Manifesting Money, Prosperity and Wealth

September 30, 2008

The most important thing to know about manifesting money is that it  cannot happen when you are wrapped up in fear of not having enough  money.  The challenge is:  if you listen to the news, to the  president, and to your friends… and “buy” what you hear, then it is  easy to get wrapped up in fear.  First, you want to let go of your  fear (I have effective techniques in my books you can use, and I help  people do this through my clearing sessions).  Then, you need to  affirm (on an ongoing basis) that you are able to manifest the money  you need and want, trusting that this is so.

What you put out to the universe, you get more of.  If you’re quaking  in your boots and fearing financial turmoil in your life, then most  likely, you will experience more of that in time.  If you let go of  your fear and trust that you can thrive in the coming times, then you  will.  Some people do well financially, even during a depression.   When you buy into the “collective unconscious” (which is often fear- based), then you are pulling in the same negativity that others are  generating, and you will find yourself in the same downward spiral  that they do.

We buy into the “collective unconscious” because we (unconsciously)  want to be just like others.  We want people to accept us and like us,  so we (unconsciously) adopt similar attitudes and beliefs to theirs,  in order to fit it and get their approval.  Since there is so much  fear and anxiety around money in the collective at this time, you  might want to work on pulling yourself out of the collective.

Work on integrating:

  • It’s safe to be who I am.
  • People now support me in being the unique being that I am.
  • People now approve of me, even when I am my own person and think for  myself.

It is essential to trust that you are safe (which is the opposite of  fear).   It is important to trust that your financial needs are always  met.  It is true that we are in a time of great change.  But it is always a change for the better, for our Highest Good.  When all seems  to be lost, then the “phoenix rises from the ashes.”  Transformation  can be challenging, but if we trust, we can ride the wave from the  bottom back up to the peak.

Astrologically speaking, Pluto recently went into Capricorn, which  means:  intense transformation of society’s structures, systems, and  authoritative bodies (e.g., the government).  It is a time of major  “death and rebirth,” a time when what no longer works for us must “die” and give way to a new structure, a new form, a new way of  operating in life.  It’s never easy to leave the familiar behind, so  Pluto in Capricorn will INSIST we leave the familiar behind in order  to make room for the new.  This energy brings inevitable, unrelenting  change at a global level.

So, worrying about such change won’t help you.  It will only attract that which you are worried about.  It is time to trust that your life  is unfolding just as it needs to, and that you’ll be able to thrive  and prosperr through all such changes.  The bottom-line: all that happens in your life is something you summoned to you, on some level,  to help you grow and evolve.  Give gratitude for all the good things  that are going on in your life, and forgive yourself for all the “not  so good” things.  Do this on a regular basis and you will attract more  and more “good things” to be grateful for.

I am a big believer in clearing old subconscious programs (I have made  this my life’s work), so I highly recommend you work on clearing all  negative programs that make you think you don’t have enough of what you need, and all programs that make you afraid of not being able to  manifest what you want.  You are a powerful spiritual Being, and are  capable of manifesting all  that you need and want by virtue of your  power.  It is only your negative programming, your mistaken beliefs  about yourself and your capabilities, that influence you to create  less than what you truly want and deserve.


  • I now acknowledge my true power and capability, as a spiritual Being,  to manifest all that is for my Highest Spiritual Good.
  • I can now manifest all that I need and want in my life.
  • I am safe, regardless of the changes taking place in the world at this  time.
  • I am now successful at all that I undertake.
  • I now give thanks for all the good things in my life I have manifested  to date.