“Invisible” Frequencies Cause Physical Pain!

August 03, 2007

Last night I was preparing for bed.  I sat on my bed to floss my teeth, when suddenly, I had a rip-roaring pain shooting up my arm and into my shoulder.  And the sharpness of the pain continued for about 20 seconds.  I shouted OWW!!! and winced in tremendous pain. 

I KNEW it was a result of a huge number of frequencies hitting me at once. I could tell.  It wasn’t a pain due to any other possible reason. My shoulder is fine…. I have no injuries there, nor was I even moving my arms. They were resting at my sides at the time.

Many years ago, before I created the Rejuvenizers, I used to feel pains in my head periodically.  I got used to it, although it was quite uncomfortable. I became skilled at identifying what was causing the pain.  Sometimes it was from microwave towers, sometimes overhead satellites. 

Once I created my Rejuvenizer technology, the pains went away.  Once in a while, when I would detect such a pain, I discovered that I was being hit by twenty or thirty different frequencies simultaneously in the same spot.  Thus the frequencies had penetrated the Rejuvenizer’s protective “shield” and I needed to do an upgrade to allow for that many frequencies hitting someone all at once. That was 17 years ago.

Fast forward to 2007 where frequencies keep increasing at an alarming rate. Look at all the wireless devices that work off of satellite and other frequencies: cell phones (that work off of frequencies and whose software gets updated via satellites), satellite radio, satellite TV, wireless internet, GPS systems, etc.] 

When I got this sharp and piercing pain in my arm and shoulder, I instinctively issued an update for the Rejuvenizers.  I knew I had been hit by a huge number of frequencies.  I then tuned in and asked how many frequencies had hit me in the same spot, causing the pain, the answer I got was about 5,000. 

It really made me angry… and saddened me.  I have been protected from frequencies for 18 years, via the Rejuvenizers.  Yet, due to the increase in frequencies, I was still affected and experienced  pain.  What is everyone doing out there who has NO protection?  I can’t even begin to imagine!  

I just want to say that if any of you experience pains that doctors say there is nothing wrong, you could be suffering from these “invisible” frequencies that can wreak havoc on your physical body.  I believe that Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are two frequency-related diseases of our high-tech world. 

People have no clue how damaged they are getting, since the frequencies are basically invisible. I’m here to tell you that they are very real, and can do tremendous damage.  I’m not trying to scare you.  I’m actually here to help. I’m just kind of upset and frustrated right now about getting nailed so badly!

It’s 4 am for me, but I decided to write this instead of going to bed. I wanted you to know. Thanks for listening.


Phyllis Light