Hazards of GMO Foods

April 26, 2007

Today my friend and I both happened to have lunch at a Mexican restaurant, although my restaurant was in Austin, Texas and my friend's was in Chicago, Illinois. Neither of us knew this until we both simultaneously started getting digestive pains and finally figured out the culprit!

I used to adore Mexican food, but haven’t eaten it for a very long time—ever since I had broken up with my partner who used to accompany me to this particular Mexican restaurant every Saturday for lunch. Today I ordered two chicken chalupas with guacamole on corn tortillas. It was delicious. 

In fact, I saved the second one and ate it for dinner tonight. After a few hours, however, I began to notice odd sensations in my solar plexus. It triggered a number of feelings of “being out of control” (since the solar plexus is where we either feel “on top of things” in our life, or “out of control” with all that’s going on). I accepted this as a “clearing opportunity” and did the necessary work to help myself, along with my friend, who was feeling a similar distress. These days, I welcome all “clearing opportunities” as they ultimately help me to get free from all the old negative programming of my past.

After clearing the issues that had surfaced, I realized that the odd feeling in my body persisted. At that point, it came to me that there was truly a physical component to my distress. Normally, when I clear the energy or programming underlying the physical issue, the physical problem or pain clears up. This time, there was something else I needed to work on that was physical in origin.

My friend and I compared notes, as she was having a similar discomfort in her body. We talked about what we had eaten that day, and learned that we both had consumed corn chips and corn tortillas. It came to me that there was something in the corn creating our discomfort—some kind of unusual strain of “bacteria-like things” and some kind of other unusual “organisms”…. that are now being attracted to genetically modified corn. I did an immediate upgrade to the Personal Rejuvenizer, to clear all such bacteria and organisms, but continue to wonder about what we’re doing to ourselves by producing genetically modified foods.