more “with it” within a day or so of wearing them. I just had my eyes checked out and have been wearing a new contact scrpt for a month. I already am having problems seeing again. I’m an older guy, in my late 40s and until we moved to Chicago, I had the same presecription for 15 years. Gotta ask you if my eyesight degradation is related to this wimax thing. Jon and Mary Ellen Reilly Dear Jon, So glad to hear you guys have gotten Rejuvenizers.  They will be your “new best friends” for many years to come!  Let’s talk about the eyes, and how these negative frequencies are affecting them and your need to get stronger prescriptions from your eye doctor. Years ago, I used to joke and say that being an opthamologist (eye doctor) was probably the most lucrative career in our modern times, as it has been clear to me for a long time that our eyes are taking a pounding in our high-tech world.  Most people use a computer at work and at home.  Staring at the computer screen is no easy task, as we sitting in the strong electromagnetic field of the computer, staring at a light that is subtly interfering with the functioning of our pineal and pituitary glands over time.  Computers, as are the new HDTV screens, are digital, and it is much harder for the eyes to deal with digital frequencies than with analog frequencies. The analog wave is smooth and curved, and when it hits the eyes and brain, we are able to see and interpret it easily.  The digital frequency is jagged and squared off, there is nothing smooth about it. When the digital frequency hits the eyes and brain, it actually disrupts our normal way of interpreting what we see, and causes a sort of “dis-integration” of the brain.  So, staring at a computer, and now the HDTV screen, our eyes and brain are working overtime to try and make meaning of the words and images we are viewing.  First we may feel eyestrain or fatigue.  Then we may experience a deterioration of our vision and ability to focus. Let’s look at how WiMax is entering into the mix.  We know that WiMax broadcasts an entire area with very powerful frequencies.  We also know that this is mixing with all the other thousands of frequencies already bombarding us, and affecting us even more deeply.  Let’s see how this new mix of detrimental energies is affecting the eyes.  (I do “research” as questions come in… I don’t necessarily have the answers prior to that time.) Question:  Are the eyes under some additional kind of strain for those who are living in range of the WiMax frequencies? Answer:  The eyes are being adversely affected by the WiMax frequencies 35-40% more, beyond what was happening to them prior to WiMax being installed.  This is because of the hazardous combination of frequencies that is now producing a sort of ionizing radiation, causing an actual physical alteration of all living tissue exposed to the radiation.  All parts of the eyes, muscles, ligaments, cells, tissue, etc. are being weakened tremendously by this new radiation that WiMax is creating, and this can result in a deterioration of the healthy functioning of the visual system. It is also coming to me that I need to upgrade the Rejuvenizers big time to both protect the eyes, and do a special kind of healing and repairing to the eyes that I never knew about prior to this phenomenon occurring.  What a crazy world we live in!