Increased Subtle Energy Damage from WIFI

June 10, 2005

We are spiritual, energetic beings at our core, and we inhabit a physical body. Every physical body (this applies to both humans and animals) has an energy field underlying and surrounding it, called the "etheric body," "aura," or "subtle body." This energy field is actually the blueprint for the physical body. A good clairvoyant or "medical intuitive" can look at a person's etheric body and see where problems are forming energetically, and let you know about it before those problems become physical.

Our physical world starts with the energy in our consciousness, which we experience in the form of thoughts and feelings. That energy then takes on a physical expression in our third dimensional world. This is how "our thoughts create our reality." Whatever is going on in our energy field eventually manifests in our physical body. This is universal law. If our energy field gets damaged, our physical body will experience problems. There is no getting around it.

In our world today, everyone's energy field is taking an incredible pounding—from all the "invisible" frequencies that bombard us daily, via TV, radio, computer, microwave, cell phone, and satellite transmissions. These frequencies damage our energy field on an ongoing basis and weaken us over time. Often, the immune system is the first part of the physical body to dysfunction, causing the allergies and other auto-immune system disorders that are fairly widespread in our world today.

In our ever-expanding world of technology, there is a new advancement called WiFi ("Wireless Fidelity"). With the right equipment (a card in your computer), you can connect to the internet anywhere you are, without needing a physical hook-up. Quite miraculous on the physical level, yet energetically, this is a disaster.

When you sit in front of your computer and surf the internet, you are actually exposing yourself to hundreds of thousands of frequencies from the computers of all the people who are simultaneously surfing the internet. As a result, the normal fatigue that comes from exposure to the EMFs that computers radiate is multiplied hundreds of times. After spending significant time surfing the web, a more sensitive person would probably notice increased eye pain, headaches, or fatigue—even to the point of feeling "brain dead."

Normally, when you shut off your computer and walk away from it, you are no longer bombarded by this extremely intense negative energy. However, with WiFi, you are now at risk anywhere you go where the WiFi frequencies are present. A few years ago, I checked into a hotel in Valley Forge, PA, where I was presenting at a conference. They informed me that the entire hotel had WiFi access.

I tuned into my Rejuvenizer and found that it was protecting me only 75%, so I immediately added a number of new healing and protective functions to ensure that I was protected 100%. Two days later, after spending two nights "sleeping in the internet," I needed to add several thousand new functions, as my subtle energy field and physical body had sustained additional damage by being continuously exposed to those frequencies throughout the night.

I thought to myself: What about the people who don't have a Rejuvenizer who stay in this hotel? They are getting incredibly damaged by "camping out" with the internet frequencies all night. And then I thought about the people who work at the hotel who have to live and work in that energy all day long.

WiFi is a new technological development that is making a horrendous impact on the human energy field and will surely increase many problems that have been linked to exposure to EMFs: weakened endocrine and immune systems which, in turn, lead to more allergies, asthma, cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, headaches, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), autism, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Environmental Illness, and a speeded-up aging process. (Becker, 1990)

I then heard that they are installing WiFi throughout the entire downtown section of Philadelphia. Again, all the people there will be "living in" the internet frequencies all day long. Just experiencing life on planet Earth, and particularly in America, we are already getting blasted by cell phone, TV, radio, microwave, and satellite frequencies 24/7, but to add the energy of WiFi to that "negative soup" of frequencies that surrounds us, is really going to throw many people over the edge.


Health care providers are going to see many more problems than ever before. People will feel as if they are dying and have no clue why. However the normal person will handle this by "going unconscious." That is, they will shrink into a smaller awareness of what is going on, and retreat even more from their bodies, not wanting to be in touch with what they're really feeling inside. This is how many cope with the increasing pain and stress of our high-tech world, by not feeling what the body is experiencing.

Some people will find an ever-increasing need to counteract the energetically draining effects of WiFi and other EMFs by drinking more coffee or caffeine-based beverages, smoking more cigarettes, or eating more sugary, stimulating foods. Some will turn more to painkillers and other types of medication to mask the symptoms their bodies are experiencing.


Many places of business have installed WiFi for their customers. Cities, like San Francisco, are now broadcasting WiFi frequencies to everyone in their entire city—as a public service. Many cities, like Philadelphia and Austin, have decided to blanket their entire downtown area with the wireless internet frequencies. WiFi has also been installed on many college campuses as a convenience to the students. Even state parks in Texas are now offering internet access via WiFi.

"The wireless service will allow park guests to access the Internet to gain park information, send e-mail or pictures, or just surf the Web, without having to plug cables into a network," reported the state park's concession manager. "The State Parks Division is excited to provide wireless Internet to our visitors at some of our state parks in Texas. Though we realize many folks want to escape technology while at parks, this is an option for those who want to plan their next camping stop, check weather and get other information online."

What people don't realize is that although the frequencies are invisible and virtually undetectable in any given moment by your average person, their presence is still experienced by everyone who passes through the area in which the broadcast is taking place. Everyone's subtle energy field will sustain damage by these frequencies, even those who are trying to "escape technology" by heading for the woods.

Because many college campuses have implemented WiFi access throughout their entire campus and dorm areas, the students are now living, sleeping, and studying in a toxic "soup" of detrimental frequencies. Many cafés and major coffee house chains now offer wireless internet access to their customers. Independent coffee houses are doing the same, in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Many people have installed WiFi networks in their homes, and leave them on 24/7. Sometimes, if your neighbors have subscribed to a service to get WiFi in their home, the stray frequencies can make their way into your home as well, whether you subscribe to the service or not. A friend's daughter visited her parents and was able to surf the internet on her laptop via WiFi at their home. The parents don't even have the service themselves, but are receiving the frequencies from someone else in the neighborhood who is subscribing to the service. They are the recipients of these damaging frequencies... by no choice of their own.

One client reported that she was receiving 20 different WiFi networks in her apartment at one time. Without the protection of Rejuvenizers, this would make her place feel horrific energetically. WiFi lowers the "life force" of a natural environment by 80% to 85%. The energy in that woman's home would feel chaotic and deadening, rather than peaceful and uplifting.

You might liken our ability to send information via frequencies in the air to the use of lead pipes in Roman times. Lead pipes allowed the Romans to bring water to their homes, which revolutionized their way of living. Yet, because of lead's toxicity, it was also the worst thing they could have possibly done from a health perspective. Some historians speculate that this could ultimately have been a major cause of the decline of the Roman Empire. Technological advancements have their price.


I am not saying that you need to abandon your high-tech world, as some of the more sensitive people have attempted to do. This isn't practical for the majority of the population. I am simply saying that you need to both educate yourself about what's happening in our world and then take the appropriate measures to protect yourself.

I have created a whole line of protective devices (Rejuvenizers®) that allow you to fully participate in our high-tech world, and maintain your sanity and well-being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

  • The Personal Rejuvenizer: To help heal, repair, and normalize your energy field (and subsequently, your physical body) from past damage it has sustained from exposure to EMFs and other detrimental frequencies and protect it fully from any further damage from such negative energies.

  • Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers: To create a stress-free, protected environment in your home, office, work space, or store. Also excellent for your hotel room while traveling, since most hotels now offer WiFi throughout their buildings.

  • Travel Rejuvenizer: To create a stress-free, protected environment in your car, truck, or camper, or while you're traveling on a bus, train, or plane (or even a bicycle).

  • Pet Rejuvenizer: To help heal and protect your pet's subtle energy field and the impact on its physical body. Pets are exposed to many of the same energetic frequencies as their owners are and can experience many of the same physical problems as well.

The Rejuvenizers are designed to enhance the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones on all levels. You and your family CAN live safely in a high-tech world. You do have a choice as to how you live the rest of your life.

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