How to help your thyroid when Armour thyroid medication is unavailable

September 02, 2009

I am in the business of “healing” and repairing various dysfunctions in the body due to negative programming in the subconscious mind. I believe that all of our dysfunctions ultimately have their source in our negative programming, much of which comes from previous lifetimes of experience.  By clearing the negative programming and negative energies stored in various ailing parts of the body, I have found that many times, those parts come back “online” and start functioning normally again.


For example, I used to be the most tired person in the world. For many years, I dragged my body from place to place. My hair would fall out like crazy every time I would brush or wash it. I basically had to learn to do my life with my will. So I willed myself to do everything, even though my body was too exhausted to cooperate. Life was hard indeed.


A number of years ago, I met a chiropractor who advised me to take the Armour thyroid medication. When he told me what it was made of, I declined. I told him I was determined to fix it myself. So, I began a 6-year process of fixing my thyroid. I learned about a couple of supplements that would be helpful to me, and started taking them. I kept finding various energies and programs in my subconscious mind, and kept clearing them. Finally, after much time, my thyroid came back “online”… and now it’s working fine.  Shew!!!


I then began to work on other people, and found that after all that I had learned by working on myself, I could help them much faster.  So what took me 6 years, I could probably do for someone else in anywhere from 7 to 14 months. Not bad!!


Now, I’m not promising an “abracadabra” process. There is work to be done, and you may need to start looking at yourself and your life, and what’s going on deep within.  But it doesn’t have to be painful or hard. To me, NOT looking at yourself and being a victim of what’s going on in the body is the hardest path there is. It is actually very comforting to know that by being willing to work on yourself and take responsibility for your experience, you can actually make changes to your mind, emotions, and ultimately your physical body.


We could call this “spiritual healing” in that it starts from the deepest place inside, and works its way out to the physical. One never knows exactly how long the process will take, and this is where “faith” comes in. It is only through faith that you will stick with the process until you achieve the results you are looking for.


However, since the Armour thyroid medication is not available at this time, it might be the perfect time for you to “go down a different path”… one that will help you to be more powerful and more in charge of your life in the long run, and one in which you won’t have to take medication or even supplements for the rest of your life in order for your thyroid to work properly.


[(P.S. It turns out, I had a similar challenge with my adrenals, which also contributed to my utter and ongoing exhaustion. Apparently my adrenals had been shot from years of stress and negative thinking. I also applied the same principles to the adrenals and have been able to get them back “online” as well… through my clearing work, along with specific (but temporary) supplementation.]