Health Problems with Cell Towers on Schools

February 18, 2009

Parents are Right to Sweat Cell Towers on Schools In my mind, and in my field of research, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that cell phone towers present a clear and present danger to all those who reside or spend time near them. That schools would perch them atop their buildings is unconscionable. Kids will definitely be affected in the following ways: it will be more difficult for them to focus and concentrate (as there is more “interference” in the natural energy field of the school property); they will become more irritable and depressed (EMF research in the 1980’s has shown that exposure to EMFs makes people more irritable and depressed over time); they will become more forgetful and spaced out (not so good while trying to get an education); and last but not least, the cell towers will create in the students.. and faculty… a greater vulnerability to headaches, fatigue, and immune system problems: allergies, asthma, candida, Fibromyalgia, and ultimately cancer. The cost to the children’s (and faculty’s) health over time far outweighs any of the benefits that the $24,000 would bring to the school. Letting the cell phone companies put towers atop school buildings is the worst idea I have heard of yet—short of wanting to install the WiMax wireless internet system everywhere in America, making the whole country “one big hot spot.” The German government has pulled wireless internet systems out of the schools, because of potential health risks. They have publicized requests for their citizens to return to land-line usage and give up their cell phones for the same reason. The more frequencies we have filling our air in America, the sicker we are all going to get. The handwriting is on the wall. Our high-tech frequencies are the next “lead paint” or asbestos.” These are products that we once touted as highly beneficial and valuable, and later found out about their innate toxicity. One day, we will all come to know of the deleterious effect of all the EMFs and frequencies of our high-tech world. Being super sensitive myself, I can FEEL the frequencies hurting my body and causing pain. This is why I created a device to protect myself and others. Most people can’t feel the damage happening to them, and thus aren’t aware of the need for protection. I am truly sorry for our children and teachers who have to be subjected to an extra onslaught of frequencies from these uncomfortably close cell phone towers—in addition to the massive amount of frequencies coming in from the overhead TV, radio, security, and Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites which already blanket our planet.