May 17, 2017

We continue to be under the throes of some very powerful, global energies for deep change and transformation. We are all being "forced" to change at some deep level of our being, whether we are aware of this or not. Many of you can feel this change upon you-either from the inside, or by seeing massive changes in your external world.

pheonixWhen you are not in touch with what's going on within yourself, then you are bound to see some major changes going on AROUND you. Great change is upon us all. It could translate into: loss of a job, a loved one, a relationship partner, a home. Sometimes "perceived loss" precedes such changes. We will lose what is no longer "right" for us, in order to make room for something new and better. For the "Phoenix to rise from the ashes," it first has to "crash and burn."

No change happens without experiencing loss. As the old gets transformed into the new, the old undergoes a "death" of sorts. How well are we dealing with this "death" energy that is present in our world today, due to all the deep changes taking place?

It may seem to be "too much" for us. This may bring up personal "programs" of "wanting out", "life's too hard, get me out of here," etc. In order to embrace life fully, we must first "clean house", and rid ourselves of all the old programming that makes us think that "death would be easier than this!" Many of us may be going through this kind of personal transformation regarding the choice to be alive, and the choice to live life fully.

Some of us may be dealing with loved ones, who seemed to have "given in" to the pressure of their negative programs of "wanting out." For some, when they don't see a choice of "how to live life better," it's easier to act on "I want out" when it surfaces from deep in the subconscious mind. Not everyone can see a solution to their problems, and thus when their "get me out of here" stuff gets triggered, they buy into it and make that be their transformation.

However, transformation can absolutely take place here and now, in your body, and in your life. As you clear your negative programs, new solutions, awarenesses, and even "spiritual gifts" are made available to you. The more you flow with change and surrender to all that it taking place in your world, and trust the process of life as it unfolds, the easier a time you will have of it.

The change that is upon us is "long-term," and not an overnight process. You can see aspects of it in all the world's circumstances—economically, politically, socially. It is global, and we're all part of the process. Do your best to flow, surrender, and cherish all the positive aspects of your life. When your negative programming surfaces, do your best not to "buy into" it, do a technique to help clear the energy, or call in for extra support.

Know that you have total energetic support through this process, via your Rejuvenizer, mini-sessions, and private sessions. Keep breathing, and trusting that all is well in your world. You needn't SUPPRESS any negative feelings that arise, but be willing to work on clearing them, so you are not STUCK with that negative energy and continue to manifest it.

Request all the help you need at this time to deal with your life's circumstances. It's all for the good, although sometimes it might be hard to see that or trust that while it's happening. Be good to yourself and to those around you. All the goodness you put out comes back to you. It is universal law. Count your blessings, and continue to give gratitude for all that you have. Forgive yourself for any places where you still beat yourself up or feel that you "fall short." Loving yourself and others is the key to prospering through these times!