Getting EMF Zapped in Chicago

June 13, 2008

One of my friends who lives in Chicago wrote this to me.  Chicago, like many major urban areas, has WiFi present nearly everywhere, and has also rolled out WiMax, the same system that European countries have banned after their citizens experienced health problems due to the same.  My friend that wrote to me is very sensitive and aware of energies and what is going on within her system. Hi Phyllis… My brain has been so confused and I’ve been feeling so brain dead lately that this just hit me:  I wonder if there’s more weird “something unique to Chicago” going on with all the negative frequencies we have here.  My brain has been so offline and I’ve been going off in multiple dimensions… that is, I’ve been wanting to “leave my body” so much, I thought it might be Chicago-related.   What do you think? My answer: Thanks for letting me know.  When I tune in, I feel like 98% of the distress you’re feeling does indeed come from some frequency present in Chicago that hasn’t yet been experienced elsewhere.  I wonder if it’s from the new WiMax system they just put up…. or even a combination of detrimental frequencies that is occurring as a result of the WiMax system being installed.  I actually have protection in all my Rejuvenizers from WiMax frequencies, however, I think the combination of frequencies is doing some additional, unanticipated damage.  I will make sure to upgrade all the Rejuvenizers to account for these new combinations of detrimental energies.