Out of Control Much?

February 15, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been wanting to write this for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve been waiting to gather my thoughts and continue my research. Since I am a “hub” of sorts for all people’s issues, I can see patterns of what’s going on “out there.” Here is what I’ve noticed over the past few weeks: LOTS OF “OUT OF CONTROL” STUFF!!! How is that showing up for people in their lives?

Some people seem to be getting sick and taking “forever” to get well… which makes them feel extremely out of control. Some people are just angry about the way they’re feeling, and finding a target “out there in the world” to be angry about… the political arena seems to be a favorite place these days. Others are feeling so overwhelmed by this out-of-control energy, that they seem immobilized, and unable to do much… almost like the best they can do is to “veg out” in front of the TV and do nothing. Handling responsibilities may feel too overwhelming, so one does nothing instead. This may be accompanied by feelings of apathy, purposelessness, and not feeling interested or motivated by anything that is normally fun or exciting.

In some families, one of the family members may be having tremendous difficulty, and the rest of the family is all bent out of shape (i.e. feeling out of control) because of that one person’s problems. For some it is a sick child that won’t seem to get well, so the parents are terribly upset about that. For others, a teenage son is lashing out at authority figures in an out-of-control rebellion, and the parents are going nuts as a result. In other words, the whole family is involved, but it looks like just that one child or person is having the issues. Some people just go inward, feeling depressed, hopeless, and perhaps even “wanting out.” I have seen others who create “being so busy,” that they don’t have time to feel much of anything… although they, too, can have the sense of being just plain overwhelmed by it all.

We all seem to be creating “something” about which we can feel out of control….whether it’s a home remodel gone awry, a partner who is grumpy and doesn’t seem to care about us, a sick child, an inconvenient “fender bender,” panic attacks about not having enough money, an unexpected run-in with the law, … we all have our different stories. But essentially, it’s all about having a circumstance that allows us to feel and work through our “out-of-control” issues. What are you attracting these days that is making you feel “out of control”?

It seems as if 85-90% of all the people on the planet are experiencing these feelings, as the result of a lot of tumultuous change in their lives, both internally and externally. In fact, there are so many people feeling out of control at this time, that the planet itself keeps pulling in thousands of groups of “DB’s (‘dark beings’) running the show,” which happens to an individual when he or she has such extreme feelings. DB’s are “free-floating” negative beings out there who gravitate toward the energy of “feeling out of control.” They swoop in and say, “Oh, you’re feeling out of control?… well, no problem, we’ll control you.. and then you’ll feel REALLY out of control”.. and then they attach themselves to you and take over, in a sense, controlling you and the decisions you make.

In other words, you attract them out of your negative feelings, and then their presence reinforces your negative feelings big time. Once you pull them in, they stay with you, unless you find someone who is capable of clearing them, along with the programming that attracted them in the first place. If you feel you might have pulled in these energies, definitely let me know so we can work on clearing them. The weird thing is that this is the first time I’ve seen this condition manifest for the entire planet!

The best solution is to do your best to get centered, find a place inside you where you can be at peace deep down, regardless of the roaring ocean and tumultuous waves crashing all around you. The more people find this deep peace inside, the easier it will be for the collective consciousness to find peace as well. It’s not an easy task, but something we all need to create on an individual basis, which will then help the collective. Continuing to work on yourself, via “Telepathic Healing” sessions, and doing the various techniques I have created will also help you work through your issues more quickly.

Is this “all bad”? No. It’s part of the evolution of consciousness that is taking place on the planet. We are actually being moved to a “Higher” and more evolved place… and this is like the purification process. In other words, you can’t just suddenly “become free and clear of the past” in order to evolve to a Higher state. All the negative energy you’ve been carrying has to be released… so it’s coming up now, so we can deal with it and let go of it, as part of that purging process. It’s certainly not fun short-term, but long-term, it will be a blessing for us all.

Some of you may already be noticing good and profound changes in your life… new relationships appearing, old structures getting rebuilt, new career opportunities opening up. So again, the “out of control” stuff isn’t all that is going on. Growth opportunities abound, and a lot of good can come your way now as well. So continue to work on yourself, letting go of the old, and do your best to be grateful for all the good things that are also happening in your life, as more and more come your way.

Do your best to enjoy yourself during this time, and not judge yourself when you feel stuck or unable to break free. Know that we are all in this together, and that we, collectively, WILL break through to a Higher level of peace, love, compassion, and connection with our Higher Self… and all that we’re going through now, is simply a necessary part of that process of personal growth and spiritual transformation for us all.

Many blessings!