Planetary Update—JULY 2018

July 21, 2018



Hi Everyone.

Just a quick planetary update.  I do my best to watch patterns and energies of what’s going on, and this just came to me.  Since June 29th, we entered a “Plutonian” period of “death and rebirth,” and it will continue for another 7 months, until approximately 3/4 of the way through February, 2019.  At first I thought it was “only me,” so didn’t say anything. But by talking to clients and observing what’s been going on, I am seeing that it applies to all of us.

Here is what I mean by a “Plutonian” period, for those of you who aren’t well-versed in astrology.  This is a fairly intense period that is characterized by an extreme desire to leave, not be here, not find meaning here and therefore wanting to check out.  If one can get through all of that, then it will lead us to a major breakthrough, a “rebirth” of sorts, where we get a chance to recreate our lives, do things differently, learn from our mistakes and create something even better in the aftermath of the “death” period.  The challenge with this energy is that some people opt for the “get me out of here” part, and don’t realize that on the other side of this is the “Wow, my life is so transformed and healed” part.  In other words, when the “death stuff” comes up, we can buy it, think it’s real, and then “run with it,” creating just what we want:  getting out of here.

I am seeing the effects of this energy show up in a number of ways.  See if any of these sound or feel familiar.

1) Creating other “dimensions” where you hang out to avoid being here.  Often, we create “other places to hang out” because we are not enjoying or wanting to be “here.”  I call these "other dimensions."  Each dimension is characterized by a particular negative thought which is funding the dimension.  For example, I have seen, “I’m not having fun so I don’t want to be here” dimension.  Or, “Life is too overwhelming for me, get me out of here” dimension.  Or, “Life is so hard for me here, I don’t want to be here,” dimension. And the result is that you literally go “somewhere else”.  You leave the present time and hang out in some other dimension, where “life is better, because you don’t have to be HERE, where life "sucks” (according to your beliefs that structured the dimension in the first place.)

The problem with hanging out in other dimensions is that it takes you away from the present moment.  And the more you leave the present moment, the more you open yourself up to potential accidents or mishaps, because your ability to focus and concentrate on whatever task is at hand is minimal, since part of you is “somewhere else.”  Creating other dimensions is a coping strategy, so I’m not judging you for having done this.  It’s one way we get to “enjoy ourselves” when our life isn’t providing us the happiness or fulfillment we seek. So we “go somewhere else” where we extricate ourselves from having to deal with the reality that we aren’t liking at that time.  Hey, you created a space where you don’t ‘have to deal with your stuff. Good job.. but it's only a temporary fix at best.

At some point, you DO have to deal with your stuff.  It’s just that when it comes up fast and furious, there is the human tendency to “get the hell outa Dodge”… that is, to create “somewhere else” to hang out, since “being here” feels so hard, sucky, not fun, etc. Besides not being “here” to pay attention to all that’s going on, there is one more challenge.  Since the underlying energy behind creating other dimensions is basically, “I don’t want to be here,” then you are doubly setting yourself up for some kind of mishap or accident. The body always obeys the mind, and acts on whatever the mind tells it. So if you are mentally or emotionally broadcasting, “Get me outa here,” then the body, with its infinite creativity, could indeed lead you to “turn left instead of right,” when turning left might get you in the path of an oncoming car.  Your body is just trying to give you what you want:  to get out of here.

2) Having a preponderance of thoughts like, “What’s it all about?  What am I doing here? I don’t see any real meaning or purpose to my life? It hardly seems worth being here.”  These types of thoughts I call “death stuff.”  That is, the energy of them is, “Since I can’t find a meaning or purpose to my being here, I might as well not be here… or I might as well end it all.”  The extreme version of these type of thoughts during this period would be having “suicidal thoughts.”  This would be "full on death stuff.”  Without getting regular clearing of your negative energies that build up over time (where most people are on the planet), the possibility of having suicidal type thoughts during a period like this is greater than for those working on themselves regularly. But really, anyone could notice thoughts like these during this kind of period.

3) Tremendous fatigue.  This one seems to be going around a lot too. I’ve had this one myself. I’ve been doing a lot of work on this and figured out the main cause. In a “Pluto” period, there is always an intense energy of “forced transformation" underlying the whole period. This means that underneath all that we’re feeling, there is an unrelenting energy, almost unbeknownst and incomprehensible to us, that is propelling us forward to transform and heal in ways we don’t even know are possible. And, it is in human nature, for the most part, to want to “stay the same,” that is, find out what makes us feel secure, and STAY THERE!!!  Not many people embrace profound change and transformation easily.  Even I, the “Energizer Bunny of Clearing and Healing” found stuff in me that was resisting the deep change upon us all.  And this resistance was making me far more tired than “normal.”

4) Creating mishaps or accidents, life-threatening illnesses.. or even actual death.  This is a direct manifestation of the “this is too intense, get me out of here” programming that surfaces for many of us during such periods.  Again, if you (or part of you) wants out, your body will lead you to getting what you want. You are all powerful beings and manifest your life daily, with your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.  It’s never an “accident” what you attract to you… even death.

Okay, so bottom-line, what do we do during this period to keep ourselves alive and well?  Good question. There are basically two answers to this:

1) Watch where you go in your mind.

Since you are constantly creating your reality with your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, watch what you are thinking and telling yourself.  Old negative programming may (and probably will) come up at this time, but you don’t have to run with it, buy into it, or believe it’s true.  Just because your mind is saying, “There’s nothing for me here.. I can’t find meaning in my life…” it doesn’t mean you have to believe that’s true. Take a deep breath, do your best to let it go, and counteract it with an opposite, positive thought, like… “but I’m willing to find more meaning in my life.”  Or, “I may not see it now, but I’m willing to attract great things down the road that make me feel alive and well, and support me in wanting to be here.”  In other words, you can always counteract any negative programming that comes up, so you’re not telling the universe that you “don’t want to be here” and leaving it at that.

2) Call or email our office for extra clearing.  

I am finding that a lot of old negative programming is up in all of our faces these days, and as a result, I am able to issue a lot more clearing for people.  So again, this is an incredible time for growth and transformation. You just have to choose it, rather than give into the negative thoughts and feelings within you.  I am actually able to issue TONS of extra clearing for people BETWEEN SESSIONS these days.  It’s amazing.  So, if things feel intense, contact us and I’ll let you know if you’re up for one of these extra interventions that gives you massive amounts of clearing (usually three month’s worth at a time!!!)  You probably are!!!

So GO FOR GROWTH… and do your best to not buy into or run with any negative programming that surfaces in your mind.  And if you suspect you are hanging out in “other dimensions,” you definitely want to get the programming cleared that is making you want to leave in this way. You may be enjoying “not being here,” but ultimately, it’s not going to produce the happiness and long-term fulfillment you seek.

We're here for you… just ask if you need extra support during this time. It is totally understandable AND desirable!!!  The growth potential from this period is huge.  So choose the “rebirth” that comes once the “death stuff” has finished surfacing. Your soul will be happy you did.

Wishing you all the best, for a safe, happy, and healthy life!!!


Phyllis... & Angela  at Light Unlimited